Thursday, September 28, 2017

Progress - 164th Street reopened. Line replaced. Thank you!

Thank you Dayron and Team CCU/Comcast. Promises kept today.
The satisfaction of seeing some progress.  Debris pick up is of utmost importance at this time. It was important to make sure that 164 (near 84th) was not left behind due to lack of access for the debris haulers. 

Please see my morning update on the 164th Comcast line issue immediately below - and thank you Team Palmetto Bay from our Manager Ed Silva, Public Services Director Corrice Patterson and Danny Casals, Field Operations Supervisor, and entire of the team.
And yes, I am still working on the separate update on the County debris collection later today as promised.  

Thank you Comcast.  The company met the assurance to us that you would address this downed line today - 9/28/2017.

Patience had worn thin.  Thank you CCU for addressing this issue.  I specifically thank the person in the repair truck - Dayron - who worked hard as part of team CCU/Comcast to do their part to get this street reopened.

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