Tuesday, May 31, 2011

REMINDER – Hurricane Season starts June 1

What have you done to prepare for this year?

A single storm can cause more than just dollars in damages.  It can cost human lives. We know from experience that people are more likely to be safer and have the ability to recover more quickly when they are properly prepared.

Have you put together a disaster preparedness kit and developed a plan to keep your family safe?  Is your insurance coverage adequate? Those living near the coast should be familiar with the applicable evacuation routes.  Everyone needs to take personal responsibility for yourself, your family and your pets.  By making proper preparations, you will allow the first responders to focus on helping the most vulnerable residents.

I have posted several important links below for hurricane / Disaster Preparedness information from FEMA, Miami-Dade County, Cutler Bay, Pinecrest and Palmetto Bay in one location for you.  There is also information on how to register with Miami-Dade Alerts, a wireless emergency alerting system.  Register for this free service and receive local weather and hurricane alerts to your computer or cell phone. 

Friday, May 27, 2011


This Monday we observe Memorial Day, a day to honor the brave men and women who gave up their lives in defense of our ideals and country. We owe our peace and democracy to them.

We must continue to remember the sons and daughters, brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers who have lost their lives on our behalf.  May they rest in peace.  Thank you.

Brief History:  The first Memorial Day was officially proclaimed on May 5, 1868, by General John Logan, national commander of the Grand Army of the Republic. On Memorial Day, we honor the men and women in uniform who gave their lives in service to our Nation. 

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Miami Dade County Mayoral Election Results

We will have a runoff between Carlos Gimenez and Julio Robaina for Miami-Dade County Mayor.  You can obviously read the full story in the local media.  I am providing a direct link for anyone interested in how their candidate performed on a voting precinct, by precinct breakdown: CLICK HERE - Miami-Dade County Election results per precinct.  

Turnout was low, as is expected for a special election.  That means your vote counts even more.  Did you vote?  If not, you have the opportunity to have your say on the direction of our Miami-Dade County when  Carlos Gimenez and Julio Robaina face off in the runoff election June 28,  Don't leave this decision for others to make!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Vote today! The future of our County requires your participation.

Today is election day.  Who makes your decisions for you?  Today is a great day to take charge.

Having voted earlier today, I was shocked to see expected low voter turnout.  The result of the County Mayor race will have a huge impact upon your future.  Who is chosen to lead our county will determine where our tax dollars are spent, how deep the government will reach into our pockets, where our tax dollars will be spent.  Will our money continue to be spent for sports arenas or can we count on investment in neighborhood safety?

As a low voter turnout is expected, a small number of voters, then, will be left to set the Course for our County.  It is surprising to see a low turn out given the strong voter outrage expressed in the recent recall elections.

Please make sure you vote.  Today is your last opportunity.  Those that fail to exercise their right to vote may be setting this County up for long term failures in the future.  Join me at the polls. Be a decider, not a spectator.  This is just too important.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Change your plans last-minute early voters. Change to the voting schedule came swiftly, and without much notice.

Planning on early voting this Sunday after services?  Well, plan otherwise, you are not.  What has developed into the traditional last-day of early voting for those who cannot take time off for work week elections will now become a day of confusion and consternation as Miami-Dade elections department changed the schedule earlier this week to comply with a new elections law. This new election law in part, requires early voting to end three days before Election Day.  

In Florida, most new laws take effect on July 1st to provide notice and a cooling off period.  Why did the effective date of this new law need to be any different?  We are not talking about safety issues that require immediate resolution; we are talking about the cornerstone of democracy – the right and the accessibility of voting.

A lawsuit was filed by county mayoral candidate Marcelo Llorente, who was represented by noted elections lawyer and former state lawmaker J.C. Planas seeking to force the traditional last Sunday before the election early voting date.  The lawsuit was filed to argue that the elections department acted unconstitutionally when it did away with early voting scheduled for Sunday.

Friends Forever Humane Society is having a garage sale. Presenting an opportunity to donate items and/or go garage saling.

Friends Forever Humane Society, Inc.  (FFHS)
Garage Sale

To benefit Friends Forever Humane Society, Inc.

DATE:              July 9, 2011
TIME:               8:00am -2:00pm
LOCATION:    7435 S.W. 147 Street

CONTACTS:    Melissa- 305-498-3633, Susy- 305-439-2478, Ali- 305-586-8410

FFHS is looking for donations.  They prefer drop offs, but they can work out a pick up of donations. 

FFHS is looking to beat their last garage sale total of $1,000 raised.

FFHS also needs newspapers, dog bowls, towels and blankets, leashes, and especially food!

CLICK HERE to read the full e-mail message, and where you can sign up for future messages.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Elect Carlos Gimenez for Mayor Miami-Dade County

Dear Friends,

Please join me in voting for Carlos Gimenez for Mayor Miami-Dade County.  I have personally known Carlos Gimenez for many years. I am impressed with his vision for our future. He has always kept his word and delivered with professionalism and transparency.

It is absolutely critical that we elect the right person to lead our County Government.  Carlos Gimenez has long been a person of action, not promises, on the County Commission.  It is a shame that Carlos Gimenez has often been a lone voice for reform on the County Commission. He supports eight-year term limits for commissioners, something that unfortunately many candidates have supported until they win election.

Carlos Gimenez has been consistent in fiscally conservative financial management of our County government. His outstanding past and proven record as commissioner serves as anticipated future performance as our mayor.

Our County government desperately needs Carlos' proven leadership. We can't afford to miss this opportunity in this mayoral election.

The Miami Herald has endorsed Carlos Gimenez, calling him a reformer: Sunday, May 15: The Miami Herald | EDITORIAL,Gimenez leads as a reformer, OUR OPINION: The Herald recommends Carlos Gimenez for Miami-Dade County mayor (Click the headline to read the entire Miami Herald endorsement).

CLICK HERE to view the campaign web site of Carlos Gimenez for Mayor Miami-Dade County.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Palmetto Bay's inaugual council member Dr. Ed Feller remains active as a member of the task force of Miami-Dade healthcare executives making recommendations on the future of Jackson Health System

Miami Herald, Friday, May 13th, Jackson Health System, headline: 

Panelsays Jackson should be nonprofit   [Click headline to read entire article]

A panel of 20 Miami-Dade healthcare leaders recommends that Jackson be run by a nonprofit group separated as much as possible from county politics.

Saying Jackson’s mission of treating the poor and uninsured is “in jeopardy,” the group said a small nonprofit board was needed to allow Jackson to make fast changes to be competitive and to stem losses which have totaled $337 million the past two years and may reach $100 million this fiscal year.

Palmetto Bay’s Dr. Ed Feller, who served the inaugural Palmetto Bay counsel from 2003 until term limited in 2010, remains active in working to improve our quality of life. currently serving as a member of this task force of Miami-Dade healthcare executives making recommendations on the future of Jackson Health System.  Again, from this same Herald article:

Ed Feller, a physician on the task force, said politicians and taxpayers will insist on at least minimal oversight. “Without an oversight group this is politically dead in Miami-Dade County.” The task force decided to call the proposed entity “the public health advisory committee.”

Special election for Miami-Dade County Mayor is underway. This is one election not to miss

I posted a link to a guest editorial posted in the Miami Herald on Friday, May 13th, headline:

How true.  We have a very important special election later this month.  Far too few vote. Even fewer vote in special elections.  Are you planning on participate?  If not, are you willing to accept the decisions made by others?

Miami-Dade County is at a crossroads.  We either all work together to elect the best leader to move this County forward or we will be pushed off the economic cliff.  Plenty of people will be voting.  But will you stand up and be counted?  Will those who do vote reflect the predominate opinion, the best interest of our future?

I will be voting in this very important election for the new strong mayor.  I ask that you join me.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother’s Day message 2011

Today, I join all my fellow community residents in wishing all of our mothers and grandmothers a very special Mother's Day. 

Mother-in-law, my mother and wife & mother to our children

The roles our mothers have played in creating a beautiful and vibrant community cannot be overstated.  Beyond their own careers and successes, their love and attention can be seen throughout our communities in the quality and success of our youth. 

This important tradition started back in 1914 when the U.S. Congress designated the second Sunday in May each year as "Mother's Day."  That year, President Woodrow Wilson declared the first official U.S. Mother's Day - then designated an official legal holiday.

On this special day, we also must remember and thank the mothers whose sons and daughters are serving in our nation's armed services. Please also remember the mothers who shoulder the burden as a single parent as their loved one serves our great county.

Happy Mother's Day

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Read Eye On Miami recent post - I Can't Express How I Feel With Words. By Geniusofdespair

Eye On Miami post of Saturday, May 7, 2011, provides insight from the environmentalist's view of the actions of the Florida Legislature for this 2011 session.  

"I have no words right now on the bloodbath in Tallahassee because I am so sad...and angry. If you need words...see what Gimleteye wrote below and read the Miami Herald's article Environmentalists are furious with Florida lawmakers for approving measures that would end decades of growth-management laws."

CLICK HERE to view the full Eye On Miami posting.

Read this post and then the Miami Herald article included by link, then contemplate the gutting of rational growth management laws as you enjoy your commute workday and weekend rush hours or over your next glass of tap water.

POLICE ISSUE BURGLARY ADVISORY - recent 40% increase in residential burglaries

The Palmetto Bay Village Policing Unit has issued a crime advisory.  Residential burglaries have spiked, up  40% recently.  Police ask residents to keep their eyes open for suspicious activity -- and to call immediately if you observe anything out of the ordinary. Investigating suspicious activity/suspicious people is invaluable for solving crimes in progress -- and deterring new crimes. Call 911 or 305-476-5423.

Important links for both sister cities Pinecrest and Cutler Bay are also provided when you click ‘read more” below.

This Monday - an opportunity to meet Carlos Gimenez, Candidate for Miami-Dade County Mayor

Please join us for a fundraiser and reception for

Carlos Gimenez
Candidate for Miami-Dade County Mayor

Monday, May 9, 2011
5:00-6:30 p.m.

Capri Restaurant, 935 N. Krome Avenue, Florida City

To learn more about Carlos or to contribute online, please visit

Maximum contribution is $500 per person or business entity per election cycle.  
Corporate and personal checks accepted.  Contributions are not deductible for income tax purposes.

Please make checks payable to Carlos Gimenez Campaign.

Please RSVP to Katie Edwards (305) 281-7323 
or Edwards.KathleenA@gmail.com 
Political advertisement paid for and approved by Carlos Gimenez for Miami-Dade County Mayor.