Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Free Microchipping - FREE - Palmetto Bay's Coral Reef Park on Saturday, July 16, from 10 AM to 2:00 PM.

Is your pet microchipped?  No more excuses - I am hounding you to get it done and here is your opportunity.

I am pleased to be the local event sponsor - coming to Palmetto Bay's Coral Reef Park on Saturday, July 16, from 10 AM to 2:00 PM.

Please join Miami-Dade County Commissioner Levine Cava, Pinecrest, Cutler Bay and Palmetto Bay on Saturday, July 16 from 10 am - 2 pm  for the Dogs Of Summer Training And Adoption Expo!

I hope to see you there.

Please also see my prior post of June 24, 2016: Saturday, July 16 - 10 am - 2 pm - Dogs Of Summer Training And Adoption Expo! for more information.  

The 2016 Mango Season is here (and I also have the lemon trees producing as well).

The 2016 Mango season has arrived!  I have Haden and Tommy Atkins mango varieties.  And this year, as an added bonus, my Eureka and Meyer Lemons are producing in good numbers.

The many home-based mango stands have begin begun their seasonal operations here in the Pinecrest, Palmetto / Cutler Bay areas.  Area youth (and some resourceful adults)  have begun the fierce competition in Palmetto Bay, which I have observed to be the epicenter of youth run quality mango stands!  

WHERE TO SHOP: Try driving 152, 144, 136 (area) streets; 72, (north area>) of 77th, 82nd or 87th avenues most weekends in the next few weeks and it is usually hard not to find an open home mango seller.  The sales market is very competitive in the area and enterprising kids as well as some adults have their stands that have actually built seasonal consumer loyalty.

Regardless, get ready for fresh mango, mango salsa, mango smoothie, mango salad, mango fruitcake, mango chutney mango jam! Support your local grower and South Dade agriculture!

I think we all should be permitted an agricultural property tax exemption on our homes! Support your home agriculturalist, buy local area mangos!


Food dot com has a listing of mango recipes including Mango Pies and Tarts, Mango Canning, Mango Desserts, Salads, Smoothies; well, you get the idea. CLICK HERE to view the online article.


Have a tree not doing well, or just trying to improve the production? I recommend the following online article (click the title to read) Mango Growing in the Florida Home Landscape published by the Horticultural Sciences Department, Florida Cooperative Extension Service, Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences, University of Florida.

Friday, June 24, 2016

Community reminder - 4th of July celebration here in Hometown Palmetto Bay

Confirm your plans to meet up with neighbors, friends and family, this 4th of July - your hometown Palmetto Bay celebration!

Celebrate America's 240th Birthday on a grand scale from 5 pm-10 pm. The Village will ring in Independence Day with patriotic spirit and pride in a day filled with wholesome, all-American fun for the entire family! The big moment--- an explosive 22-minute fireworks show, launched from Palmetto Bay Park, happens at 9:30 pm. This event is FREE to the public.   CLICK HERE to view the official Palmetto Bay web site for more information. 

This is our third year hosting Independence Day right here in our Village and it is gearing up to be the best one yet! Come and celebrate with us.

This is a holiday to celebrate, the day we celebrate the birth of our great nation, the creation of the greatest system of freedom and democracy. All of this occurred due to the great physical and financial sacrifice of the founders of this nation, the brave men and women of yesterday and today who have sacrificed so greatly to ensure the traditions bestowed by our remarkable founders. We owe them vigilance, and the willingness to defend the democracy they have passed on to us.

Independence Day has been celebrated since 1776.  But do you know the year that July 4 officially made a Federal Holiday?  Would you believe 1941? Check out the page regarding July 4, for additional information. 

Let's not forget about our pets this holiday weekend. It Will Be a Stressful Evening For Them. Pets and fireworks don't mix. Plan now to keep your pet safe. CLICK HERE to view the pet-specific post regarding safeguarding your pets on the Fourth of July.    

FINALLY, FIREWORKS SAFETY Please be smart if you plan on being your own pyrotechnician CLICK HERE and review the "Fireworks Safety" brochure put out by Miami-Dade Fire Rescue’s Fire Prevention Division. Have fun and be safe.

Happy Independence Day – 2016

Plan to protect your pets this Fourth of July Holiday.

Protect your pets on this fourth of July holiday - it is not a 'pet-friendly" holiday.  They don't understand what all the ruckus is about.

July 4th is a busy day for pet shelters. Many pets get frightened and run off during fireworks. Pets are severely distressed by the noise of fireworks. Remember, dogs' and cats' hearing is much more sensitive than ours so those loud booms can be extremely uncomfortable!

A wiser choice for your pet is for you to bring your pet inside the house and make sure that your special friend is safely tucked into a room with a television or radio on. It is recommended that if you are not staying home with your pet, make sure that their favorite hiding spot is available so they can run to a place in the house where they feel safe ---- this could be under the bed, in the closet or even their pet crate.  If you are home, stay near them, speak to them and let them know that they are safe. 

Please take the time - CLICK HERE - to view a .PDF put out by Miami-Dade County Animal Services - July 4th Pet Safety Tips

You may have success with a pet shirt that is called a "Thundershirt" which fits snugly around your pets torso to make them feel calmer and more secure.

If you keep your pets outside, make sure your gate is locked so that they can not run off into the street in a panic. Remember that chaining your animal is not acceptable nor safe.
At no time, take your animal with you and lock them in the car. On an 85 degree day the temperature inside a car even with the windows cracked open can reach 102 degrees within just 10 minutes; after 30 minutes the temperature will reach 120 degrees.

Saturday, July 16 - 10 am - 2 pm - Dogs Of Summer Training And Adoption Expo!

Dogs Of Summer Training And Adoption Expo!   
coming to Palmetto Bay on Saturday, July 16 - 10 am to 2 pm 

I am pleased to be the local event sponsor - coming to Palmetto Bay's Coral Reef Park on Saturday, July 16, from 10 AM to 2:00 PM.

Please join Miami-Dade County Commissioner Levine Cava, Pinecrest, Cutler Bay and Palmetto Bay on Saturday, July 16 from 10 am - 2 pm  for the Dogs Of Summer Training And Adoption Expo!

There are many reasons to attend.  Come and select a friend for life - there will be on-site adoptions.

Protect your current pet!  There will be free microchipping, information on the importance of spaying and neutering pets, free training workshops, dog wash, free giveaways, food trucks, and many other surprises for you and your pup.

Don’t miss this pawesome* event and information workshop for you and your pup!

Interested vendors should contact for more information.

Editor's note - I take no responsibility for that pun.  It came from the Commissioner's office!

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Traffic holiday - shorter commutes - ability to take advange of our beautiful village for outdoor morning exercise

We all enjoy relief from traffic once school takes summer break, whether a commuter or simply want to be able to get outside and enjoy our natural surroundings.  Wednesday, June 22, was a beautiful morning to get outside in Palmetto Bay.  Its nice to be able to enjoy our outdoors to get some exercise prior to heading off to a rich and full day at the office as well as within our village.  Remember - the Mayor's Challenge is never over - we all continue to live healthy here -
Get Fit Palmetto Bay!"

Friday, June 17, 2016

Congrats to Palmetto Bay's Larissa Siegel Lara. EYE ON MIAMI: Eye on Miami 2016 Political Beauty Contest Winner:...

EYE ON MIAMI: Eye on Miami 2016 Political Beauty Contest Winner:...: 2016 Political Beauty Contest Winner I can't even remember if I held a contest in 2015 but past winners include Christine Fraga, Osca...

Eye on Miami 2016 Political Beauty Contest Winner: Councilwoman Lara Siegel of Palmetto Bay. By Geniusofdespair -

This is not to be taken lightly.  The bloggers at Eye On Miami are very critical and they never are shy about calling people out.  This Eye On Miami post represents an outstanding positive mention concerning one of the hardest working members of our village Council. 

Council Member Siegel Lara is currently hard at work with staff completing our Palmetto Bay updated Strategic Plan.  The final presentation will be at the July 11 council meeting.  Council Member Siegel Lara has an outstanding eye for detail and always comes to meetings well-prepared. She is a strong advocate for public participation, particularly as to our village parks.  She has been one of my most important partners in regard to transportation initiatives, including traffic calming efforts. 

As Eye On Miami notes:
I picked Larissa (Siegel Lara) with great thought, not basing it just on her exceptional beauty. I watched this video and I was impressed with her intellect and poise. I met her briefly at County Commissioner Xavier Suarez's fundraising gala and remember she was well appointed dress-wise - very elegant in a demure way.
Click the link above, or CLICK HERE to view the entire Eye On Miami post. 

Congratulations Larissa, it is my honor to serve along side you.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Local Gator? Statewide Nuisance Alligator Program - SNAP. FWC Alligator Management Program

This posting is in response to questions I have been receiving involving our local alligator population.

We have numerous alligators and even crocodiles traversing our local canals here in Palmetto Bay. 

There are some hard and fast rules regarding these reptiles.

First of all - it is illegal - as well as ill-advised to feed or molest any alligator or crocodile you may encounter.  Feeding will cause alligators to both become dependent upon humans for their food as well as leading them to lose their fear of humans. 

Second, please report any issues to the proper authorities who are legally set up to resolve any issues.  (I do ask to be copied on any reports to SFWMD and/or FWC

Here is a link to the official FWC brochure: "A Guide to Living with Alligators"

Nuisance Alligator Hotline: 866-FWC-GATOR
I am referring you to the FWC web site.  Please review the SNAP program below:
The Statewide Nuisance Alligator Program (SNAP) is administered by the FWC's Division of Hunting and Game Management. SNAP is one of five components of Florida’s comprehensive Alligator Management Program. Its mission is to address complaints concerning alligators.  
Persons with concerns about an alligator may call our toll-free Nuisance Alligator Hotline at 866-FWC-GATOR (866-392-4286). Generally, an alligator may be deemed a nuisance if it is at least four feet in length and the caller believes it poses a threat to people, pets or property.
SNAP uses contracted nuisance alligator trappers throughout the state to remove alligators from locations where they are unwanted or unwelcome. If a complaint meets the qualifying criteria, SNAP will issue a permit to a contracted nuisance alligator trapper authorizing the removal of the animal.  
Complainants must be able to grant legal access to the property on which the alligator is located. SNAP does not permit the removal of nuisance alligators from private or publicly managed property without first obtaining permission from the property owner or management authority. 
In 2015, SNAP received 13,962 nuisance alligator complaints resulting in the removal of 7,513 nuisance alligators.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Exciting update on our Miami-Dade Fire Rescue Station - Station 62

I have an exciting update regarding the upcoming Station 62.  This station is planned for Old Cutler Road - this is the property located on the North End of OCPC, East side of Old Cutler.

The rendering below is of the permanent fire station.  It is presently under design, the rendering just being released and the station is slated for construction with an opening in 2017. 

There will be a temporary station set up on the neighboring property.  This temporary station will be opened and operational by late July, 2016.
Official Miami-Dade County rendering of Palmetto Bay Station 62
I look forward to enhanced life-safety serving the Villages of Palmetto Bay and Pinecrest as well as the Town of Cutler Bay.

Thank you for your continued interest. Please contact me at if you have any questions or concerns.

Eugene Flinn, Mayor,
Village of Palmetto Bay

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Today, June 14, is Flag Day - Fly it proudly - its more important than ever!

June 14 is officially designated as “Flag Day.”  Flag Day 2016 is made even more important due to the Orlando Terror/Hate Crime attack.  At this time, all U.S. Flags should be flown at half-staff.

We continue to pray for those attacked so brutally in Orlando. We will remember the victims and their families. They will not be forgotten. Please take action in your own way against acts of terror. There are active things to do to combat hate and violence. Remember that we all are our brothers keeper.

June 14, 1777 is the date that Congress officially adopted our nation’s flag.
The U.S. flag has been modified 26 times since its adoption in 1777. Today's 50-star flag, created in 1960, has been in use the longest. Check out: Flag Day 2013: 9 things you never knew about the American Flag for interesting reading/facts sbout this day and the American Flag.

Also see Time and date .com - Flag Day in United States
Thank you,
Eugene Flinn, Mayor
Village of Palmetto Bay

Monday, June 13, 2016

Critical proposed changes to the Charter - full hearing to occur at a special council meeting June 15, 7 PM

Click here to view the full recommendations from the Charter Review Commission (7 pages).   It is important to note that none of these recommendations have been considered by the full council.  To date, only the Vice Mayor (who was a member of this Charter Review Commission), has considered and participated in these recommendations.   

The Village Council will consider and then accept, reject or move forward amended recommendations to the vote of the village electorate.  It is you, the voters, who will make the final decision. 

Changes to the charter should not be taken lightly.  That is why I moved the presentation of these recommended ballot issues to a special council meeting, where they can receive the attention that each deserves.  

I ask that everyone take the time to review our Village Charter.  The Charter is our constitution.  

I have a record of questioning charter changes - read a November 2nd, 2012, post on charter changes that were proposed in our past (2012) (CLICK HERE).
The Charter Revision Commission will be presenting the proposed Charter Revisions to the Village Council during this Special Council Meeting , June 15th at 7pm at Village Hall. 

Please review and provide your feedback. You can attend and participate in this meeting and/or provide your comments to me at  You can also reach the entire village council through a single e-mail:  

As always, I am also available by phone - (305) 302-3713

Thank you.  This is your community and it is made better through your participation.

Eugene Flinn, Mayor
Village of Palmetto Bay