Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas

I hope everyone enjoys this special day.  Merry Christmas from our family: Eugene, Alexandra, Katherine and Meredith. We wish you, your family and friends a very Merry Christmas.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

School Board Member Dr.Lawrence S. Feldman participates in Santa Reading at Gus Machado Ford

Our South Dade representative to the Miami-Dade County School Board, Dr.Lawrence S. Feldman in the holiday spirit, participating in Santa Reading at Gus Machado Ford in Palmetto Bay.

Dr. Feldman with volunteers Clare Willis, Rosa Chavez, and Alondra Diaz

Happy Holidays from my family to School Board Member Dr. Feldman, Staff, family and volunteers who have worked so hard for our South Dade Community this year.

More Holiday music

Back to the spirit of Christmas (I think the Doors song was scaring children). In memory of Palmetto Bay movie nights past, Alvin and The Chipmunks - Christmas Song.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Music for the end of the world [that has not come (yet)]

Disappointed about the world not coming to an end? Too bad. Now you have no excuses not to finish your Christmas shopping. 

In the meantime, though far from my favorite band, a valid selection for end of the work music:
From the movie "Apocalypse Now"

Thursday, December 20, 2012

A story of comfort dogs hard at work in Newtown Connecticut

Photo: Allison Joyce for NY Daily News
A must read article: NY Daily News Online, By Jennifer H. Cunningham and Adam Edelman:

Comfort dogs help ease pain of mourning Newtown community - Groups from across the country brought dogs, some of them therapy animals, some just caring pets, to help both young and old cope with their grief over the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre.

The article contains both photos and video of the comfort dogs at work. 

A pack of sympathetic groups bearing supportive canines spent much of Monday with bereaved Connecticut residents affected by last week's Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre, providing children and adults alike with the cuddly comfort that only a four-legged friend can give.

The "comfort dogs," or "therapy dogs" as they are sometimes called, were brought in by at least three groups late Sunday to help kids and adults alike cope with last week's horrific shooting in Newtown that left 20 first graders and six school officials dead.

Among the groups was the Hudson Valley Golden Retrievers Club, whose members spent the afternoon at a makeshift memorial near the town center, where both kids and adults in need of compassion stopped to pet and cuddle the dogs.

The article also contains a poll for you to weigh in on. Question: "Do dogs make you fee better in times of distress." What are your thoughts?

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Newsservice of Florida - TOP 10 STORIES OF 2012 on You Tube

I posted this for the Policy Wonk that I know is in each of you.

The Top 10 stories of 2012. News Service of Florida Editor Dave Royse and Florida Cable Television's Steve Wilkerson discuss the big state government and politics stories of the year

Christmas Day, December 25, falls on a Tuesday this year. NO garbage or recycling pick up.

CLICK HERE to view the official Miami-Dade County Department of Public Works and Waste Management press release for full details. 

Curbside Garbage and Trash Collection Service 

There will be NO collection of garbage or trash on Tuesday, December 25, 2012.  Miami-Dade waste collection customers who are serviced on Tuesdays are asked NOT to place their green waste carts at the curb that day.  

Garbage collection for these customers will take place on their next regularly scheduled collection day, Friday, December 28, 2012.

Don’t give up on the collect on the 28th. Miami-Dade notes that garbage collection may take place much later in the day than usual due to the high volume of waste.  They assure us that all garbage will be picked up December 28. 

Curbside Recycling Service – Special recycling pick up date to replace the 12/25 date 

There will be NO curbside collection of recycling materials on Tuesday, December 25, 2012.  Miami-Dade curbside recycling service customers are being provided with a SPECIAL PICK UP DATE: Saturday, December 29, 2012.  

Customers affected by this one-time only change in service are reminded to place their blue recycling carts at the curb by 7 a.m. on Saturday, December 29, 2012.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

The Third Annual Palmetto Bay Canal Association Holiday Boat Parade held Sat, Dec 15, 2012, links to photos

wonderful holiday evening was had on Saturday, December 15.  The third Annual Palmetto Bay Canal Association Holiday Boat Parade* moved forward along the C100 canal. The canal was lined with Palmetto Bay residents and guest who observed the parade as part of their festive parties or simply set up chairs or even a bonfire or two, to watch the parade. Council members Patrick Fiore and Tim Schaffer participating this year.  CLICK HERE to view photos of the event I have posted on my personal Facebook page.

The boat parade participants were actually able to pick up canned food collected by residents and passed off from the canal banks to the participating boats.  The canned food was collected for “Feeding South Florida” formerly known as the Daily Bread Food Bank.

This is a fun family event privately organized by the Palmetto Bay Canal Association. The group is again collecting canned food along with local eatery “Hole in the Wall Pub.” An after parade party was held at the Hole in the Wall Pub on 184 Street.

This is a wonderful community event that brings participants, friends and neighbors together in the holiday spirit, raises food for a good cause, and is supported both by members of the residential community as well as a local business.

The Palmetto Bay Canal Association is made up of Palmetto Bay (and Pinecrest) residents that are both users and stewards of our local canal system. The group includes pleasure boaters, fishermen, skiers, canoers and kayakers.

Click label “Boat Parade” below to see other posts and photos from prior events, including photos from the 2nd Annual Palmetto Bay CanalAssociation Holiday Boat Parade 

Great job to Rainer Schael, spouse Noel and all the members and participants of the Palmetto Bay Canal Association Holiday Boat Parade.

*This event is NOT affiliated with the Village of Palmetto Bay. 

Saturday, December 15, 2012

'Grinch' on patrol catches speeders

'Grinch' on patrol catches speeders
'Grinch' on patrol catches speeders -CHEYENNE, Wyo. (From WPRI.COM Eyewitness News online) (CNN/KGWN) - Local police chief Brian Kozak states that  "We thought this would be a great way to get the attention of the motoring public to let you know the Grinch is out there working for us and trying to help us keep our streets safe."
The department says the Grinch will be patrolling the roads throughout the holiday season. 

CLICK HERE to watch the video news report.

Palmetto Bay Jewelry Store Owner Desperate To Stop Repeat Burglars « CBS Miami

Palmetto Bay Jewelry Store Owner Desperate To Stop Repeat Burglars « CBS Miami

A story of perseverance in the face of 3 break-ins, MIAMI (CBS4) reports – Dana Munsey, owner of Rotunda Jewelers, has a had a tough year as his Palmetto Bay jewelry store has now been hit three times this year by burglars, the latest one happening Thanksgiving morning.  Also see Wednesday, May 16, 2012, Palmetto Bay Jewelry Store Heist Caught On Camera « CBS Miami for prior blog post.

The CBS 4 online story includes video of surveillance showing how it occurred.

Since the break-in he’s taken extra precautions including installing shutters. “This will not break our Christmas spirit,” he maintains. Munsey is hopeful someone seeing this video will recognize something to give Miami-Dade police the tip they need to crack the case.

“Crime Stoppers offers a reward.  I’ll offer an additionally $1000 reward if to anyone who steps forward and helps catch these guys.  Like I said make them pay for their crime and hopefully learn a lesson not to do it again.” He said.

Even if you don’t recognize the burglars perhaps you know someone who suddenly was wearing or selling Seiko and Bulova watches around Thanksgiving, Miami-Dade Crime Stoppers would like to hear from you.  The number is (305) 471-TIPS.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

More Holiday Music

I Believe In Father Christmas performed by ELO founder Greg Lake in 2005.
(That's Emerson Lake and Palmer for you generation Xers and later)

More Holiday Music

Far from your traditional Christmas Music: 

The Kinks - Father Christmas


"Give Miami Day." The Miami Foundation is currently matching online donations to Green Mobility Network

Looking for an end of the year donation opportunity.  Well here is one that CAN be matched!

"Give Miami Day" started just after midnight last night and runs until midnight tonight, December 12. 

Members and Friends of Green Mobility Network can go online donate to Green Mobility Network. You can get to the page by clicking the following link.  
Every donation between $25 and $10,000 received through the Give Miami Day website during the 24-hour period will have a percentage matched by the Miami Foundation.
 Here's the link provided by Hank Sanchez-Resnik,Chair, Board of Directors:
CLICK HERE to view the Green Mobility Network's official web site and read more about what this group does for our community.   

Members of the Green Mobility Network have been active in Palmetto Bay.  I was privileged to work with Palmetto Bay bicycling/green transportation champion Eric Tullberg, an officer in the Green Mobility network, in years past.  Eric has served several years on the county’s Bicycle-Pedestrian Advisory Committee, and was secretary of the village’s Old Cutler Path Committee. He’s also a member of the Palmetto Bay Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan Advisory Committee and the Biscayne Everglades Greenway Advisory Committee. Eric has worked hard in past years to put together an outstanding family bike ride that included environmental talks including South Florida Water Management District speakers at designated rest stops.  This is an event that should be brought back to Palmetto Bay!

Eric and others from the Green Mobility network have also encouraged use of bikes as alternative transportation, creating and manning the bike valet for major events in Palmetto Bay such as The Deering Estate’s Seafood Festival (photo above).

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

A great new program - Text Alerts from the Pinecrest Police Department

Sign-up to Receive Important Alerts from the PD on Your Mobile Device. Forget the rumors. Get the information and stay up on important information regarding safety going on in your community.

Information below provided from the Pinecrest e-news, CLICK HERE to view the actual e-mail.

The Pinecrest Police Department has recently partnered with Nixle which is a service that allows public safety agencies to send out important alerts via text message or e-mail.  If you are interested in receiving these text or email alerts, please sign-up at nixle.com.  On the Nixle page, please use "Pinecrest" or "33156" to receive the alerts sent out by the Pinecrest Police Department. These alerts can range from instant information regarding a public safety issue in the Village to occasional crime prevention tips distributed by our Crime Prevention Unit.
This is another great program taking advantage of the new technology.  I have promoted the Miami-Dade alerts for mobile devices over the years (such as in Have your plan ready.Hurricane season starts June 1) – I hope that you have subscribed.  Miami-Dade Alerts is a wireless emergency alerting system.  Register for this free service and receive local weather and hurricane alerts to your computer or cell phone.   It works and it is on your phone as the information update is released, you do not have to actively look up the current situation, it comes to you.

Miami-Dade County sends out subscriber alerts on many different items, I even signed up for reminder alerts reminders on recycling pickup dates the evening before.  See links below.

Why rely on the old fashioned paper calendars or guesswork as to whether the service is coming.

Great work Miami-Dade. Outstanding effort Pinecrest. I look forward to other local governments like Palmetto Bay following your lead Pinecrest.
Nixle advertises that it hosts text updates for over 5,000 local agencies.  I went to the site and added my zip code, 33157 and received the following message: There are no active notifications from your local agencies. Your local agencies have not yet activated their Nixle account. Register now and we will alert you by email when this location becomes available. More »

Regardless, you can sign up by CLICKING HERE and we may be advised when this service becomes available for our area.
Important Links to Miami-Dade County Alert pages

CLICKHERE to view the Miami-Dade Public works page and sign up for recycling notifications as well as Miami-Dade Police Alerts - Be On the Look Out (BOLO)

CLICKHERE for Miami-Dade Alerts, Public Safety Updates on the Go (also including an option to click and receive Miami-Dade Public Safety Alerts)

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Saturday, December 8, 2012


From the Flinn family -- Eugene, Alexandra, Katherine and Meredith.

Hanukkah, the festival of lights, is more than celebrating the faith and customs of the Jewish people. It is also a time for people of all faiths to recognize our common goals.

Let us give thanks for all the blessings we enjoy. And let us all make a commitment to work together for a better community for everyone.

I hope that we will also never forget and never stop striving to achieve the holiday ideal of “Peace on Earth.” Everyone can do their part to help create a better world simply by treating each other with understanding, kindness and respect. Each time you help another person, we all take another step closer toward true peace on earth.

So we wish each and every one of you, a happy, healthy, and safe holiday. You all have earned it. Thank you all, again, for the kindness you show others, not just during the holidays, but all year long.

I have set a new goal – Certified Python Hunter. Let’s join in the Hunt! Palmetto Bay has recently offered up fertile ground for such a hunt.

Looking to add to your participation in public competitions? Looking to add to your Miami Herald tropic hunt resume? The Miami Herald just reported on a new contest, one we can all jump in on, reporting on Thursday, December 06, 2012, that Florida wildlife managers on Monday announced a new approach: a snake-hunting contest offering cash prizes.

The Python Challenge, scheduled to begin next month, will pay $1,500 for the largest number of snakes and $1,000 for the longest one in two categories. One would include 70 or so licensed python hunters and the other would be open to anyone willing to pay a $25 registration fee, take a half-hour online identification course and — it probably goes without saying — sign a liability waiver. 

See the online story, Miami Herald, South Florida contest: Bag some pythons,win some cash, by Curtis Morgan, for more details, or go to pythonchallenge.org

Just a few weeks’ notice.  I don’t have much time to prepare.  I am going to take the online course, just for giggles, but I may not stop there.  I am looking into how I can become a “certified python hunter.”  Can you imagine how that will make your letterhead or business card jump?! It will be just like Wile E. Coyote, Supergenius. I like the way it rolls out. Wile E. Coyote, Supergenius. 

The bigger question is will Palmetto Bay be included in the hunt zone?  Two large pythons have been removed from Palmetto Bay in the last 12 months.  CBS 4 reported on November 26, 2012, that a “very large” python who made its home on a Palmetto Bay lawn was removed by the Miami-Dade Fire Rescue Venom Unit near 180 Street and SW 77 avenue.  CLICK HERE to review the online story, Pesky Python Removed From Lawn Of Palmetto Bay Home

It is just coming up on a year ago when the Christmas Day (2012) removal of a 13 foot Burmese python occurred from a Palmetto Bay pool.  Long time readers of South Dade Updates may recall the posting of the NBC6 report on 12/26/2012: (CLICKHERE) to view: NBC 6 reports: A 13-foot Burmese python was captured in the swimming pool of a Palmetto Bay home.  The Miami Herald reported that this snake was located and captured at a Palmetto Bay home located off 97th Avenue and SW 183 Street on Christmas Day (the link to the Miami Herald story has expired). 

Another famous capture was on October 12, 2005, by one of Palmetto Bay's original policing unit officers, Ofc Randy DiStefano, joined the capture of a non-native python.  This capture is took place on the grounds of the current Palmetto Bay Village Hall. 

Will more snakes be identified and captured at this Palmetto Bay village hall location?  Who is going to step up and participate in the Python Challenge, 2013?