Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Palmetto Bay News - Candidate profiles article now online

CLICK HERE (or the additional link below) to view the Community Newspapers - Palmetto Bay News edition with the Candidates Profiles.
I humbly ask for your vote and continued support.  We need to work together to complete the projects we began, moving Palmetto Bay forward; reestablish the original fiscal method of governance I created, that of “Government Lite” which was how we won awards for our budgets and received flawless audits under my original leadership, resulting in AA- bond rating. We need to invest in properly maintaining our roads, drainage and park improvements as delays will cost us more money when these items can no longer be put off. 

Too many people have asked me why the traffic calming program has come to a screeching halt since I left office.  I will restart our public safety traffic calming initiatives.

It is time to initiate a new long range plan process. 

I will also meet with parents about what playground equipment they want restored to our playgrounds and work to reinvigorate parks activities for all ages. We must take steps necessary to guarantee free public access at Thalatta Estate. We have more than ample village employees, so we should make sure our park concessions stands and buildings are open. We need to be reasonable in addressing renovating the building at Coral Reef Park.  

But this is such a small part.  I want to get you involved.  Please call me at (305) 302-3713 or e-mail me at eugeneflinn@bellsouth.net. More information and specifics are available on my campaign website: eugeneflinn.com.

Thank you!

Your neighbor and friend,

Eugene Flinn

Monday, September 29, 2014

Miami-Dade County - Miami-Dade County Elections - Absentee Voting - the deadline to request an absentee ballot for the Nov 4 General Election is Oct.29.

Miami-Dade County - Miami-Dade County Elections - Absentee Voting

Click the link immediately above to be taking to the Miami-Dade County Elections Department website.

Requesting & submitting a ballot

The deadline to request an absentee ballot for the November 4 General Election is Wednesday, October 29.

Any registered voter eligible to vote may request an absentee ballot online.

An absentee ballot can also be requested by email, fax, telephone or in writing at the following:

  • Email: ABUnit@miamidade.gov
  • Fax: 305-499-8401
  • Telephone: 305-499-8444
    TTY Number: 305-499-8480
  • Mail:
    Supervisor of Elections
    Attn: Absentee Ballot Section
    PO BOX 521250
    MIAMI, FL 33152
Notice: Absentee ballots mailed to an address other than the one on file in the Florida Voter Registration System require a written request signed by the voter.

Monday, September 8, 2014

EYE ON MIAMI: Picture of the Day: Purple Heart Men. By Geniusofd...

EYE ON MIAMI: Picture of the Day: Purple Heart Men. By Geniusofd...: Click on Eye on Miami for the full story and photos. How often do you go to dinner and have the opportunity to meet up with not one, but two Purple Hear Recipients?  Now that is 'rare air' in the company of two heros. A birthday dinner at local Palmetto Bay establishment French Bistro results in Bob Messer (Vietnam) meeting up with Robert Bohm (WW II). 

By the way, I cannot reveal the name of the blogger who celebrated the birthday, but let's just say that for this one special day, the "Eye" was on the blogger.