Monday, March 29, 2021

The Fauci-ouchie. 2nd and done! Jackson Health System rocks! Great people providing great service.

Done. Thank you to the Jackson Health System for taking care of my local family.

I commended the staff at Jackson South for how the treated my mother. Everything was set up well and everything moved much better than I dared to expect. We joked back in January that my mother can now do the grocery shopping for the rest of us once her immunization is complete (she cannot), but that I won't have to worry about bringing COVID home to her. (See prior related post of January 9, 2021, Great experience at Jackson South - took my mother for her COVID vaccine on Friday, 1/8/2020) 

I was not able to get an appointment at Jackson South when my turn came, so I took the first available which was located at the North Dade Health Center branch of Jackson Memorial Hospital. I was not disappointed. To the contrary, It was all good.

The drive was nothing. Add in the very slight wait time and I bet I was portal to portal in less time than most other facilities. I barely had a chance to sit during either visit. The Jackson team has this effort down to a well oiled process. And everyone has been professional, skilled and a pleasure to be around.

Alexandra was also vaccinated Saturday. Mothers have been set since the end of January (again, thank you Jackson South). Both our daughters are in process of their vaccinations. Our youngest is set for her initial dose on Wednesday (she is interning out of State, in a State where they have reached her age group). Our oldest has received her initial vaccination in Texas a few weeks ago thanks to the Chickasaw Nation and its effort to protect educators.

I am thankful that we have been vaccinated. But the sobering fact remained that no one is safe until we all are safe. the rest of the family remain at risk as we do not have the luxury of maintaining a sealed bubble at home.  

Thank you Jackson Health System and thank you Chickasaw Nation.

Thursday, March 25, 2021

Small Bites - TPO Bridge vote Post-Mortem review. Please, don't bring up 'environmental studies' at the conflict resolution. Palmetto Bay is vulnerable on this issue.

Is the village council setting themselves up for a new round of embarrassment at the upcoming 'conflict resolution'? They are if they ask the County to perform an environmental assessment prior to proceeding with the C100 bridge. 

Why do I say this? After all, I am an unabashed enviro. Hmmm, Well, Palmetto Bay recently built a bridge over a different section of this same C100 canal system. It was just built a Coral Reef Park, a place where many people go to view the birds, fish and other wildlife living in that specific section of that canal. 

May I see a copy of Palmetto Bay’s environmental study performed prior to initiating construction on that Coral Reef bridge? 

Who here watched the Special Council Meeting of Monday, March 22, 2021? Please tell me I heard the council discussion incorrectly. Or did I hear correctly, that Palmetto Bay officials proposed requiring the county to go through an environmental study prior to building the bridge over the C100 canal, due to the fish, birds and other wildlife that is seen in the area?

I suggest that Palmetto Bay decline to raise any issue of requiring an environmental study. You are seriously exposure on this point and will only embarrass yourselves. It is not that it is not a good idea, but you will be showing yourselves once again to being total hypocrites and lack of concern for the environment by once again holding others to a higher standard that you all hold yourselves. 

Is this another case of Palmetto Bay’s current leadership’s practice of ‘do as we say and not as we do’?

Background: See, March 5, 2020, Palmetto Bay officials – acting as if “permits are for the little guy”: building a bridge without a permit – caught, now on hold, waiting for the permit. WTH (heck)??? Follow up on the issues.

How well did Palmetto Bay do on maintaining environmental barriers during the construction of the bridge at Coral Reef park? See the photo below:

See prior related post of March 1, 2020, This is no way to bridge a community. Both banks are a mess at Coral Reef Park as we near the annual community celebration.

Wednesday, March 24, 2021

My Cousin Vinny - Disclosure - Thank you to the residents of Palmetto Bay, still part of Miami-Dade County. Grassroots are actually bringing home the results, but that’s won’t stop the current mayor and council from taking credit.

Let me break the news to everyone here and now: Miami-Dade County won’t be giving Palmetto Bay anything they aren’t giving any other municipality or that they haven’t offered before. There is no ‘threat of litigation’ hanging over the County’s head (it is not the sword of Damocles hanging over the head of the County). The County has one of the biggest (and most qualified) law firms in the state – and much of it is in house. It is second in size only to Palmetto Bay’s vast list of panel and in house lawyers (OK, that was tongue in cheek), but you get the idea.

For the County, it would have been easier to negotiate when there was actually a threat of loss or delay before the TPO. But current Palmetto Bay officials would rather spend significant time, effort, tears and tax dollars to play out their fantasy roles. As the County may say; "we have phones, call us, we'll discuss like rational people". But no, my sources tell me that our current mayor, nor any other member of the village council made the rounds at County Hall to try to discuss matters before they came to a vote.

Our village is looking much like a fictional backwater township [and currently enjoys the same level of credibility (or lack of)].  It reminds me of the hilarious disclosure scene in the classic film "My Cousin Vinnie" when newbie attorney Vinny Gambini spends a day with the prosecutor and returns triumphantly to his hotel room with a box containing the prosecutor’s files. He is so proud over his victory (the concessions he obtained). That is until his girlfriend Mona Lisa Vito calls him out, informing him (after reading the Georgia State evidence code) that the prosecutor gave him the files – because he had to.   Yes, this is a funny scene, but what is not so funny is that it is currently playing out before our eyes (and at our tax expense) here in Palmetto Bay. I can hardly wait for the mayor and council to crow about the ‘complete street, the bike lanes, nice landscaping, or no-right turn signs, or even more 4 way stops as if they got it under (no) threat of litigation through the empty ‘dispute resolution’ process.

We need a “Mona Lisa” to call out the Palmetto Bay officials who are desperate to take credit for anything these local officials can call their own. As Mona Lisa would say, “that’s very impressive finessing.”

Mona Lisa Vito: Don’t you wanna know why Trotter gave you his files?
Vinny Gambini: I told you why already.
Mona Lisa Vito: He has to, by law, you’re entitled. It’s called disclosure, you dickhead! He has to show you everything, otherwise it could be a mistrial. He has to give you a list of all his witnesses, you can talk to all his witnesses, he’s not allowed any surprises.
[Vinny has a blank look on his face]
Mona Lisa Vito: They didn’t teach you that in law school either?

How long do the residents humor this bunch of Palmetto Bay officials? Maybe things will get serious around budget time. 

BOTTOM LINE: Palmetto Bay will get items from the County that the current Palmetto Bay elected leaders will attempt to repackage through their expensive public relations firm as ‘concessions from the county’ but in the end the Palmetto Bay mayor and council members should be thanking the village residents. The County won’t be offering anything because of our local leaders, but to the contrary, it will be in spite of the current Palmetto Bay officials. Palmetto Bay residents remain residents of Miami-Dade County and you can bet that County officials will not allow the Palmetto Bay residents to suffer because of our current lack of Palmetto Bay municipal leadership. 

Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Small Bites - TPO Bridge vote Post-Mortem review. Miami-Dade County has ALWAYS been willing to negotiate. Background and Example 1. Village Wide residential speed limit report.

I am providing a few examples of concessions made by Miami-Dade County (MDC) to show its willingness to work with the Municipal partners (including Palmetto Bay). This is first of a series.

Other examples will include my work with MDC to obtain bike lanes along SW 136th Street (Howard Drive). Negotiations are always ongoing as current leadership worked with the County to revise that plan in order to place a 8-10 foot wide shared recreation path solely on the Palmetto Bay (south) side of SW 136th Street.

In regard to the Bridge - this was never a surprise. I won't go into all that went into the effort that lead to the political slaughter before the TPO (SPOILER ALERT: most of the factors where absolute lack of follow through on the commitments made the last time Palmetto Bay appeared before the TPO on the bridge). I did put this issue out in December 15, 2020 - just days before the current Palmetto Bay mayor had a comprehensive meeting with our County Commissioner Danielle Cohen Higgins. See: December 15, 2020, 2021's first test - the bridge is back. Will it unite or divide Palmetto Bay? Will it happen without input from Palmetto Bay's so-called leaders? 

The sad part is that this TPO fiasco went as poorly as I feared - it has moved forward so far in spite of, and worse, without input from Palmetto Bay's so-called leaders who would rather play victim and allege lack of notice despite the fact that they were warned - and not just by me. Walking away from an issue will not make it go away. But I spoke about it  in the initial Post-Mortem of March 10, 2021, TPO committee moves 87th Ave bridge forward to full TPO Board. Antagonism politics is not working for this Palmetto Bay mayor and council.

You want "no right turn signs"? The County has always been reasonable. What has been unreasonable has been the cost of enforcement.

You want "traffic tables"? We have secured these anytime we have asked.

In fact, the County has even looked away when Palmetto Bay has conveniently failed to comply with the requirements that the 'temporary traffic tables' (informally identified as the black rubber mats) be removed after 90 days.

So after all the background - here is Example #1 - ready for implementation - Resolution 2018-12 - years of hard work and ready to be implemented to the extent that the present or any future mayor and councils desire: the 2017 Village Wide Speed Limit report and traffic calming. By the way, there is a lot in here that is applicable to Golf Carts in Palmetto Bay. This resolution was adopted in February 2018, prior to the elections. Realize that new mayor and new councils bring with them different ideas, priorities and policies - as well as tactics and relative abilities in transparency and work ethic. What has happened with this report post 2018 elections? Not a darn thing. 

My suggestion? I may have talked tough at times but I negotiated tougher - and achieved results. We need to get the village back on the track of co-existing and being civil - both to those we are negotiating with as well as the legions of residents who feel that their voices are currently not being heard. 

Monday, March 22, 2021

Now this is one SWEET deal! Get vaccinated for your health, become eligible for one free donut daily through 2021!

Attention all eligible - if this doesn't get you off the couch to get vaccinated, nothing will.

COVID vaccine motivation: Krispy Kreme is giving away free donuts for showing vaccination card, by Kelly Tyko, USA TODAY, 3-22-2021.

Starting Monday, consumers who show a valid COVID-19 vaccination card at locations nationwide will get a free Original Glazed doughnut, the Winston-Salem, North Carolina-based chain announced. 

The freebie is valid at all 369 Krispy Kreme shops located in 41 states and available “anytime, any day, every day for the rest of the year,” Dave Skena, Krispy Kreme chief marketing officer, told USA TODAY. No purchase is necessary.

EDITOR'S NOTE: I can hardly wait to see the line at the Palmetto Bay Krispy Kreme, spilling out deep onto US1.

Saturday, March 20, 2021

Godzilla vs. Kong – Official Trailer - on my watch list this coming Friday!

Godzilla v Kong. This rivalry brings out the kid in me.

Who else is planning to be part of the premier? This next installment of one of the world's great rivalries is set to stream on @HBOMax* beginning this Friday, March 26.

Friday, March 19, 2021

March is Bike month in Florida. The weekend is here. Ask me what I have planned.

The weekend is here. The question in never 'what do I have planned for the weekend?' 

This will be another great weekend to get out and ride with family and friends. The question is 'how many miles will I get in?'

OK, I guess you could ask me 'gravel or road' but often that answer will be "both" if I am fortunate to ride both Saturday and Sunday. I do like to put a 'positive "spin"' on things.

Have a great weekend. Enjoy our outdoors.

Thursday, March 18, 2021

Videos of the Day. Slowing down to appreciate the little things. 2 videos

Native landscaping serves our native wildlife. Go too fast and you will miss the local 'wildlife' as they go about their life. The swale area between the south bound US1 and bus lanes is alive with small yellow butterflies feeding off native plants some call weeds.

(Video above: a short take)

Sometimes you need to slow down and view nature fighting to make a go of it in our suburban areas. Put down the phone and look for it. Of course here I used my phone (I was a passenger) to view and record this activity.

Remember and live by Rule #32 (Zombieland):

"Enjoy the Little Things”.

(Video below: a longer look)

Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Happy St. Patrick's Day - 2021

 lá sona ú Pádraig

From History dot com:   St. Patrick’s Day

Every year on March 17, the Irish and the Irish-at-heart across the globe observe St. Patrick’s Day. What began as a religious feast day for the patron saint of Ireland has become an international festival celebrating Irish culture with parades, dancing, special foods and a whole lot of green.

Monday, March 15, 2021

Beware the Ides of March. The history of this superstition.

What does it mean? Most think back to the day in 44 BC when Julius Caesar was stabbed in the back, front and practically everywhere else on the body in one of ancient Rome's most gruesome assassinations.

There remain many politicians who have stepped forward though use of this stab in the back technique. Some of the biggest back stabbers are also the first to cry victim.

An ides refers to days that land in the middle of the month, which in months with 31 days means March 15. It's known as the deadline for settling debts in Roman times and the day William Shakespeare warned you about. ... Here's the history of March 15 and why it's considered a day full of bad luck.

See CNN online: Why the Ides of March is considered bad luck, by Francisco Guzman and Jeanne Bonner, Sun March 15, 2020

Enjoy this day of superstition, but watch your back (figuratively).

Sunday, March 14, 2021

March is bike month in Florida. Are you riding? Join us.

March is bike  month in Florida. Are you out their riding with friends and family? Sometimes it the destination, but usually it is about the ride. Remember Mayor's Bicycle Rides in Palmetto Bay?

My routes have varied this month from 15 - 30+ miles. I have posted 4 routes here. There will be even better opportunities to ride now that the time has changed, allowing post work rides before dark.

There is so much to see. I have documented so many opportunities to ride, for all levels of interest and abilities.

Here are some of the stops for March:

More information:

NARCITY - Things To Do: 6 Scenic Bike Trails In Florida With The Most Breathtaking Views Of Nature, A bicyclist's playground, by Kareem Gantt, May 26, 2020.

The Sunshine State is a nature lover's paradise. What it lacks in mountain views, it makes up with its diverse scenic wonders that will take your breath away, especially if you're on two wheels. These bike trails in Florida will provide you with a break from the hustle-and-bustle of city living while providing stunning nature views as your backdrop.
From sandy beaches to refreshing springs, most of the state's hidden treasures can be seen while biking through these Florida trails. Whether you're an avid rider who wants to ride amongst the alligators on the Shark Valley Trail or do a leisure ride through orange groves, these routes present a multitude of options for all riders itching to get out and explore.
So go ahead, break out that bike, and make your way to one of these six scenic bike trails that will take you on a vista buffet of Florida's natural wonders.


Two of these recommend trails are located nearby, one actually runs through Palmetto Bay:

Old Cutler Trail
Price: Free 
Address: 7001 Old Cutler Rd., Cutler Bay, FL 

Shark Valley Trail 
Price: $15 per cyclists
Address: 36000 SW 8th St., Miami, FL

EDITOR'S NOTE: Maintenance is iffy along parts of the Old Cutler Trail - grass attempting to retake portions of the trail as well as the dreaded 'root snakes' - where the tree roots have pushed up the asphalt to the point it becomes uncomfortable for the cyclists and a tripping hazard for walkers and joggers.

The Shark Valley Trail is fun for groups (so long as you are paying for yourself and not an entire group) – in Shark Valley National Park. A great place to see alligators and other wildlife – the scenic outlook building is outstanding. Take a picnic and spend the day. 

I have blogged often on the subject of cycling both on road as well as on trails. I enjoy both, though remember – the Old Cutler Trail is not a dedicated bike lane – it is a multi-use path. Old Cutler Road is both a "Sharrow" as it has shared lane marking and signage and it has a multi-use path. Bicyclists have equal rights and responsibilities to use the Old Cutler Road lanes as any motorist.

Friday, March 12, 2021

Florida Legislature – pending bills – two on my bad list (there are more) – these two bills preempt local regulation of Home Based Businesses – (anti-Neighborhood Protection)

There are good bills and then there are bad bills – it is often based upon your specific political views and I do not expect that we will agree on all, or even most.

I was one of the original founders of Palmetto Bay in order to have greater control over local decisions. Unfortunately, the Florida Legislature far too often is hard at work eroding that control by enacting laws that create what they may term ‘statewide, uniform, laws’ – others call it preempting local rights and the ability to plan our local communities, one size does not fit all. 

Palmetto Bay originally enacted a Home Based Business Ordinance in 2007: Sec. 30-60.14. - Home-office. of the Palmetto Bay Code (Ord. No. 07-31).(CLICK HERE). You may follow the link provided to see the rules established for operating a business out of a home in Palmetto Bay.

Here is an alert to an effort to preempt local zoning on Home Based businesses. There are bills pending in both houses of the Florida Legislature: HB 403 (Giallombardo) and SB266 (Perry)

Both bills provide that local governments may not enact or enforce any ordinance, regulation or policy or take any action to license or otherwise regulate a home-based business in a manner that is different from other businesses in a local government’s jurisdiction. The bill authorizes business owners to challenge local government actions and authorizes the prevailing party to recover specified attorney fees and costs.

The house bill provides* that:

In order to be considered a home-based business, the bill requires that:
· the business operates, in whole or in part, from a residential property;
· the employees of the home-based business reside in the residence, except for up to two employees that do not reside at the residence. However, employees of the home-based business that do not primarily work at the residential dwelling are not required to reside in the dwelling;
· parking for the business activities of the home-based business complies with local zoning requirements;
· as viewed from the street, the use of the residential property is consistent with the uses of the residential areas that surround the property, but incidental and short term business uses and activities are permitted; and
· the activities of the home-based business are secondary to the property’s use as a residential dwelling.

Note: * Information is accurate as of time of this post. All legislative bills are subject to amendments. Neither bills may pass, or if they do pass, it may be after significant amendment.

WHO WINS?: This is a great bill for the legal professional who loves to challenge local zoning codes! It also allows for greater use of homes for businesses, potentially the the detriment of the quiet enjoyment of a neighborhood.

WHO LOSES: Those who want to reside in a residential area that is used just for that: residential or set reasonable restrictions on how any home based business operates.

FAIR QUESTION: There are several bills pending in the Legislature addressing (controlling/reducing) attorney fee exposure in litigation against Insurance Carriers. Why reduce fees when consumers have to take their Insurance carriers to court, but provide for attorney’s fees for those challenging government. Isn’t that a bit inconsistent?


"No man's life, liberty or property are safe while the Legislature is in session."
Gideon j. Tucker (February 10, 1826 – July 1899)

Thursday, March 11, 2021

Who are Palmetto Bay officials depending upon to vote down the 87th Avenue Bridge? Analysis.

I am trying to see where there is support or any opposition to the 87th avenue bridge. I previously listed important facts relating to the Miami-Dade Transportation Planning Organization (TPO) (link at bottom). 

March 18, 2021, will be a big day for Palmetto Bay history as this matter formally comes before the entire TPO Board for a important vote. There is a lot of work to do for Palmetto Bay officials as this matter has now come before 10 of 13 County Commissioners (on 2/2/21) and 4 of 7 members of the TPO Transportation and Mobility Committee.  There have been 12 TPO members who have cast one or another procedural votes to date (two county commissioners sit on the TPO committee - both have now voted twice in favor of moving the 87th Avenue bridge forward to March 18). 

The number needed for a majority vote on March 18 obviously depends upon the number in attendance, but it appears that 13 votes in favor will be required, assuming all TPO members attend.


So far 10 County Commissioners have voted in favor of legislation that will lead to the bridge (none have voted in opposition to date). See 02/02/21 (Adopted R-88-21). Vote 10-0, absent: Heyman, Higgins, Sosa.

03/10/21: A unanimous vote  in favor of moving the 87th avenue bridge forward by the Transportation and Mobility Committee of the TPO. Note that this committee is made of County and other local officials as listed below:

Jean Monestime, Chairman
Oscar De La Rosa, Vice Chairman

Voting Members
Steven D. Losner
Philippe Bien-Aime
Raquel A. Regalado
Micky Steinberg
Keon Hardemon

This current bridge matter has now been before 12 voting members of the TPO.

See a PRIOR RELATED POST: Friday, February 5, 2021, for more information - Next stop for the 87th Avenue Bridge: the Miami-Dade TPO - who sits on this board?

IMPORTANT NOTES: Member comments at the committee may be revealing. One was that the TPO very often defers to the Commissioner where the project is situated. The second is a strong commendation to our Commissioner Danielle Cohen Higgins for taking on such a tough issue. 

Wednesday, March 10, 2021

TPO committee moves 87th Ave bridge forward to full TPO Board. Antagonism politics is not working for this Palmetto Bay mayor and council

Disappointing. Those in opposition of the bridge have suffered a huge loss in influencing the District 8 Community Connectivity Committee (CCC).  History has shown why you can’t just pick up your ball and walk off. The others will make decisions that profoundly impact you. Look to lessons not learned from 1950s. And the current Palmetto Bay electeds want to do it on their own; more than apparently not interested in consulting or working with those who have been there, and had fought this fight before. 

Where we are: March 10, 2021, the TPO Transportation and Mobility Committee voted unanimously to approve moving the SW 87 Avenue bridge vote to the full TPO Board on March 18.

Two Palmetto Bay officials were told time was up and eventually had their microphones cut off.  Embarrassing.  It’s embarrassing both from lack of preparation, being unable to prepare their remarks to fit within the time limit as well as the fact that they do not have the political pull to be allowed time to finish – this is an important issue that will profoundly impact the future.

But then again, our officials cut off the County when the current mayor unilaterally pulled Palmetto Bay out of participating in the Community Connectivity Committee (CCC). Perhaps the respect our officials are receiving from the County is directly related to the amount of respect (or lack of) that they are showing to Miami-Dade County Officials.

So we are not participating. I was one of many who watched the remaining members of the Community Connectivity Committee (CCC) do their work in hearing from experts regarding the possible impacts of the bridge on 87th Avenue.  There is palpable fallout, irreversible damage, to Palmetto Bay through the current Palmetto Bay Mayor unilaterally packing up and walking away from participating is evident. How? Let’s review.

First of all, I am not sure that the report would have been a 4 – 4 deadlock on the bridge. Palmetto Bay appointed members are locked in opposition to the bridge, but I disagree that there is a solid 4-0 voting block in favor from the Cutler Bay members. I do see two solid votes in favor, but one that is still far from certain and one who I think could be swung to a vote in opposition.  But you don’t win friends or influence opposition when you remove yourself from a seat at the table.

That means residents north of the canal had a chance at a 5-3, or possibly (but doubtful) a 6-2 vote in OPPOSITION to the bridge, had the Palmetto Bay Mayor not removed Palmetto Bay from the group. An opportunity lost.


Palmetto Bay was downgraded from full participant and influencer to spectator who at best could speak in should sound bites at public comment. Remember, this is not a Palmetto Bay Committee. It is not a Cutler Bay Committee. It is a Miami-Dade County, District 8, Community Connectivity Committee (CCC). That committee continues to move forward unimpeded by Palmetto Bay’s walk out.

And, as it continues working, the 4 members from Palmetto Bay were unable to question the officials who were brought before the CCC on Thursday, 2/25/2021. Residents in opposition to the bridge lost their appointed representatives who could have asked the right questions that would have blunted arguments for the bridge. But once again, you can’t participate when you have removed yourself from the event.

I thought it was wrong for the Palmetto Bay mayor to agree to participate in the committee in the first place, but she did, and this error was grievously exacerbated by her allowing the proceedings in Palmetto Bay to get out of control, losing decorum (perhaps by design) and then, compounding the rolling errors, pulling out! 

Not only did Palmetto Bay lose any claim to a moral high ground in pulling out, but after seeing what appeared to be some uncertainty in the Cutler Bay members, Palmetto Bay clearly pulled out prematurely.

The moral high ground: The remaining CCC is clearing going through the efforts of evaluating the testimony and arguments before them prior to reaching findings. The Palmetto Bay Task Force spoke for a few minutes then announced that they were going to work on a report in opposition:  An admission that the entire effort will be to support the pre-determined opposition to the bridge.

This will have a profound, negative, impact the efforts to stop the bridge. I am far from conceding the bridge, but the road just became significantly more rocky and it is going to be much more difficult to stop the critical mass building toward to approving the bridge.

Why walk out now? Does no one pay attention to history?

1950: The Soviet Union removed its delegates from participating in the UN Security Council to demonstrate displeasure on a significant matter. It is obvious that the Soviet action backfired. They didn’t stop the Security Council from acting; to the contrary, the UN Security Council went on with its work unimpeded by the Soviets when the issue of North Korea’s invasion of South Korea was brought before the Security Council. Specifically due to the Soviet’s lack of participation, the Security Council voted to invoke military action by the United Nations for the first time in the organization’s history. The Soviets could have blocked the action in the Security Council, since the United States, Soviet Union, China, Britain, and France each had absolute veto power, but no Russian delegate was present. In just a short time, a multinational U.N. force arrived in South Korea and the grueling three-year Korean War was underway.

A strong lesson in how you lose when you fail to participate.  Does anyone believe the UN would respond to any policy paper unilaterally put out by the Soviets objecting to UN Military action in Korea?

Friday, March 5, 2021

The Old Cutler shared multi-path. It is not a lane for motor vehicles. 2/19/2021 - Sidewalk Driving - Old Cutler Road (N to 152nd St.)

Wow, do not try this at home! Dangerous driving that, in my opinion, places any of the people who properly use the shared multi-path along Old Cutler Road at great risk of bodily harm or worse:

The shared path is NOT a turbo lane and should not be used for driving. The shared path is used by walkers, joggers (including strollers and dogs on leashes), cyclists (along the properly maintained sections when there is room).  the Palmetto Bay Village Council also approved a resolution calling on the County to approve the use of small motorized vehicles - in this case golf carts - to also use the shared path.

You can skip to 0:50:00 (50 seconds) to get to the point of the video.


 I wonder if traffic allowed this driver back in or did the attempted reentry lead to more conflict.

A great illustration of the term "stay in your lane".