Tuesday, May 16, 2023

Updates on duck trapper gone wild - confrontation leads to violence in Plantation, Broward County FL.

As reported on the WSVN Newscast: The City of Plantation said they would not authorize trappers to go onto somebody’s private property to remove ducks. 

What about Palmetto Bay, when are we going to hear such a statement from the Palmetto Bay officials? Will continued silence from officials lead to self-help by residents or even violence? 

There have been plenty of complaints posted on social media in Palmetto Bay, complaints of trappers going onto private property and even comments regarding threats and aggression from the trappers made to those who try to intervene or complain.  

The trappers in these news reports appear bold when armed with a weapon and against the elderly, but it won’t be long before they trespass onto property where the owner will be better prepared or a younger neighbor or family member rushes to their aid. The trappers (or the resident) will be sorry when one or the other stands their ground. 

Both news report aired on Monday evening, May 15, 2023:

News presentation 1 - Channel 10, Miami, Rosh Lowe reporting (Click link to view the both the video and text reports): Man, 71, left bloody, battered after trying to stop beloved ducks from being removed from property

PLANTATION, Fla. – An elderly Broward County resident said he was punched in the face when he tried to stop people from removing ducks from his neighborhood.

Art Cosgrove told Local 10 News he and his wife have been feeding the ducks for years, but others in the Plantation neighborhood feel the animals are a nuisance and want them gone.

Cosgrove said he was beat up by the people removing the ducks.

“I was on the ground when they were kicking and hitting me with a stick,” he said.

The 71-year-old said he also took a right cross to the face. In video of the incident, he can be heard yelling for them to give him the ducks.

Cosgrove was hospitalized, left a bloody mess and needing staples in his head for one of his wounds. ... 

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News presentation 2 - WSVN 7, Joe Roetz reporting, 2 men attempting to capture ducks from Plantation home accused of beating homeowner when told to leave property


Eventually, one of the men grabbed a net and went after Cosgrove, striking him over and over.

“I am trying to wrestle the other guy off me to get up, and that’s when I got racked in the head a few times with the stick,” Cosgrove said.

The end result was a lacerated head and an apparent black eye.

Cosgrove now has two staples in his skull.

“They tried putting in seven but they kept hitting the skull,” Cosgrove said.

Those men took off.

Cosgrove said he filed a report with Plantation Police with a video from a neighbor after he found out the men told officers down the street they were the victims.

“I wanna file charges against these SOBs,” Cosgrove said. “They assaulted me. I didn’t touch them, and they’re saying I assaulted him? BS.”

The City of Plantation said they would not authorize trappers to go onto somebody’s private property to remove ducks.

Cosgrove claimed that his HOA also did not authorize the man to do this. (Bold emphasis added)

Follow the headline link to read the complete WSVN 7 report or CLICK HERE