Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Information from FPL relating to 3 reasons why there may be additional outages

FPL Representatives have asked that is share this information with my fellow Palmetto Bay residents:

Please share the information below with your residents.

· is currently reporting outages directly resulting from Hurricane Irma. As we complete restoration, more outages may be reported by customers for three reasons:
o   Weakened trees / loose connections: Customers may experience limited outages over the coming weeks and months due to weakened trees and branches that could impact power lines and electric equipment. In addition, significant wind speeds have loosened electrical connections throughout the system that can lead to increased outages following the storm. FPL crews will continue to make needed repairs as they are identified.
o   Normal outages: Some of the outages in these areas are a result of normal, day-to-day activity and are not related to Irma. This includes for example, a car crashing into a pole, causing thousands of outages.
o   Single customers out of service: these single outages were not initially identified as Irma-related outages. We’re identifying these individual customers as they report their outages and as our crews complete restoration of the neighborhood lines and identify them as still being out of service.
·       More than 8,000 restoration workers are committed to restoring service for all customers in Miami-Dade county.
·       Customers who live in an area where power is essentially restored, but do not currently have electricity, should report their outage at


  1. FPL forgot the 4th reason for an outage. Non-payment of the electric bill.

  2. Some people couldn't even pay their bill because there was no power, internet or mail, also fpl said they are waving any late fees due to the hurricane, plus bank's & ATMs had no point to get funds to get cash to take their parents to a fpl payment center, one way or another FPL will get their money

  3. Even before the hurricane my area in Palmetto Bay would have brief power interruptions due to loose connections, I've notified FPL but they haven't even attempted to ck into the problem, this is been going on for years, its pay all their fees, taxes bills on time, their are 12 residents on this small grid you would think it could have been taken care of after 5 years

  4. I have an elderly neighbor 87 years of age that has A electric oxygen machine & I brought her my generator & refueled every 3 hours so she can breathe, they never delivered her oxygen tanks , she can't afford her own generator, she had channel 7 over their the other day, I know FPL is doing an awesome job, but they need to start checking the connections so she doesn't parish