Sunday, September 17, 2017

Sunday 9/17 updates - Poles Arrived and installed in parts of Palmetto Bay - Check in many areas work continues - and 6:00 Restoration update

It was a big day traveling and looking in on the restoration work throughout Palmetto Bay.  I was worried about, but did finally see pole replacement crews working in Palmetto Bay.  Scroll down to the bottom of this post to see the 6:00 PM restoration updates presented by FPL.  I observed restoration crews still working as of 8:50 PM, just prior to releasing this post.

Obviously many, many areas are still waiting for restoration. I spent many hours this afternoon out with FPL Rep Knight. We were following up throughout the Village from 184 to 136 from US1 to east of Old Cutler Road, Old Cutler South, Mangowood, Southwood, Coral Reef Drive, Palmetto Bay Park area.

Extensive updates have been presented whether or not we actually stopped by your house or business.

Here is the 6:00 PM update provided by FPL:

Time/Date of update: 6:00 PM Sun. 9/17/2017
Municipality       Percentage         Restored             Out        Total accounts
Palmetto Bay       80.7%                    7,670                     1,830     9,500
Pinecrest             57.1%                    4,280                     3,260     7,500
Coral Gables       85.9%                    20,000                   4,130     23,260
Cutler Bay           90.9%                    14,650                   1,450     16,100                  

Note: all numbers provided by FPL

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