Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Today is Tuesday, 9/19/2017, the date FPL has committed to 'essentially' restore electric service in Palmetto Bay, Pinecrest and Cutler Bay. FPL's 7 AM restoration report.

Today, Tuesday, September 19 - the revised date that FPL has promised to restore power to all homes in Palmetto Bay (by 11:45 PM) - the only qualify being those homes that can safely accept power, that are not damaged in a way that FPL cannot reconnect.  A passionate Emergency Council meeting was held last night and many spoke of their issues before a packed house.

Many also spoke of having been notified of power restoration, and then returning home only to find they had a false restoration notice.

For those who don't have power, I ask that you confirm that your FPL 'ticket' still indicates that you are waiting for restoration. If you still do not have power, I need your full name and address so we can track your reconnect. Please e-mail me at eflinn@palmettobay-fl.gov with your account name, ticket number (closed or open) with phone number to reach you (if not by e-mail)

Thank you and please share!

Time/Date of update: 7:00 AM Tuesday 9/19/2017

Municipality       Percentage         Restored                    Out        Total accounts

Palmetto Bay       95.4%                    9,060                       440     9,500
Pinecrest             89.2%                    6,690                       810     7,500
Coral Gables       96.6%                    22,460                     800     23,260
Cutler Bay           96.9%                    15,600                     500     16,100                  

Note: all numbers provided by FPL

I thank everyone for their participation at the Emergency Council Meeting last night.  Special council meetings such as the 9/18 meeting allow us to discuss and work to resolve issues and pending matters much more quickly.

Your Mayor,

Eugene Flinn, Village of Palmetto Bay

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