Thursday, September 28, 2017

Update on the 164th Comcast line issue – (a separate update on the County debris collection will follow later today).

Comcast has assured the Village that they will address this downed line today - 9/28/2017.

Patience has worn thin.  We appreciate that FPL had priority to get power restored and that in fact the communications companies could not access the poles until FPL completed its task - but I agree with my neighbors that it is time that the street gets reopened.  This situation was created soon after Hurricane Irma when a County vehicle pulled down the low hanging line - and resulted in an entire power pole being broken.
Above left - the condition of the communications line and broken pole that remains off street in a neighbor's yard 
 Above left and right - the street still remains blocked off to traffic as of 9/28/2017

Here is my report for today, Thursday, 9/28/2017:

I have been following and working the issue relating to the 164 street Comcast communication line issue. We may be finally close to the service provider resolving this issue. I was out there again today (Thursday, September 28, 2017).  Village Staff was out there today - both actually on site as well as in office, in direct communication with Comcast via telephone. 

Working Through Manager Ed Silva, he has been in contact again with Comcast – we are advised and we are monitoring – the update is that the Comcast subcontractor - CCU will be out on site today to review and resolved.  It not, the Village will look at other direct self-help options.  We want resolution.  and we will have their plan for lifting this line off the street now, not just a timeline or promise.  The time has passed for making the street fully accessible for travel. 

I will have updates including the update promised  on County debris collection. 

See prior posts regarding this specific line:

Prior updates previously were posted on my Mayor Facebook page. 
Above left - 9-16-2017 - FPL restoration contractor assessing the downed pole in advance of FPL replacement.
Above right - FPL team replacing the pole and the electric lines - the communication lines remain the responsibility of providers such as ATT/Comcast, et. al. 

The downed pole - obviously pre-replacement - compare with what remains (first photo top left in post) 

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