Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Tree Lighting - Palmetto Bay Holiday celebration! Saturday, Dec. 16 - 5-9 PM, Village Hall

Ready for the holidays?  Another family friendly holiday event here in Palmetto Bay, our Village of Parks. I hope to see you there! 
This event does include the ever-popular tree lighting.
Palmetto Bay Holiday celebration!
Saturday, Dec. 16 - 5-9 PM, Village Hall

Reminder - FT&I Charrette documents remain available on line

Questions about the original Franjo Triangle / US1 Charette and resulting FT&I? This research is important if considering a strike through ordinance rescinding the Village Downtown (DUV) district and restoring the FT&I.  

I have previously posted information on this FT&I district, as part of the DUV debate. See: November 16, 2014, The Franjo Triangle Commercial Island Charrette Report – posted online and Sec. 30-50.18 of the Village Code  Note that this is an 84 page document and is a slow download.  This is “A Citizens’ Vision Plan” November 2004 and was a partnership with Palmetto Bay and the Miami-Dade County Department of Planning and Zoning, Community Planning Section.  

This same Nov 16, 2014 blog post included links to the November 8, 2004, resolution accepting the Charrette report.(Resolution 04-89) (note that the links may be expired - and I will update).  This resolution details part of the public processes employed in this Charrette.    Also see numbered pages 19 - 26 of the actual Charrette report.

The Village Code was created by ordinance known as the “Franjo Triangle & US1 Island Zoning District" (FT&I) was eventually adopted as of May 1, 2006.  First reading was held February 6, 2006, second reading was held April 3, 2006 and a third reading was held on May 1, 2006.  

As always, I remain available to meet with you to discuss your questions and/or concerns.

Your Mayor,

Eugene Flinn

Just say NO to an increase in your Stormwater tax. This should have been discussed as part of the budget process.

Make no mistake about it - I oppose this tax increase. See the notice published in the Sunday, November 19, 2017 Neighbors Section of the Miami Herald, page 30SE (if your paper has not already been picked up by recycling). This notice is also posted on the official Village of Palmetto Bay - check the agenda/meeting notices page

We have aggressively performed Stormwater improvements within Palmetto Bay under my terms as mayor.  But is this tax increase really necessary and, if so, why was it not discussed during the Budget session in terms of evaluating what services and at what level, we spend our Village tax receipts?

We all want to improve our Stormwater - and we have been working hard to make improvements.

More facts are needed for notice - this notice may be "legally sufficient" but it fails the test of Palmetto Bay transparency in that it does not provide notice as to whether the financial impact on the taxpayers is nominal or substantial.

#YourVoiceMatters should not be a hollow political catchphrase.  It should mean that ALL members of the village council want to hear from EVERYONE and in a transparent process, not restricted to a select few who happen to have the ear of a council member. 

If there  is a council member promoting this tax increase, then that council member should come forward and make the case for it, rather than seeking to have the 'administration' take the fall for pushing a tax increase initiative - especially after the manager freed up over $240,000.00 that could have been used for stormwater. 

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Focus On South Florida: Jonathan’s Day 3

Focus On South Florida: Jonathan’s Day 3: 'Jonathan's Day,' named after Jonathan Mizrachi, the son of a CBS4 Miami employee, is a station-sponsored event that supports children with autism and their families.
I was honored to appear on the public affairs show “Focus on South Florida” hosted by Rudabeh Shahbazi.  Dr. Jennifer Durocher, Clinical Dir., NSU/Card and I are part of the team working to promote the 3rd annual Jonathan’s Day (hosted for the second year here in Palmetto Bay!). Please make plans to participate.

Sunday, November 19, 2017

‘Jonathan’s Day’ Returns To Palmetto Bay - December 9 from 8:00 a.m. to noon. Coral Reef Park

All are welcomed to join in and participate in this fun and information filled event!

The event is being held in conjunction with the University of Miami/Nova Southeastern University Center for Autism and Related Disabilities (UM-NSU CARD). CARD is a non-profit organization providing direct services to thousands of South Florida families affected by autism.

All are welcome to Jonathan’s Day on December 9 from 8:00 a.m. to noon.

CLICK HERE to view official CBS 4 online information regarding Jonathan's Day 2017.

CLICK HERE to view the official Palmetto Bay online information regarding Jonathan's Day 2017.

CLICK HERE to view a prior post regarding Palmetto Bay's first Jonathan's Day:  November 28, 2016, Palmetto Bay's Unique Abilities Fair / Jonathan's Day
The Village of Palmetto Bay is committed to fostering inclusion in our community by implementing and promoting positive programs that benefit children of all ages and all abilities.  In its 2nd consecutive year in Palmetto Bay, this day of inclusion and acceptance is named after South Florida's very own Jonathan Mizrachi, the 13-year-old son of a CBS 4 Miami News employee.  Despite being autistic, Jonathan's fearless attitude toward life defines him much more so than his condition, and his exceptional outlook is something to be celebrated.  The event serves to connect parents, friends and families to resources and information that enrich the lives of children with unique abilities in a fun and celebratory outdoor environment.

The event will take place on December 9th at the beautiful Coral Reef Park, located at 7895 SW 152nd Street, from 8 am until noon.  Everyone is welcome to Jonathan's Day; Fun in Palmetto Bay; all kids, all abilities, all ages!  Just come prepared to have a great time.  Don't miss being part of the community connection that makes Palmetto Bay the best place to live, work and play.

                                         Thank You to Our Supporters

Palmetto Bay is thankful to have the support from the University of Miami-Nova Southeastern University Center for Autism and Related Disabilities (UM-NSU CARD) and the Association of Agencies (AOA), along with that of CBS 4 Miami News.  These organizations are key service providers for individuals and families with unique abilities, and they continue to pledge their commitment to these families by supporting events such as Jonathan's Day.

(information above from the Village web page for Jonathan's Day)

Village of Palmetto Bay / Peterson’s Harley Davidson / Sugar-4-Kids Fall Toy Drive events continue

Saturday, Nov 18, was yet another great day for family fun (and giving) in Palmetto Bay. Fun and giving.  Please consider making a donation of a new, unwrapped, toy for the 2nd Annual Sugar-4-Kids Toy Drive.

The Village of Palmetto Bay is teaming up with Peterson’s Harley Davidson and Sugar-4-Kids in hosting the Fall Toy Drive & Concert event and collect toys for the 2nd Annual Sugar-4-Kids Toy Drive. The village event was held on Saturday, Nov. 18 at the Municipal Center.  CLICK HERE to view the official Peterson's Harley Davidson / Sugar-4-Kids Fall Toy Drive online event page.
Attendees enjoyed great food from food vendors, live music from Cutler Stew and inflatable rides for kids.  
There is still time to enter into a raffle to win a brand new, loaded Harley-Davidson 2018 IRON 883 Sportster. Raffle tickets are $50 and can be purchased online or by visiting Peterson’s Harley Davidson South or Peterson’s Harley Davidson of Miami.

The raffle winner will be announced during the 2nd Annual Sugar-4-Kids Toy Drive, when all toys will be distributed.  The event will take place on Saturday, December 9th at West Perrine Park from 10 am to 4 pm.  Raffle winner does not need to be present to win.

The 2nd Annual Sugar-4-Kids Toy Drive has seen numerous events including a kick off party/toy drive held on site at the Peterson Harley Davidson. 

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Presentation from TPO at special council meeting - of 11/15/2017

The TPO is planning for 1.4 million new people moving into Miami-Dade County by 2060. Robert Piatkowski, AICP, Town Planner, AICP, Town Planner, from Dover, Kohl & Partners brought forward a short presentation to the Village Council at the special council meeting held on Nov. 15, 2017.  I will update with a link to the presentation when posted.

View the SMART Plan information by following this link:

following from the TPO webpage:
The SMART Plan intends to advance six of the PTP’s rapid transit corridors, along with a network system of Bus Express Rapid Transit (BERT) service, in order to implement mass transit projects in Miami-Dade County. To ensure the SMART Plan moves forward, the TPO Governing Board directed the Miami-Dade TPO Executive Director to work with the TPO FPC to determine the costs and potential sources of funding for Project Development and Environment (PD&E) studies for the projects, and to also take all necessary steps to implement the SMART Plan.
Follow the TPO actions through public meetings and online. #YourVoiceMatters

Palmetto Bay is contiguous to the South Dade TransitWay that runs from the Dadeland South Metrorail Station south to the SW 344th Street Transit Terminal (Florida City)

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Will there be a Palmetto Bay Holiday Boat Parade in 2017? #YourVoiceMatters

The annual time of year has been reached when I begin to field questions about the date for the "Palmetto Bay Holiday Boat Parade." Many canal residents plan their holiday parties so that guests can enjoy this parade as well as donating to the canned food drive.

This year may be different.  The question is not "when", but "if". Will there be a Palmetto Bay Holiday Boat Parade in 2017?  Your support may be needed.  This is a true #YourVoiceMatters.  I am a supporter.  Palmetto Bay Holiday Boat Parade is a wonderful community event that brings participants, friends and neighbors together in the holiday spirit, collecting canned food for a good cause, and is supported both by members of the residential community as well as a local business.

This is not a Palmetto Bay official event (maybe it should be).  It is put together by an all volunteer group - The Palmetto Bay Canal Association - which is made up of Palmetto Bay (and Pinecrest) residents who are both users and stewards of our local canal system. The group includes pleasure boaters, fishermen, skiers, canoers and kayakers.

Click the link to go view my bog posts regarding this event, including prior posts such as Nov. 21, 2016, 7th Annual Palmetto Bay Canned Food Drive - oh, and yes, the Boat Parade - Sat., Dec 10, 2016, 5:30 PM; Dec. 22, 2013, The fourth Annual Palmetto Bay Canal Association Holiday Boat Parade held Sat, Dec 22, 2013, links to photos - and others. Once there, you can find other past articles by clicking on the label “Boat Parade” to see other posts and photos from prior events.

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Happy Veterans Day 2017 - Thank you to those (and their families) who have served/are presently serving our country.

Thank you to those who answered the call to serve.

I would like to take this opportunity to recognize and thank all US Military veterans for their service to our country. Today, Saturday, Nov 11, 2017, everyone should take a moment to honor those who have preserved our freedom and protected all of our rights, including the right to vote. Veterans Day is a holiday honoring living military veterans. It is a Federal and State holiday observed by all states.

President Woodrow Wilson first proclaimed Armistice Day on November 11, 1919. Other countries today also still recognize November 11th as Armistice Day or Remembrance Day in honor of the Armistice treaty which ended WWI. The U.S Congress amended this act on November 8, 1954, making this holiday Veterans Day as we know it today. 

Military dot com list ways that you can celebrate and educate your children about Veterans Day:

History dot com offers a wealth of information about Veteran’s Day:

Please see a prior post:
Recognizing Purple Heart Awardees:  August 12, 2016, Recognizing our Purple Heart Awardees. Palmetto Bay is now a Purple Heart City!  This special day was made even more special in Palmetto Bay as we became a recognized "Purple Heart City" -

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Routine procedure is causing a temporary change to our water - see the County Miami-Dade Water and Sewer Department for more information

I was asked about a recent change in our water here in Palmetto Bay (Water is a service provided by Miami-Dade County) - inquiries have been made regarding a chlorine smell in the water drawn from the tap.

Miami-Dade Water and Sewer Department begins temporary change to its water chlorination method for two-week period beginning Nov. 6th. See their website: This routine procedure is an annual event where WASD partners with the Florida Department of Health of Miami-Dade County and the Department of Regulatory and Economic Resources (RER). County residents may experience some chlorine smell and/or taste in their water during this short-term period. This is normal as free chlorine has a slightly different taste and smell than combined chlorine. The temporary changes does not cause adverse health effects and is a necessary part of WASD's ongoing efforts to provide safe drinking water to Miami-Dade County residents.

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

15 year history- creating the first LEED Platinum Certified Municipal Center in the Southern US

In honor of the 15th Year Anniversery - see a article still online from the Palmetto Bay News, a Community Newspapers publication.

See:  New Village Hall now open for business, by: Gary Alan Ruse, January 4, 2011

As (then founding/former) Mayor Eugene P. Flinn Jr., the principal champion of the first permanent village hall, is happy to see it completed.

“I am very pleased that we’ve got that project finished,” Flinn said. “I’m very proud of that building. It should be an outstanding and lasting legacy for our people. We have the first municipal building here in South Florida with that level of green technology, and it’s not going to be obsolete.”
Read up on the article.  It was exciting to oversee the creation of the first LEED Platinum Certified Municipal Center in the South (South US).

Also see: October 9, 2012, post: Great news. It is official. Palmetto Bay's Village Hall receives Platinum LEED certification.

Friday, November 3, 2017

TONIGHT! Festival Under The Stars - Family time in Palmetto Bay - Friday, Nov 3rd - 6 - 9 PM

Southwood Festival Under the Stars tonight!

SUPER excited to announce we will have an amazing chance drawing at Festival Under the Stars.  Who wants tickets to DISNEY, SEA WORLD AND AQUATICA?????  Yes please! 🙋‍♂️🙋

Each drawing entry will receive a small gift, AND those who purchase 5 Disney entries at a time will also get a Southwood T-shirt!

Make sure to get your entries in before 8pm at the event. 

The entry prices are as follows:
DISNEY (4 one-day park hopper tickets)
$15 per chance

SEA WORLD - (4 one-day tickets)
$10 per chance

AQUATICA- (4 one-day tickets)
$5 per chance

Best of luck to everyone!

Link to prior post: October 24, 2017, Festival Under The Stars - Family time in Palmetto Bay - Friday, Nov 3rd - 6 - 9 PM  -  A great event to enjoy with the entire family

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Sometimes politics goes too far. First Budget Hearing Speaker - Fact Checking Gary P and CCOC

What was Gary watching? Significant fact checking is in order concerning a missive sent out which seriously misrepresented an occurrence held at the first budget hearing. Watch this video. This is one of those "Palmetto Bay checks the record" moments - a line used stated by others. This video speaks volumes and clarifies the record and serves as a warning about the "opinions" you may be receiving in your email. Fact check.  Don't rely upon third hand inflammatory fake news.

I usually do not respond to baseless unsubstantiated attacks. It just gives them attention they crave, but then there are times where the 'opinions' are so egregious, that a response is required. The video above if posted in order to allow you to fact-check the caustic inflammatory comment from Gary Pastorella in one of his e-mails where he once again goes off into a personal misleading attack. This e-mail was circulated by Gary Pastorella on October 17, 2017, with the subject line "Budget Vote: Services Maintained? Business Committee Funded? Were you flooded? Dover Speaks @PBBA,"

Please, after you watch the video above, explain to me how he could possibly write what he published in his e-mail.  The text below is taken verbatim from his e-mail:
During public comment a gentleman who volunteered that he had never attended a meeting before attempted to ask a question regarding the budget. His opening comment allowed the Mayor a great point of attack. The resident began with telling the Council he wanted to ask a question but was unsure how to do it instead of just jumping in with his comment. This gave the Mayor an opening to embarrass the resident. The Mayor, it seemed, did not allow him to finish his statement but instead informed him that the time to ask a question was during the budget workshops held June 27, July 12 and July 19.
I cannot let distortion go unchallenged.  What is important is that we do not begin to let their continued distortions go unchecked.  We cannot allow this to become the norm.  The facts do require checking - and correcting.

Comparing the e-mail with the video causes wonder as to whether the author was even present to view the exchange that he so missed the mark on reporting or was this part of a "committee effort" at just presenting distorted facts, hoping to state them loud enough and often enough that the misstatements become the truth, assuming that fellow residents who hadn't attended the hearing would believe him when he so wrongfully alleged that I "attacked" and embarrassed the speaker?

So why argue?  I have posted the 'exchange' for all to view and determine for themselves.  The speaker presented without interruption and the record reflects that 4 out of 5 members of the council - myself included, RESPONDED positively to his questions and concerns, offering helpful comments.  

I am pleased with how the council interacted with this speaker.  I remain at a loss as to why the helpful exchange, as evidenced in the video above, between 4 members of the village council and a first-time speaker evokes such a negative and destructive e-mail blast.

I thank everyone for their positive efforts in our village.  We are a family.  Families argue at times and I believe that through conflict comes resolution - but when that conflict is on an honest level.  Comparing the video with the e-mail attack illustrates why I ask everyone to fact check and be careful when reviewing comments made by Gary Pastorella - I am always available to discuss any issue or correct the record.

Thank you to those who took the time to 'check the record.'

I remain committed to advocating on behalf of Palmetto Bay for debris clearing and post Irma restoration - e-mail contacts listed

Palmetto Bay may have dropped out of the debris pickup business, but that does not mean that I, personally, am not here to address your concerns.  I remain committed to seeing Palmetto Bay through the restoration.

Please mail e-me at and I will forward it to those still involved in pick up and monitor to the best of our ability. You can also forward your concerns to everyone at once. Here are all the emails that your concerns will be going to:

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Surprising - Palmetto Bay's contracted Irma debris pickup ends as of 10/29 for lack of a second

I have to say that I am very surprised. Palmetto Bay has backed out of Irma storm collection and area restoration.  The Palmetto Bay Contractors had ceased collection as of Wednesday, October 25, 2017.

The request from staff to extend the collection failed for lack of a second at the Special Council Meeting held Monday, October 30, 2017.  This meeting was specially called due to the time sensitive nature of the item to consider extending the debris removal services (CLICK HERE - to view the agenda items).

Yes, the debris pick up was not without its frustrations, but overall, our hired crews worked well in complementing the County efforts at debris removal. The Contractor satisfied the contract - the fact was that the level of debris was actually greater than estimated, which to me meant that it was even more important that we supplement the pick up rather than sit back and place the entire burden on the County. 

The renewal failed for lack of a second at the meeting:

The two-team collective effort is now down to one.  Miami-Dade County is now on its own and solely responsible for continued debris removal, to finish the first sweep and complete any additional clean up or specialty sweeps (including stump or hanging branch removals).  Our efforts died as no council member would second the resolution after Council Member Larissa Siegel Lara moved the item forward - and noting that she stated an intention to enter into a compromise, rather than a full approval of the proposed extension.

Please click the "Storm Restoration" label, and then scroll down to view some of my past updates regarding our efforts to get Palmetto Bay back to pre-Irma status.  

Our crews collected debris over a mere 29 days. Irma struck our area on September 10/11. They  were contracted to start debris removal at the Saturday, September 30, 2017, Special Council meeting.  The Crews started at 2:30 PM on that same day.  Our contracted crews  removed nearly 120,000 cubic yards of debris - as can be seen piled high at the east end of Coral Reef Park or at the second debris station off 168 and Old Cutler Road.

I was told that our crews averaged about 6,000 cubic yards per day, the first two weeks. Toward the end, the crews were averaging 5,000 cubic yards daily. 

Palmetto Bay is now out of the storm debris removal efforts, turning the responsibility back over to Miami-Dade County to complete the efforts. 

The crews will complete their contracted duties of grinding the piles located at both our debris collection points.  The ground debris will then be disposed of at a County/FEMA approved site.

I commend the work of the contracted crews who did work seven days a week to work with Miami-Dade County to remove debris from Palmetto Bay.  This effort greatly sped up the debris removal.  The village staff who were diverted to this effort (which included monitoring) will now return to their normal assignments, unless they are required to remain at the debris collection sites.

Monday, October 30, 2017

FEMA Comes to the Palmetto Bay Village Hall to Offer Assistance

Palmetto Bay is hosting FEMA at our village hall:

PALMETTO BAY, FL, October 30, 2017 -  Starting today and through Saturday, FEMA officials will be stationed at the Palmetto Bay Village Hall to assist anyone that needs to register for federal assistance as a result of Hurricane Irma. 

Miami-Dade County is one of many designated counties in the state to be within the Major Disaster Declaration area, which makes county residents eligible for various federal assistance programs offered through FEMA.  Some of those programs include unemployment assistance, public assistance, small business low interest loans and bridge loans, among others.  Palmetto Bay recently posted a notice of upcoming FEMA deadlines for these and other programs on its municipal website to make sure that residents apply for the assistance they may need within the established time period to do so.  Starting today, FEMA staff is available to answer questions, provide guidance with the federal process and register applicants.

FEMA staff will be onsite at Village Hall from today until Saturday, November 4th, between the hours of 8:30 am and 6:30 pm in the Village Hall Council Chambers.  Anyone who has any questions or needs help to register for federal assistance due to  hurricane damage to their homes or apartments may drop by at any time during these hours, and bring the following required documents and information:
Social Security number (one per household)
Address of the damaged home or apartment
Description of the damage
Information about insurance coverage (insurance policy documents would be helpful)
Bank account number and bank routing number for direct deposit funds (information is printed on personal checks)
Individuals will also be required to provide their telephone numbers and mailing address. 

FEMA staff is ONLY assisting with the registration process for hurricane-related assistance and NOT for the Food for Florida DSNAP Program.  More information about federal disaster assistance is available on the FEMA website or by calling 800-621-FEMA, TTY 800-462-7585.

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Notice of Public Hearing Miami-Dade County Public Schools - proposed renaming for Southwood Middle School

PLEASE NOTE: this notice/action regarding any proposed name change is generated entirely by the Miami-Dade County School Board.  This has NOT been requested or initiated by the Village of Palmetto Bay.

The Miami-Dade County Public Schools has given notice regarding a public hearing on a proposed renaming for Southwood Middle School.

The public hearing will be held at Southwood Middle School's Auditorium, located at 16301 SW 80th Avenue, Miami, Florida, at 6:30 PM on Wednesday, November 8, 2017. 

The name and telephone number of the representative of the Miami-Dade County Public Schools who may be contacted for further information regarding the proposed renaming is: Mr. Raul F. Garcia, 305-251-5361

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Driven (without distractions). YCIB Member Mark Merwitzer testifies before Senate Communications, Energy and Public Utilities Committee

We are very proud of one of Palmetto Bay's favorite sons - Mark Merwitzer.  Mark is one of the founding members of Palmetto Bay's Youth Community Involvement Board.  He testified before the Florida State Senate - Communications, Energy and Public Utilities Committee, on Tuesday, October 24, 2017.  

This is not his first time advocating on this issue.  Young Mr. Merwitzer will not be distracted from his mission to save lives and up the protection of those on or near the roadways, to be safe from distracted drivers.

Marks report from Tallahassee (10/24/17): 

Had a fantastic trip to Tallahassee today. To my left if Senator Perry, the sponsor of SB 90, the bill to make texting while driving primary offense. Today it was heard in the Senate Communications, Energy, and Public Utilities Committee. I gave my testimony, along with countless amounts of parents who have lost loved ones to distracted driving. Their testimony was remarkable and touching. The bill passed 7-1. 

1 down 3 to go!

CLICK HERE  (and scroll down once there) to view prior posts and links to other media coverage relating to Mark Merwitzer's efforts to make our roadways safer.

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Festival Under The Stars - Family time in Palmetto Bay - Friday, Nov 3rd - 6 - 9 PM

A great event to enjoy with the entire family. 

FREE admission.   
Unlimited activity bracelets are $10 until 10/27 or $15 if purchased at the event.

Food Trucks, student Performances, Rides, Silent Auction. Join us at Ludovici Park.

You're invited!
Fun, Family, Friends and Food Trucks!
Admission is FREE

#southwoodmiddleschool #mdcps #foodtruck #palmettobay #festivalunderthestars #southwoodsuperstars

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Update on FREE Irma mulch - available for Palmetto Bay residents Saturday - October 28th at Coral Reef Park

FREE Irma Mulch.  I am pleased that I can finally announce that freshly ground mulch*, courtesy of Irma, will be available on Saturday, October 28, 2017, at Coral Reef Park.  There have been many inquiries about when this mulch would be made available.   We ask that Palmetto Bay residents come with their photo IDs, pick up free mulch, and spread our special Palmetto Bay-made mulch back onto their home gardens.
You can take home part of Palmetto Bay's 'mulch mountain' beginning Sat 10/28

Please watch this space/blog for further updates, including modifications.

The plan at the present time is for the mulch pick up to be on at the parking lot east of the tennis courts (where the Farmer's Market is held on Sundays (enter from Coral Reef Drive).  The mulch will be available for pick up beginning at 9:00 AM. The current plan is that Palmetto Bay will supply the garbage bags to carry the mulch.  This free giveaway is limited to Palmetto Bay residents, so don't forget to bring your photo ID.
The mulch would be better suited in your home landscaping than at a County landfill.

Please watch this blog and/or follow/like my Eugene Flinn, Mayor, Facebook page for updates on this and other events affecting Palmetto Bay. 

Your Mayor,

Eugene Flinn 

* DISCLAIMER: Please note that this is raw ground mulch, not commercially prepared and treated mulch. This mulch is locally sourced, grown entirely within the Village of Palmetto Bay. 

Friday, October 20, 2017

Stone Crab Report from Celia Camp, Manager, Palmetto Bay Farmer's Market

Stone Crab Claws coming to the Palmetto Bay Farmer's Market beginning this Sunday, 10/22/2017!

This update coming from Celia Camp, Manager, Palmetto Bay Farmer's Market.Her complete update for this Sunday:
We are very excited that stone crab season began last Sunday and our stone crab vendor, Everglades Seafood, will be returning this Sunday with (hopefully) plenty of stone crabs, fresh fish and shrimp.  I also have JJ's Smoked Fish, with fresh fish dip and ceviche.  Ciabella returns with a variety of fresh baked breads.
We also have a few new vendors - Bani, features assorted flavors of banana water (very hydrating)! 
Rebel Bowls offer acai, passion fruit or mango sorbet with a fresh fruit topping of your choice.
Mateo's Pizza prepares thin crust pizza as well as a hungry man size meatball sub.
All Natural Hair & Body creates hand-crafted soaps and lotions.
Aurum has a unique selection of spices and sugars as well as vinegars and oils.
Ebene specializes in lotions and oils for curly hair.
The Turmeric Store - educating on the benefits of natural, organic turmeric.

Bring the family out to enjoy another family friendly  in our Palmetto Bay Parks!

Your Mayor,

Eugene Flinn

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Coyote update - meeting held with officials from FWC - here is authoritative information regarding co-existing with Coyotes in Florida.

Photo of a coyote in Palmetto Bay
Palmetto Bay is a paradise that we humans share with many native and non-native animals. CLICK HERE to view some of my past posts regarding the many species of animals we can find here in Palmetto Bay; crocodiles, alligators, eagles, marsh rabbits, owls. There is a long list of animals that call Palmetto Bay home. We do note that there are some animals that we do want to keep close eye on - including those designated as "invasive species".  

Reports continue in regard to coyotes in our Palmetto Bay community as well as in nearby Kings Bay, actually located in Coral Gables. A conference call was held with FWC officials, myself and with members of our community (I was joined on the call by residents/animal activists Cindy Hewitt and Lloyd Brown) on the topic of coyotes. Palmetto Bay went to the source to find out the issues, as well as status, potential issues and management strategies (if any).  We look forward to working with Greg from the Wildlife Assistance Program Coordinator for the FWC, on a future “Living with Wildlife” workshop or presentation.

Information regarding Coyotes in Florida  posted on the official FWC website: 
Coyotes are found throughout Florida and have been documented in all 67 counties. This medium-sized canid is extremely adaptable and can be found in rural, suburban and even urban landscapes. They are typically shy and elusive but encounters between people and coyotes in Florida are occurring more often. Coyotes help maintain balanced ecosystems by controlling the populations of rodents and small predators, such as foxes, opossums and raccoons. They are native to North America, have been in Florida for many years, and will continue to make their homes around the state.
The mission of the FWC program is to mitigate human-wildlife conflict through education, outreach and technical assistance. The members of FWC work with individual citizens, neighborhood groups, local government agencies and other stakeholders on nuisance wildlife issues and human-wildlife conflict resolution strategies. 

We look forward to developing a strong relationship between Palmetto Bay and FWC to monitor and manage these issues.

Please view the FWC website for information on Coyotes – and everyone I have spoken to is quite surprised to hear that Coyotes have been found in ALL 67 counties in Florida. 

See FWC's "Living with Coyotes". There is also a link on this site for the Urban Coyote Brochure .

Important: If you are experiencing coyote problems, please contact the FWC’s Wildlife Alert at 888-404-FWCC (3922) or your nearest FWC regional office: West Palm: 561-625-5122

Prior blog posts on this topic:
August 18, 2017, Update on Coyotes in our area – updated/better photos – have you seen any?
June 4, 2017, Guest Post - Coyotes in Palmetto Bay? What have you seen?

CLICK HERE to view prior posts relating to FWC.

Addressed on the official FWC website:

What should I do if I see a coyote?

Coyotes are not large animals and rarely pose a threat to people, especially adults. They can be curious but are also timid and generally run away if challenged. If a coyote approaches too closely, there are methods you can use to deter it and frighten it away. Hazing the animal by making loud noises and acting aggressively will typically cause a coyote to leave an area, but you may need to increase and continue hazing efforts until the coyote is effectively deterred and leaves the area for good. There are several methods of hazing that are effective with coyotes.  (please go to the website for complete information on this topic)

How can I protect my pets from coyotes?

Coyotes can and do prey on domestic cats and small dogs. Most coyote attacks on pets occur either at night or in the early evening or morning hours (dusk and dawn). To protect your pets, do not allow them to roam freely. 
(Again, please go to the FWC website for complete information on this topic)

Why can’t coyotes be relocated or completely eliminated from my neighborhood?
  • Removing coyotes is an inefficient and ineffective method to control populations. New coyotes move into areas where others have been removed. When there is pressure (such as trapping) placed on coyote populations, the species can actually produce more pups per litter in response and populations can quickly return to original size.  
  • Coyotes are found throughout the entire state of Florida as part of natural range expansion from western states and now live in every state but Hawaii. 
  • Coyotes fill an important role in the ecosystem by keeping rodent and small predator (fox, raccoon, opossum, etc.) populations under control


Happy Anniversary. 10 years for this 5K run - benefiting Pediatric Cancer research. Do you really need any additional reasons to participate/donate in this run?

The tenth annual “Reason to Run” 5K run/walk and family event benefiting CancerFree KIDS Pediatric Cancer Research Alliance will be held on Saturday, November 4, 2017, at the Deering Estate, 16701 S.W. 72 Avenue, at 8 a.m. Preregistration is encouraged and can be accessed at On-site registration and check-in will begin at 7 a.m.

In addition to a beautiful, tree-lined course, the annual 5K run/walk features a post-race party on the Deering Estate with stunning views of Biscayne Bay. Participants will enjoy giveaways, music, food, drinks, bounce-houses and other entertainment in the family area. All participants will be automatically entered to win one of many raffle prizes including a Miami Seaquarium dolphin swim for four, a golf foursome at the Deering Bay Yacht and Country Club, admission to other attractions, and a host of other prizes. Those wishing to enter, but not walk or run, can make a donation or purchase a raffle ticket for $5.

To date, CancerFree KIDS has funded 97 innovative research projects, investing $700,000 in 2016 alone. Dr. Julio Barredo of the UM Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center has received grants totaling $80,000, and Dr. Regina Graham, Director of the University of Miami Brain Tumor Initiative, received a $30,000 grant.

The “Reason to Run” 5K run/walk is the brainchild of avid marathoners and training partners Linda Martinez and Lisette Zamora. Both women have participated in and coached a number of fundraising events for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.

“Finding cures for pediatric cancers took on a special meaning for my family ten years ago when my now 15-year-old nephew was diagnosed with a brain tumor when he was 5 years old,” said Martinez, event organizer. “The fact remains that cancer is the number one disease killer of children but receives only four percent of the National Cancer Institute’s budget, and the treatments currently available often negatively impact the quality of life for those who survive. Events like this will help fund life-saving research while raising awareness that there is still much work to be done.”

Sponsors for “Reason to Run” 5K run/walk include: Palmetto Ford, HiTEX Marketing, Florida Blue and Dolphin Mall. Several local schools and businesses have initiated fundraising campaigns, and several teams have formed in honor or in memory of a pediatric cancer patient.

CancerFree KIDS’ mission is to fund life-saving research of childhood cancers. CFK supports research by raising funds in a myriad of ways and by actively advocating for additional funding of pediatric cancer research on a national level. The non-profit 501(c)(3) organization was founded on the belief that research can lead to a cure, not only for children, but for everyone. For additional information, visit

For more information on the race event or to register or donate, please visit or call (305) 807-7079.

# # #

Prior post relating to this outstanding event: November 1, 2016, A busy weekend - Saturday, November 5 - Two competing 5Ks and a Pine Rockland clean up- CANCERFREE KIDS REASON TO RUN 5K

Monday, October 16, 2017

Update of Irma related debris removal by Palmetto Bay contractors - Monday, 10/16 update

I am providing an official update provided by our Village Manager, Ed Silva:

Good morning Council, below is this morning’s update on debris removal

Debris DMS sites located at CRP and the vacant site to the northeast of 168th ST/ Old Cutler Road are both operational today.

*** *** ***

Map 2 - pick up zones - referred to by manager in posted update
Staff is currently working in Zone  3 (3- trucks) and Zone 6 (3-truck. At 10 am work in  Zone 6 will cease and the 3 trucks will relocate to Zone 5. As of Friday October 13, 2017 the Village estimates that 41% of the debris as estimated by our debris removal contractor has been picked up. The total amount expended to date for debris tickets totaling 48,948.01 cubic yards under this contract is $375,920.72.

We are currently reaching out to the contractor to see if additional trucks are being scheduled so that we can schedule staff accordingly or expedite a request for temporary staffing if needed. Please let me know if I can provide you with additional information regarding today’s debris removal process.

Additionally we have included two maps, one which shows the area of the Village that’s being picked up by the County and the areas being picked up by the Village. The second map shows the 6 zones we have established in the village so that you can understand where the crews are. We are starting to receive emails asking for specialized pickups, please understand that this will delay the process and is counterproductive to getting the job done. Therefore unless directed by Council we will continue with an orderly  and systematic pick up of our village. Thank you for your understanding and in working cooperatively through this process. We ask that you support and get the word out on locations, there is much misinformation out there that is detrimental to all.


Edward Silva
Village Manager
Village of Palmetto Bay
Map 1- County / PBay zones - referred to by manager in posted update

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Non-hurricane recovery photo of the day - providing for the local butterflies - corky vine & Lantana

Seen in our front yard. Passion Vine, Corky Stem - Passiflora suberosa - a native Butterfly Host Plant - It is the larval host plant for Gulf Fritillary, Zebra Longwing and Julia butterflies. A very productive plant that I have never been able to plant. it appears when and where it wants.  It has small, yellowish green flowers supplying nector to attract butterflies.The plant is growing intermingled with purple Lantana, considered to be an invasive. It is filling a bare area - canopy lost to Irma.  Nature abhors bare spots and will fill it in with weeds if not properly cared for.

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Health Care Awareness Fair & 5K held on Saturday, October 14, 2017, at the Saint Louis Catholic Church in Pinecrest.

It was my honor to participate in the 2017 (annual) Health Care Awareness Fair & 5K held on Saturday, October 14, 2017, at the Saint Louis Catholic Church in Pinecrest. Hundreds of area residents turned out for this event.
Thank you Father Paul and the entire Saint Louis Parish / Ministerio de Salud y Deportes.

Thank you George Alvarado, Ministry of Health and Sport, team/volunteers and participants.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Here is a company that we will not hire to fix our screen enclosure. Illegal dumping?

I have had it with illegal dumping. I am patiently waiting for our Irma debris pile to be picked up.  We have not added any non-organic material to the pile - it is all plant debris from the storm.  So then, what makes a local business think it is permissible to dump their screen refuse on our pile?
Pictured below is what is left after we pulled it off our pile - we don't want to be passed over for pick up due to a mixed debris pile. We called the number 786-239-8999.  I am waiting for it to be picked up.  That or for the village police to respond.
This business made their failure to properly dispose of their work our problem.  Now I am returning the favor. 

I wonder who in my neighborhood hired this company and if they paid a "disposal fee"?

Update from Village Manager on debris removal 10-11-2017. 330,000 cubic yards of debris picked up in last 10 days.

I am posting an update from Ed Silva, Manager, provided to me earlier today, Wednesday, 10/11/2017:

At present we have cleared out the areas around the schools and are still working on our main north south roads, today we are on SW 82 ave.
Above - note the exact same location, but before and after photos
of the streets surrounding Southwood Middle school

We are diligently working through all of the piles in our community and in 10 days have picked up 330,000 cubic yards of debris along with what the County has already done.

Our crews are averaging about 6,000 cubic yards per day, this week alone and we hope to improve that mark going forward.

We understand the frustration of having debris in your neighborhood and we are working as quickly as we can to remove all of it in a timely manner.

Disposing collecting debris - the mountain grows - mulch will be available - but not yet

I stopped in at Coral Reef Park Tuesday evening on the way home from the office. Crews are working late as the debris collection continues - to varying reviews (more on that later). Coral Reef park is the interim staging point for the debris collected by the Village Contractors.  It is being mulched.  Most will be taken to the final disposal site designated by the County.  There will be mulch available to our residents, but not as of this date as the work site is not presently safe for the public.  I will keep everyone up to date on when the mulch will be available.
                                   (above) The mountain of debris - contractor trucks unloading while the heavy equipment 
                                  is perched on the pile breaking down and moving it toward the mulching machine. 
                                  (above) left a view of the mulch created in two hours
                                   right - the mulcher.  Fit for the job at hand. 

I am looking forward to the completion of the debris removal and restoration of Coral Reef Park.