Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Update - 2017 Bike To Work Day - Friday, March 3, 2017

Updated info regarding the 2017 Bike to Work Day - Join Us:

Try bike commuting for ONE day! Ride your bike and meet residents, along with Village Council at Village Hall for a guided bike ride to celebrate Bike305's Bike to Work Day and as part of Palmetto Bay's "Get Fit” initiative.
DETAILS:  Riders will depart from Village Hall's parking lot at 6:45am and head out to Dadeland South Metrorail Station. Upon arrival to Dadeland South Metrorail Station, you'll learn how to take your bike on Metrorail and then head to the Coconut Grove Metrorail Station (US1 & SW 27th Avenue) where all the Bike305 festivities will take place at 7:15am.
All participating cyclist will receive a FREE Bike305 performance cycling t-shirt, FREE one-way easy ticket on metrorail (*limited quantities and must provide valid email address), FREE air & bike checks by Mack Cycle & Fitness and other goodies (while supplies last). Light refreshments and breakfast foods will be served at the Coconut Grove Metrorail Station.
For more information on Bike305's Bike to Work Day, visit www.bike305.com. Bike305 is a collaborative effort forged by the County Mayor in partnership with several municipal Mayors and Parks Departments to unite and support the connectivity of people and places through the county's bike trails. Throughout Miami-Dade County, Mayors are promoting the opportunity to achieve physical fitness and a healthy lifestyle by cycling to parks, attractions, shops, and events located on or near bike trails.

For more information on all upcoming Bike 305 events, please visit Bike305.com
Photos below were taken at the 2016 Bike to Work Day

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Oh my! Palmetto Bay's Youth Community Involvement Board (YCIB) is discussing "Do It In The Back Seat" - please see what our youth want to do!

Now that I have your attention - Our youth are concerned about life safety.  First about texting while driving and now about keeping people safe by promoting use of seat belts by back seat passengers.  "Do It In The Back Seat!".  So concerned that our Youth Council discussed it at the CYIB meeting held on Saturday, February 11, 2017.  Columbus HS Student and founder Jake Reis made his presentation to our YCIB.  

Check out "Do It In The Back Seat!

CYIB meeting Sat. 2/11/17. "Do It In the Back Seat!" Founder Jake Reis, center (in white)
 Another Great meeting of our youth board.  They worked on participating in the 2017 Relay for Life event as well, pending legislative action promoted by our YCIB, pending projects and their annual committee report.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Palmetto Bay's 15th anniversary picnic celebration - Sat. March 4 - 11 AM - 3 PM

Join your friends and neighbors as we celebrate our crystal anniversary!

Mark your calendars as the Village celebrates BIG for its 15th Year Anniversary during Palmetto Bay's signature community event – the Annual Picnic Celebration. Picnic goers will have tons of free & delicious food and beverages to choose from with a jam-packed afternoon filled with fun activities and entertainment. The picnic will feature carnival rides/inflatables, the Mayor's Cup baseball game starting at 12:30 pm (Miami Palmetto vs. Coral Reef High), a Car Show, Line Dancing, the headliner band- Cutler Stew, along with performances by local talented students and groups, and much, much more.
I will recognize the "Get Fit" Palmetto Bay 7-week Mayor's Fitness Challenge winners at this event.  Join us.

CLICK HERE to view prior posts (including photos) of past village picnic events.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Photo of the Day - Super Bowl Sunday in Palmetto Bay - Girl Scout Cookie sale time.

Good throughout the year (you can freeze them), not just as a Super Bowl snack! (photo post made on Super Bowl Sunday)
I have a family source for Girl Scout cookies, but I love to see our hard working Girl Scouts (and their hard working Troop Leaders) do well in their cookie sales, so I  made a personal donation to troop 328 for Cookies for Our Soldiers. 
Buy early, buy often. Go Troop 328!

Friday, February 3, 2017

Village updates: Village meetings & events you should plan on participating in!

Its time for you to participate - SRTS meetings, Parks Master Planning, Historical Committee and a murder/mystery.  All here in Palmetto Bay.  Join me in February and March.

Please review my latest in the Community Newspapers online:
Village meetings & events you should plan on participating in!
By: Eugene Flinn - Mayor of Palmetto Bay |February 3, 2017
Late February and March will be a big month. Yes, more of the “P”s that I keep harping on! Planning Parks & People are some of the big “P”s that we are involved in. Please Plan on attending and Participating (or otherwise Providing inPut via e-mail or other means).

One of my biggest priorities is having Safe Routes to Schools (“SRTS” – keep an eye out for that acronym). A Village workshop on SRTS improvements scheduled for Wednesday, February 8, 2017 – 7:00 PM at our Village Hall. With Village Officials and design engineers. This is one of your best chances to impact the project. You are invited to attend and receive information on the details of the SRTS project designed to advance safe walking and bicycling to and from schools. The project consists of sidewalk connectivity, crosswalk and ADA ramp upgrades, signage, and pavement markings. Please note that no official action will be taken – this is a preliminary meeting – one of those opportunities to impact the project before it is a finished project.

Note that other meetings will be scheduled for our other schools, so don’t panic because you did not see your area of interest listed.

I want to let everyone know that Palmetto Bay will be engaged in updating our 2007 Parks Master Plans. Meetings are being planned. The decisions made will impact our community for generations to come so it is important for you to participate. Impact could range from decisions simply to maintain status quo and upgrade what we have to a total revamping of one or more parks. I recently have heard ideas involving bringing pickleball to existing facilities. There are many ideas – as well as opinions which include simply “add no more” so I ask for you to get engaged.

How is your knowledge of Village History? Are you a history buff? Do you have any pictures or “relics” from Palmetto Bay’s relatively short past? If any apply, you may want to participate in an upcoming short term history project. Your Mayor and Village Council is poised to set up a history committee that has been championed by our founding Vice Mayor, Linda Robinson. We will be gathering history for our 15 year Village Celebration. A surprise or two may be in store. Get involved – Participate!

Lastly, not to be missed, Thallata Estate is home to yet another open ticket event – Come on out for the March 10, “Totally 80’s, Murder Mystery Dinner & Show – full details are available on the official Palmetto Bay Facebook and website regarding this exciting evening of interaction with a professional cast to figure out the culprit in a lively “who-dun-it” mystery. Murder- as they say, “dinner – and a show!”

I look forward to continue the work with you in protecting Palmetto Bay as the best place to Live, Work, Play, & learn – no place better for families in Miami-Dade County!

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Team Palmetto Bay presents its legislative agenda priorities to the Miami-Dade Legislative Delegation

Team Palmetto Bay - at FIU for the 2017 Miami-Dade Legislative Hearing.

I was honored to speak before the Miami-Dade Delegation.  This was a collaborative team effort.  Palmetto Bay is about programing money for those with unique abilities and seniors, green, traffic calming and stormwater projects. 

Kudos to Mark Merwitzer, Member of our Palmetto Bay Youth Community Involvement Board (YCIB) who spoke passionately in favor of a legislative priority to make testing and driving a primary offense - saving lives!

Starting left moving to right :Mayor Eugene Flinn, County Commissioner Daniella Levine Cava,
YCIB member Mark Merwitzer, PPP Chair Peter England and Palmetto Bay Manager Ed Silva.
Palmetto Bay Partners Advisory Committee (PPP) Chair Peter England spoke on an important Deering request that Palmetto Bay is fully supportive.

Palmetto Bay has put together a unified legislative agenda.  See my prior post of January 22, 2017 - Presenting the full text - and transparency protection - Palmetto Bay's 2017 Legislative Priorities - to view the complete 2017 Palmetto Bay Legislative Agenda

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Update - SFWMD - rough waters signal the start of canal work in Pinecrest. Palmetto Bay continues to work with SFWMD.

The South Florida Water Management District (SFWMD) has begun its work in Pinecrest.  All is not rosy as reported in the Sunday, 1/29/2017, edition of the Miami Herald (Page 4A): 
Lush landscaping vs. flood control: Village tries to defend its canal turf

Please note one of the landscaping solutions proposed by the SFWMD as stated by John Hixenbaugh, Chief of the district's Right of Way Section, this -
After the Herald inquired, the district contacted the village Friday and assured staff they intend to work with homeowners individually to find a solution. In an interview, the team said they always planned to apply a “common sense” approach, not a wholesale razing.

“There are some folks who planted some really nice landscapes,” said Steve Fairtrace, the district’s field project manager.

Homeowners can relocate trees, although non-native, exotic trees will be removed, they said. Homeowners may be able to work out a deal to save native trees, if they agree to cover the cost of maintenance. Many shrubs will be saved. Sod will be replanted.

“When we work with homeowners to save a tree, then there is an obligation for them to maintain it,” said John Hixenbaugh, who oversees right-of-ways for the district. “So yes, there will be an option for that, for trees that remain.”

The SFWMD is of limited funds - the actions they take are to protect their assets in order to do the task at hand.  I remain committed to working with the SFWMD to identify and obtain the funding to actually complete the much-needed canal bank restoration. This requires the legislative requests, follow up in Tallahassee, personally and through our lobbying team and locally through the SFWMD.

As part of the ongoing efforts, the hard work with the SFWMD to eventually bring complete canal bank restoration to Palmetto Bay, the Palmetto Bay Village Council unanimously supported two items I requested for our 2017 Legislative Agenda:
            F.         Requesting funding for South Florida Water Management District specifically for canal bank restoration to address the critical erosion needs in the Village of Palmetto Bay;  ....
Sept 2015 meeting with SFWMD representatives at Village Hall

Please see my prior post of Friday, 1/13/2017 for additional background: Update on the SFWMD canals – two main meetings that I suggest those interested/impacted by the canal attend - and focus on the ONGOING PROJECT – PINECREST.  The SFWMD has advised us that a bank restoration project will commence in Pinecrest on January17. This restoration is covering C100A – starting in Pinecrest, but because of the nature of the work, a large part of the C100A canal- the part of the canal that crosses over into Palmetto Bay off 136 street (it opens into the lake off 136 street) – extending into Palmetto Bay – will be shut down for all boat traffic.  This shutdown is expected to last several months.  

Palmetto Bay is working to prevent further erosion, to control our canals - recently welcoming the Miami-Dade County Marine Patrol into the C100 canals (photo above right) - a welcomed sight, one that we trust will be a productive and ongoing endeavor.  
(Photos immediately above from the 1/20/17 canal bank erosion Town Hall)

I will continue to keep everyone up to date on events and negotiations as they occur.  The canals are a very sensitive, a very important, issue and I continue to lead a Village Council committed to finding the best solution available. 

Very truly yours,

Eugene Flinn, Mayor

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Update on the County SMART Plan - updates including travel time comparisons - significant reductions in commute times

A potential for a huge savings in commute times - getting cars off the roads - going green, saving time.  Getting many cars out of the neighborhoods and saving time travel - time that can be then used for more time with your families - can this finally be coming soon to South Miami-Dade?

I am pleased to provide an update on the County SMART plan, passing on information presented at the 1/27/2017 District 8 meetings of the Mayors.  I met with our County Commissioner Daniella Levine Cava along with Mayor Joe Corradino of Pinecrest and Peggy Bell of Cutler Bay.  Frank Guyamier from County Transit department presented updated documents on the County Smart Plan.
The above documents are the Travel Time Comparisons - one is morning commute to Government Center.  Example lower left corner of the left page (Travel Time Comparison) - the commute from Florida City is presently 150 minute - by car - yes, more than 2 hours.  It is 85 minutes via transit (present (bus) Transitway/transfer to metro rail) - reduced to 64 minutes overall under the SMART plan. 

Could this plan reduce your comparable commute from Palmetto Bay/Cutler Bay by half? That is a significant commute time savings. 

Running heavy rail at street level is not a new technology. 
One example is the Dallas Texas Blue Line - (Photo below) 
Questions for me?  Please feel free to e-mail me at eflinn@palmettobay-fl.gov
or call me at (305) 302-3713
I am proud to be part of working to improve our future. A potential for a huge savings in commute times 150 minutes reduced to 64 from Florida City to Government Center - getting cars off the roads - going green, saving time. Could our commutes from the Palmetto Bay/Cutler Bay areas be reduced by the same percentage - perhaps cutting our present commute times in half?  Getting many cars out of the neighborhoods and saving time travel - time that can be then used for more time with your families - can this finally be coming soon to South Miami-Dade?
I look forward to continuing to participate in bringing real traffic solutions to South Miami-Dade County.  It has been my pleasure to work with the South Dade coalition led through Unified effort through State Rep. Kionne L. McGhee, Florida City Mayor Otis Wallace, Homestead Mayor Jeff Porter, Cutler Bay Mayor Peggy Bell, Palmetto Bay Mayor Eugene Flinn as well as (then) Pinecrest Mayor Cindy Lerner, now through present mayor Joe Corradino - all working together to support County Mayor Carlos Gimenz and our County Commissioner Daniella Levine Cava. 

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Update on the 136 improvement meeting held at Howard Drive Elementary & Temporary Traffic Tables coming to Farmers Road during County Pilot Program

I was pleased to have represented Palmetto Bay on Tuesday, 1/24/20q17 at the community meeting to discuss the 136 Street proposed improvements.  It was an important meeting.  Here is part of that report:

First of all, as asked - Temporary traffic tables coming to Farmer’s Road.  I am proud to be part of the team, working through our Village Manager and the Public Services, to place the temporary traffic tables on Farmers Road prior to the commencement of the County’s Pilot Program. 

The County believes that this test project will provide them with valuable information to ease traffic flow in this area. I take my responsibility as Mayor seriously and will always work on behalf of the many residents living in the area surrounding the pilot, to be responsive to their concerns for the closure and the impact on their streets. It was at my  request, that the Village Manager has set to replace the temporary speed humps on Farmer's Road and taking a traffic count of that area in an effort to monitor any adverse impact to our local streets. Rest assured that I, as your mayor, along with all our village council members will continue to monitor the project closely and following up with resident concerns.

As I previously advised (Jan 20, 2017 - Miami-Dade County News Release - Old Cutler Road &SW 136th Street Test Project), the Miami-Dade County Department of Transportation & Public Works (DTPW) is set to pilot a traffic flow initiative in District 1 on the borders of Pinecrest and Palmetto Bay at 136th street and Old Cutler Road. The up to 90-day project will temporarily restrict northbound left turns at the intersection of Old Cutler Road and SW 136 Street and is scheduled to commence on January 31s.

This project was part of the discussions of the community meeting held on Tuesday, 1/24/20017, hosted by Commissioner Daniella Levine Cava and County Public Works officials.  I represented Palmetto Bay.  Pinecrest was represented by 4 out of 5 of its council members.  Concerns were expressed and Commissioner Cava and I, along with the County officials advised that the pilot data findings will be shared at the conclusion of the pilot.
You can read the County Press Release Please continue to contact me to discuss your concerns related to the closure. I can be reached at 305-302-3713 or at eflinn@palmettobay-fl.gov. Remember, as this is a county project, so please, do not hesitate to contact our County Commissioner, Daniella Levine Cava through her District 8 County Commission offices at district8@miamidade.gov
As always, I look forward to working with you to improve Palmetto Bay, making it an even better place to make your home, raise your families; to live, learn, play and work.