Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Monthly Crime stats posted on the official Palmetto Bay website. Important information.

Palmetto Bay provides monthly crime stats on the official village web site. The stats are important for our village police to determine staffing levels and to adjust village protection.

Please follow the link (CLICK HERE) to find the following:

Monthly Location Maps
Monthly Statistics
The Palmetto Bay Policing Unit provides monthly statistics for residential burglaries, traffic enforcement, and vehicle burglaries.
Statistics can be found and downloaded from the website.

Additional Information
If you have information about any crimes or incidents, please contact the Palmetto Bay Policing Unit, weekdays, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Location Maps
Click on the links below to download/ read the location maps for monthly residential burglaries, vehicle burglaries and traffic enforcement.

    Location Maps of Residential Burglaries (Monthly)
    Location Maps of Vehicle Burglaries (Monthly)
    Location Maps of Traffic Enforcement (Monthly)

POD - Lil Timmy at home in his Christmas sweater

Just for fun - It may be cool outside, but Lil Timmy feeling warm and secure at home in his Christmas sweater.

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Palmetto Bay Crime/Safety update - Palmetto Bay Police Enhances Its Citizen Protection Strategy

Our police are responding to the recent car break-ins. The following information was presented at our December Regular Village Council meeting.  The following was posted on the official Palmetto Bay website (CLICK HERE to view the information online)
As many of you know, there were a series of vehicle break-ins over the weekend, scattered over areas from SW 136 Street to SW 160 Street. A total of 35 vehicles were affected and 21 incidents have been reported so far (some homes had more than one car broken into.) The group of thieves moved swiftly through the area and broke into the cars by smashing windows. The group of thieves moved swiftly through the area and broke into the cars by smashing windows. A resident provided video footage from their Ring doorbell camera which shows how quickly the perpetrators moved through the area. 
DNA was collected at the scene and our policing unit has increased its presence in the area. The unit’s command staff had previously implemented its annual Grinch Busters initiative, which augments police presence in areas shown to have an increase in criminal activity based on trend and intelligence data. This initiative has proven to decrease criminal activity during the holiday season. Compared to 2016, robberies are down 18% as a result of the Grinch Busters action plan. 
Immediately following this event, the Palmetto Bay Policing Unit adjusted its strategy to further protect the residents of the Village. Our officers are on high alert and will be working additional hours as necessary. Nevertheless, we ask residents to help us in this endeavor. 
During our regular Council meeting this past Monday, the Police Commander, Major Serralta asked that anyone with information should contact our policing unit. Major Serralta also encouraged all residents to please contact the Miami-Dade County Police Non-Emergency line to report any and all suspicious activity, no matter how insignificant it may seem. Miami-Dade County handles all dispatch services for the Village of Palmetto Bay and will dispatch a Palmetto Bay officer to the area 24/7. In the event of an emergency, please do not hesitate to call 9-1-1. 
Unfortunately, the holiday season is a time of heightened criminal activity. Please stay alert and aware of your surroundings, lock your homes and vehicles and report any suspicious activity to the police. Our priority is to ensure your safety and we are working harder than ever to protect you.
Palmetto Bay Policing Unit: 305-278-4000
Miami-Dade County Non-Emergency Line: 305-479-5423 (305-4-POLICE)
Miami-Dade County Emergencies: 9-1-1

<<<Also see our list of Holiday Safety Tips>>>

Your Mayor,

Eugene Flinn

Please see my prior related posted:

Be a "Grinch Buster" - Your Policing Unit Offers These Holiday Safety Tips (December 5, 2017), and:

CRIME ALERT - at least 17 vehicles broken into overnight Sat/Sun, 12/2-12/3. Please report suspicious activity. (December 3, 2017)

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Kicking off Christmas music Season - A Charlie Brown Christmas - Christmas Time is Here

I am posting the gold standard classic - It's time to start our Holiday season on a Palmetto Bay high note.  

Threat of inclement weather has forced Jonthan's Day to be postponed from Sat. Dec 9.

I look forward to the rescheduled date. See official notice on the Palmetto Bay website


Thursday, December 7, 2017

76 Years since the surprise attack at Pearl Harbor. Franklin Delano Roosevelt - Pearl Harbor Address

76 years ago today. December 7, 1941. "A day which will live in infamy." Please take a moment to reflect on this day and remember those who still survived this Day and those who gave up their lives in service of our Country.

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Palmetto Bay earned an honorable mention as a bicycle friendly community

Palmetto Bay can do better.  This is a good start.  See http://www.bikeleague.org/ for more information about the group and the program.

See the letter posted for more information.

Be a "Grinch Buster" - Your Policing Unit Offers These Holiday Safety Tips

The Holiday Season is indeed the "most wonderful time of the year", but with an increase in gift-buying and receiving comes an increase in opportunistic crimes and your Palmetto Bay Policing Unit does not want you to be a victim!  Here are some helpful tips to keep in mind during the holidays to ensure your safety and that of your home and valuables:

When shopping...as the holiday season approaches, malls, local retailers, and grocery stores are more crowded than usual with busy shoppers. Keep the following safety tips in mind when going out to shop (and the rest of the year, too!)
  • Keep careful track of your bags and other packages. 
  • Report any unattended packages to security or staff.
  • Beware of strangers approaching you for any reason.
  • Be sure not to buy more than you can carry.
  • If you must shop at night, park in a well-lighted area.
  • Have your car keys ready before you start walking to your car.
  • When approaching or leaving your vehicle, be aware of your surroundings.
  • Double check that you have your credit cards and check book after you pay for your items.
  • Avoid carrying large amounts of cash.
  • Pay for purchases with a check or credit card when possible.
  • Do not leave packages or valuables on the seat of your car or anywhere visible.
  • Make sure your car is locked.
If you go shopping with children over the next several weeks, keep the following advice in mind for everyone’s safety:
  • Never allow children to make unaccompanied trips to the restroom.
  • Make a plan with children in case you get separated.
  • Go over the dangers of strangers with them.
  • Do not allow children to walk alone to the car.
  • Never leave a child alone in a vehicle.
For Your Home...last but not least!
  • When leaving home for an extended time, have a neighbor or family member watch your house and pick-up your newspapers and mail. You can also call the Policing Unit (305) 278-4001, and have a Watch Order placed on your home.
  • Indoor and outdoor lights should be on an automatic timer.
Download a copy of this list and go over these items with your family members and friends.  Print a copy and put it in a place where everyone in your household can see them.  Do not fall victim to a crime this holiday!

Monday, December 4, 2017

Yes Virginia, there will be a Palmetto Bay Boat Parade in 2017 - here is an update.

I love a good parade #SmallTownUSA  The Palmetto Bay Boat Parade has been developing  for years.  This year saw a hiccup, but it is moving forward.

The parade will take place on December 16 -for those who live along the canal and the boat parade route, plan your backyard parties now.

Usually we start at 5:30 at Coral Reef Park.

Join your fellow Palmetto Bay Friends and Residents to help us ring in the holiday season and support your neighbors in need. All canned foods gathered will support local families. This year’s theme is COMMUNITY!! Canned food drop-off points can be found at:

Palmetto Bay Village Hall

Parade Participants will meet on their boats at Coral Reef Park at 5:30pm. The parade route will travel south on the canal through Palmetto Bay, passing Bill Sadowski Park and ending in southwest Palmetto Bay.

Canned food donations will be accepted at the pedestrian bridge at Coral Reef Park between 4:30 and 5:30pm, at Bill Sadowsli Park and along the parade route.

Spectators can enjoy the parade from Coral Reef Park, Bill Sadowski Park, or anywhere along the canal parade route. Gather your family and friends in the beautiful Palmetto Bay outdoors while celebrating the spirit of the holidays.

If you wish to enter your boat into the parade, or for additional information, please email Rainer Schael at rainer@rs-env.com or call (305) 799-8533
More information will follow - more work needs to be done, but it appears positive and I anticipate everything will fall into place, so I am advising that the Boat Parade is ON! and providing basic facts, including dates.

For more information and to see photos form past events, please see my prior posts regarding the Palmetto Bay Boat Parades: (CLICK HERE)

Your Mayor,

Eugene Flinn 

Palmetto Bay congratulates Southwood Principal Raul Garcia

Southwood Middle School - honoring Principal Raul Garcia for a job well - ongoing.  Its not a job well done, as he remains hard at work with Team Southwood!

The teachers, parents, staff and students know they have someone very special as principal of Southwood. They set up a proclamation recognition today, Monday, December 4, 2017, for their Principal Raul Garcia who was surprised to be an honoree as well as a presenter today at the 6th grade honor roll awards.

Well Principal Garcia is on our Palmetto Bay Honor Roll!  Special thank you to Mrs Jenifer Berse, Art Magnet for the set up!
Pictured above, from Far left- Nicholas Cameron, Lead Magnet Teacher, 
Mayor Eugene Flinn, Principal Raul Garcia, Colondria Williams, AP, 
Rhonyce. Hall, Counselor,  Sonia Alvarez, Counselor

Palmetto Bay congratulates Principal Garcia for leading our Southwood Community! #ItTakesAVillage

Southwood has always been special to our family.  Alexandra was one of the first students of the school.  Daughters Katherine and Meredith also attended Southwood for their middle school years.

Southwood and its streak of "A" Ratings is a big part of what makes Palmetto Bay such a great place to live, work, play and be educated.

Sunday, December 3, 2017

CRIME ALERT - at least 17 vehicles broken into overnight Sat/Sun, 12/2-12/3. Please report suspicious activity.

Please take extraordinary care in regards to securing your valuables and report anything and everything suspicious.  At least 17 vehicles were broken into over night - this time windows were broken.

Please be advised that in the morning hours today (Saturday evening / Sunday AM - 12/3/2017) it appears that at least two groups of vehicle burglars broke into at least 17 cars. The victims are scattered around and that number will probably grow. Unlike what what we have seen in the past, most of the windows have been smashed rather than unlocked doors.

The incidents reported (as of this update) occurred in the following areas:  
7 break-ins between 150 to 160 Street and 87 to 84 Avenue.
7 break-ins between 136 to 148 Street and 74 to 82 Avenue.
Other areas will be updated.

Please, and at the urging of Village Police, you are encouraged to file a report if you have been victimized.  And again, the Village Police request that you report suspicious vehicles / persons regularly.

Police will be adjusting their schedules and assignments to combat this situation.  Your reports will assist greatly in police response to crime in our Village.

Your Mayor,

Eugene Flinn - eflinn@palmettobay-fl.gov 

Relevant online links, Village of Palmetto Bay:
March 3, 2010: Spike on local auto burglaries prompts Palmetto Bay Policing Unit to share safety times to thwart crime

Crime Prevention Information 
    Lock it or Lose It Campaign- See video
    Neighborhood Crime Watch Program (countywide)- contact Officer Judge for details specific to Palmetto Bay.
    Crime Prevention Tips(from the official village website):

  • Lock your doors:  many burglaries occur when vehicles are left unlocked. Car burglaries are crimes of opportunity. Criminals will park their car at one end of the street and then simply walk down the block to scope out which cars are unlocked. 
  • Don’t leave valuables in your vehicle: leaving items of value inside your car, such as purses, computer bags, gym bags, cell phones, iPods, etc., make it easier for thieves to see and want your stuff. Thieves look in, see the item, and either simply open the door or quickly smash a locked car’s window. 
  • Stay vigilant:  be mindful of your surroundings and your actions.  Stay alert and be cautious.
  • Call 911 if your car is broken into:  call the police by dialing 9-1-1 and do not touch, disturb, or move anything until they arrive at the scene. Police will respond and process the scene for possible fingerprints and or other trace evidence, such as DNA, in order identify the subjects. Too often, the victim cleans up the car or moves things around to see what is missing,  and, in doing so, contaminates the scene and crucial evidence is lost.
The Village’s General Investigative Unit (GIU) has the latest crime scene equipment for improved crime-scene photography, documentation, and evidence collection, including wet-surface collection and casting footprints and tire prints. This state-of-the-art equipment allows Officers and Detectives the ability to better identify and prosecute criminals. Partner with your Police;  it takes a partnership to reduce crime.

Please also see the official Village web page 

Crime & Incident Reports

Weekly Reports

The Palmetto Bay Policing Unit provides a "Crime and Incident Report" by Wednesday of every week summarizing the previous week's activity.

Additional Information
If you have information about any crimes or incidents, please contact the Palmetto Bay Policing Unit, weekdays, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Friday, December 1, 2017

Two chances to participate in local Smart Implementation Plan Charrettes for the South Dade Transitway Corridor

Are you ready to participate in designing/planning for the future of transportation? Here is your best chance to push for improved transportation in our South Dade Area.

There are two chances to participate in local Smart Implementation Plan Charrettes for the South Dade Transitway Corridor

Morning of Saturday, December 2, 2017
9:00 AM - 1:00 PM
at Town of Cutler Bay Town Hall
10720 Caribbean Boulevard, 6th Floor
Cutler Bay, FL 33189


Evening of Wednesday, December 6, 2017
6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
at Village of Pinecrest
Evelyn Greer Park Meeting Room
8200 SW 124th Street
Pinecrest, FL 33156

For more information, please contact Alex David, Consultant Team Co-Manager at 786-485-5192 or ADavid@CGASolutions.com

Also see www.MiamiSMARTPlan.com

First-ever public meeting - transparency and public access protected - a successful meeting held with representatives of Florida Power and Light and CalAtlantic Group, Inc., discussions/presentation regarding FPL Cutler Plantation property held before public

Palmetto Bay once again stepped forward to show a new and better way to do business. My first ever meeting with a zoning applicant was held Thursday, November 30, 2017 - and it was held in full view of the public! Thank you to the 40 or so who attended in this first-ever meeting with a zoning applicant - I had no model to work from, but worked with our Clerk, Missy Arocha, to create the format of the meeting - held in full view of the public!  

Please note that there were no decisions or commitments made.  This was an informational meeting where the representatives of Florida Power & Light and CalAtlantic Group, Inc. presented an update on the plans, modified after their Town Hall meeting held with residents.  There will be more discussions and the proposals presented will in all likelihood not be the final plans presented before the Village Council at a zoning hearing.  

I also want to thank the representatives of Florida Power & Light and CalAtlantic Group, Inc. for agreeing to meet (and be the first to meet) in this public meeting. I believe that interest will continue to grow in holding elected officials to public meetings with zoning applicants - keeping the process in the Sunshine - and this event can become a model of transparency for other elected officials to follow.  We can continue to work to polish this meeting method as more meet in this manner.

I recommend that my fellow council members follow this model and we all work together (public, officials and applicants) to remove any perception of back room deals.
Please note, though certainly not illegal, the issue is whether you actually think its a good idea for the decision maker to meet in private with a zoning applicant.  I prefer not have anyone question what renderings/documents were presented or what was discussed in private. 

As opined by our Village Attorney, Dexter Lehtinen:
" Whether members of the public view such “secret” meetings favorably or unfavorably is not a legal question.  Rather, the public perception of such meetings is a legitimate political question for resolution in the political forum, rather than the legal forum." 
CLICK HERE to read this memo to the Village Council of June 26, 2017, In summary, 
          (1)  As a legal matter, individual Councilmembers are permitted to meet with landowners and potential developers, such as the owner and/or potential developers of the Old Cutler Power Plant site owned by Florida Power and Light Company.
         (2)  Councilmembers should be prepared to disclose such meetings (and the date, participants, and contents of such meetings) if any later action by the Village Council is determined to be quasi-judicial in nature.
          (3)  In light of expressed desire of many Village residents for more transparency than strictly required by law, the wisdom of such meetings is not a subject of this memorandum. (Emphasis added)

For more information, Please see a related post: Statement regarding public meeting regarding Cutler Plantation Property, 6 PM, 11/30/2017.

To review current Florida law regarding ex parte meetings, see an advisory opinion for the Florida Attorney General.

Palmetto Bay does have a local ordinance, which is why any disclosures at the time a zoning item is heard.   Again, thank you again for those who attended and participated.  

Your Mayor,

Eugene Flinn

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Chabad of Palmetto Bay's annual Chanukah celebration in Coral Reef Park - December 17, 1:00 pm- 3:00 pm

Thank you Chabad of Palmetto Bay, Rabbi Zalman and Chani Gansburg.

Another outstanding Holiday event held annually here in Palmetto Bay!  Rabbi Zalman and Chani Gansburg have asked me to invite the community to the the Chabad of Palmetto Bay's annual Chanukah celebration in Coral Reef Park on December 17, from 1:00 pm- 3:00 pm.

This year will it will take place at the back of the soccer field, near the farmers market.

You and your family are cordially invited.   CLICK HERE to view prior posts (and photos) from prior Chabad of Palmetto Bay events.

Please spread the word and let your friends know about it. this event is fun for the young and young at heart.  It is always well attended. We look forward to seeing you.

And again, a huge thank you to Chabad of Palmetto Bay, the members and Rabbi Zalman and Chani Gansburg!

First Responder Day in Palmetto Bay - 2017

I am pleased to support our first responders.

The 2017 First Responder Appreciation Day was held Wednesday, November 29, 2017.  The Village of Palmetto Bay and Mercedes-Benz of Cutler Bay welcomed Police, Firefighters, and EMS personnel to join the Village for either breakfast, lunch or both in appreciation for their dedicated service to our community. Presented was viewing of elementary student’s artworks and the reading of poems, to express their appreciation for First Responders

Thank you to Mercedes Benz of Cutler Bay, represented by Frank Jackson for their generous sponsorship of this event.
More photos are posted on my Facebook page:

Statement regarding public meeting regarding Cutler Plantation Property, 6 PM, 11/30/2017

I have received several questions and have come across several comments on various social media sources that I would like to address publicly.  At 6:00 PM tonight, I will hold my first-ever meeting with a developer outside of a zoning hearing. I called this meeting having it publicly noticed, inviting the public to be present, as I personally do not believe that any member of the village council should have ex parte communications on quasi-judicial (zoning) matters (see my prior post (CLICK HERE) on the "Jennings Rule". 

Other members of the council have met or will be meeting with the developers (and have on past issues – which I have not done in the past).  I do not want to be left out and I will NOT meet in private with any developers. I have therefore called this meeting held in public view (discussed at an open meeting).  Any/all village residents are invited to sit in and observe my meeting regarding this property.  You will be able to see any and all materials, including any plans and renderings presented so that Palmetto Bay residents are in the know as to what is presented to me.  This meeting will be the first of its kind, so I am looking forward to the cooperation of the presenters as well as those in attendance. 

I believe this is the only way to preserve transparency in government.  This provides additional public communication on an issue - and should prevent surprises.  Again, I have not and I will not meet in private with any developers on any issue that comes before the Village Council.  This meeting has been noticed as a Sunshine Meeting between Mayor Flinn and representatives of Florida Power & Light and CalAtlantic Group, Inc. See official Meeting Notice for details. (CLICK HERE) for official notice)

I look forward to seeing many residents in attendance. The meeting will be held in the council chambers.

And please note – this meeting is not a replacement for any other community workshops that this, or any other zoning applicants will hold relative the land use issues.

Your Mayor,

Eugen Flinn

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

New solar co-op information session coming up for Southern Miami-Dade on December 4th - organized by Palmer Trinity and the CLEO Institute.

Is it time for you to go solar?  Not sure?  Here is a source of information to make your decision:

Neighbors across the county have formed the Southern Miami-Dade Solar Co-op with the help of Solar United Neighbors of Florida to make it easier to save money on the purchase of solar panels, while building a community of local solar supporters. The co-op is serving Miami-Dade residents in Palmetto Bay, Cutler Bay, Homestead, Florida City, Naranja, Goulds, Redland and unincorporated neighborhoods west of US1 and south from SW 136th Street south to the Miami-Dade County Line. Join us for an information session to learn about solar energy, as well as how the Southern Miami-Dade Solar Co-op simplifies the process of going solar while providing a discount through its bulk purchasing power.

Southern Miami-Dade Solar Co-op Info Session at Palmer Trinity

Monday, December 4 
7:00 PM - 8:30 PM
Palmer Trinity School
8001 SW 184th St, Miami, FL 33157
Main Dining Room

"Oh This is Good! Call Starkist" - Just for Fun - Idea people.

Some claim to be "big picture Idea people" - leaving the details to others.  Details are important.  Ideas are important.  Making good ideas work is even more important, some would say critical.