Saturday, October 22, 2016

Opportunity to run the trails at Deerings Estate - Old Cutler Run Club 10/23 4:00 PM

Let's get fit Palmetto Bay! Old Cutler Run Club participants have an opportunity to explore the Deering Estate trails here in Palmetto Bay this Sunday, 4:00 PM.  Meet up at the Deering Estate Visitor's Center.

Trails, cooler weather, good friends, family time - it does not get much better than this. #GetFitPalmettoBay #WeRunMiami #WeRunOldCutler #BaptistHealth #PalmettoBay #CutlerBay #Pinecrest #running

Thursday, October 20, 2016

2020 is less than 4 years away. Getting Palmetto Bay ready to deal with even more growth down south

2020 - Are we ready to live next door to a city of 55,000 or more in less than 4 years (2020)? This is going to cause additional stress to our traffic planning.

I need my fellow council members to step up on this issue.  485?  We have provided the breakdown for the actual reduction of overall impact of density at the Palmetto Bay Village Center (PBVC).  We also have discussed how the Village council dramatically reduced the impact of downtown from a County max of 23-26,000 down to 5,500 (with the practical number closer to 3,000). 

But why are none of my fellow council members (including the vice mayor) talking about participating in managing the growth down south?  Growth is exploding down south and we will soon have a 55,000 resident municipal neighbor to the South, many (all at one point or another) wanting to drive north – adjacent to or even through Palmetto Bay.   

“The town’s population has grown by 27 percent since our incorporation and is estimated to be over 55,000 by 2020,” said Rafael Casals, town manager. “Our goal is to proactively implement roadway improvements and transportation options that will support our growth.”
According to staff, the main focus of the study is to identify residential areas with excessive speeding, cut-through streets, and restricting of commercial truck traffic. For planning purposes, the town will be divided into three corridors that will be studied independently and then collectively in the final master plan.
We have the same problems as Cutler Bay, though our population has remained essentially the same, if not slightly declines since our incorporation. 

I am working hard to get Palmetto Bay ready to deal as practically as possible with the tremendous growth down south.  I am looking forward to participation from the Vice Mayor and other council members, any/all of which can bring proposals forward rather than merely taking shots and misrepresenting all the results to date which has carefully managed our growth; which will prevent Palmetto Bay from ever becoming a 50,000 (or worse, a 55,000) resident municipality. 

Very truly yours,

Eugene Flinn, Mayor
Palmetto Bay

EYE ON MIAMI: Help Restore Pine Rockland and Coastal Wetlands - ...

EYE ON MIAMI: Help Restore Pine Rockland and Coastal Wetlands - ...: Need a break from the election? Do something to make a difference out enjoying nature. Date: October Saturday 22- Sunday 23 Time: 8:3...

From Eye On Miami -
Need a break from the election? Do something to make a difference out enjoying nature.

Date: October Saturday 22- Sunday 23
Time: 8:30 AM- 3:00 PM
Location: 18400 Old Cutler Rd, Cutler Bay, Fl 33157

*SE corner of Old Cutler Rd and SW 184 st. Park along curb on 184 st east side of Old Cutler Rd.

*Please bring sunscreen, mosquito repellent and work gloves. Water and snacks will be provided*

What is this effort about:
Florida's coastal communities and our Biscayne Bay Coastal Wetlands are increasingly threatened by rising sea levels and extreme weather events are being intensified by climate change. This is why local community restoration efforts of coastal habitats like in Cutler Bay and Palmetto Bay are critical to reduce the impacts where rapid development is threatening neighborhoods and safety.

Please learn more and join these efforts by coming to our workdays 10/22 & 23. Come experience an ecosystem restoration hands on. Volunteers are wanted to continue to restore coastal wetlands, pine rocklands, and hammock habitat. Please, help create a natural buffer that will protect us and bring resiliency to our community. We will be planting native plants, mulching, and weeding.
You can also make a donation online The raised money will be used to buy hundreds of native plants and trees, and supplies.
SDU Editor note: You never know who will be in attendance at this event - and perhaps, if there is interest, time and things fall into place, we can have a tour of the Park that 3 out of 5 Palmetto Bay council members voted to protect through TDRs - the 22 acre PBVC site - a site that currently has mature pines and needs some love, but certainty no to development.
 (Photos above - 22 acre pinelands at PBVC - left - the Old Cutler Run club using it as part of their run trail and to the right, members of the Miami Pine Rocklands Coalition touring the site.)

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Photo of the day - Mangowood Crosswalk - documenting another step in safety. Note that we are not yet complete.

Two photos from the recent additions to the Mangowood crosswalk (82nd Avenue at 148th) that were taken Wednesday, October 19, 2016.  These photos demonstrate the next step in safety.  Please note that this does not represent a completion of the sidewalk process.  Please also take note that I would like to see this same modification, notification, at ALL crosswalks located within our Village of Palmetto Bay. 

We continue to work to make our pedestrian walkways safer and more complete.  Additional work that I would like to see include the crosswalk warning flashers (see the ones installed at 80th and 168th Street as well as 163rd and 82nd Avenue) and possibly LED lights embedded in the road surface, such as can been seen at the crosswalks at Miami International Airport. 

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Photo of the Day - Bailey takes a bath for a pet rescue fundraiser at Palmer Trinity School

A great cause.  Our dog Bailey takes a car ride and gets to meet up with members of Palmer Trinity School for a fundraiser benefiting Chain of Love.
Thanks to everyone who brought their dog to support Second Chance on Saturday! This PTS effort raised $538 for Chain Of Love Abandoned Dogs Everglades Homestead Fl.

Monday, October 17, 2016

Old Cutler Run Club Update - Last week Thalatta Estate, this week Deering Estate

Run club update. The run club met up at Thalatta Estate last week (Sunday, 10/16/16).  This Sunday will be very special.  This Sunday, October 23, meets up at Deering where we will have access to the trails on site.  This will be an extra special run.
Photo (above) and caption taken from the social media site for the Old Cutler Run Club: "Welcome to the Run Club Estate. This squad didn't let a little a Miami drizzle keep them from playing outside. @baptisthealthsf Old Cutler RC #werunmiami"

Photo of the Day - Rainbow over Palmetto Bay - Seen from Coral Reef Park - Sun., 10-16-16

There were occasional periods of sunlight on Sunday, October 16, 2016.  Just for fun, I am posting a great rainbow seen Sunday Morning, October 16, 2016.  The photo was taken as Alexandra and I made our morning jaunt through the Village of Parks.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Oct 15, 2016. Palmetto Bay is honored to host Hershel Woodrow "Woody" Williams and Gold Star Families

A great kick off to our veterans park. More promises kept.  This Veterans Park will be a model for properly recognizing our veterans, providing a place for our residents to go to and reflect upon the sacrifices made. Please take the time to read up on the Gold Star Mothers organization.

The Village of Palmetto Bay has been working with the members of the American Legion Marlin Moore Post #133 to create this Veterans Park/Gold Star Family Memorial Monument. This event featured a presentation by Hershel Woodrow (”Woody”) Williams, the last surviving Medal of Honor recipient from Iwo Jima.  October 15, 2016, was officially proclaimed as Hershel Woodrow "Woody" Williams Day in Palmetto Bay.

Thank you Marine Williams for your service, both during WWII as well as your continuous service thereafter in your efforts in regard to Gold Star Families.  Words cannot express our thoughts and thanks to the surviving family and friends of those who made the ultimate sacrifice in service of our country.  
Photos above (left) - Paul D. Amato, Liaison/Adjutant, Marlin Moore Post #133, Honored Guest/Presenter Marine Williams with Youth Community Involvement (YCI) Board members Jacob DeWitt and Jackson Ribler
(Above right) I am honored to proclaim Saturday, October 15, 2016 as Hershel Woodrow "Woody" Williams Day in Palmetto Bay.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

More evidence of work in progress. 94th closed at 180th. The work of Traffic Calming Palmetto Bay continues - it just got tougher to cut through this neighborhood.

More evidence that Palmetto Bay leadership takes traffic calming seriously.  Another area seeing the installation of a pilot program to address their specific issue.  Here is a street closure of 94th at 180th.
Yes, promises were made and we are delivery on those promises - the responsibility of managing the traffic growth not created by or within the municipal boundaries of Palmetto Bay is falling on us, the Palmetto Bay taxpayer.
Drive carefully.  Drive respectfully. 

We remain working together to make Palmetto Bay an even better place to live, work and play.

Very truly yours,
Eugene Flinn, Mayor
Palmetto Bay

The work of Traffic Calming Palmetto Bay continues - it just got tougher to cut through this neighborhood. 156 / Old Cutler Road

I take traffic calming seriously.  Promises were made and we are delivery on those promises - the responsibility of managing the traffic growth not created by or within the municipal boundaries of Palmetto Bay is falling on us, the Palmetto Bay tax payer.

Here is the traffic diverter set up today, Thursday, October 13, 2106 at Old Cutler Road at 156. 
This is a pilot program.  The delineators are not permanent.  Our goal is eventual placement of aesthetically pleasing curbing and other road modifications that will prevent turn ins and allow only a right turn to head north from 156.
Above: Photos of the present state of the pilot program modifications. 

Closing in on completing projects delayed for over 4 years.  I am proud to lead this village to address these traffic issues, working together to make Palmetto Bay an even greater place to live work and play.

Very truly yours,

Eugene Flinn, Mayor

Palmetto Bay

David Singer is Against Neighborhood Protection - Watch the tape - draw your own conclusions

Well over $100,000.00 is being spent in these campaigns for Vice Mayor and District 2 for certain people to 're-invent' themselves. Review the meeting clip posted below to see for yourself.

Are you in favor of "Neighborhood Protection"?  if so, then you need to review this clip and compare it to prior statements made by this candidate.  I also suggest that you review my prior post of Oct 12, 2016 where John DuBois, the current Vice Mayor, and one of his major supporters, former Council Member Patrick Fiore attempted to use a park master plan proceeding to subvert and undermine the Neighborhood Protection ordinance.  Read: More Answers to your questions - Checking the Palmetto Bay record - Coral Reef Park Baseball batting cages/storage - another 5-0 vote - but during a prior administration. Majority of Council stood up to attack from 2 members on the Neighborhood Protection Ordinance.

Past action may be more revealing than listening to their slick campaign brochures and advertisements that have been put together by slick PR firms telling you what you want to hear rather than revealing their true record.

As Councilman Tim Schaffer states in an e-mail:

Singer claimed I attempted to repeal the Neighborhood Protection Ordinance.  NOT TRUE...once again he twisted the FACTS...I voted to move the Neighborhood Protection Amendment to a discussion meeting FOR THE PURPOSE OF MAKING IT STRONGER!!!

YET, Singer himself has publicly stated before the council that HE IS AGAINST NEIGHBORHOOD PROECTION

It's on video at

I am FOR Neighborhood Protection.

Tim Schaffer, Council Member
2016 Re-Election
Village of Palmetto Bay

Paid for and approved by Tim Schaffer for Palmetto Bay Council, District 2

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Do you have students in our local Public Schools or have any plans to have your children attend? If so, please plan on attending.

The Education Advisory Committee for Palmetto Bay will be holding an Education Town Hall Meeting, Thursday, October 13, 2016 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM.

This meeting will be held at Southwood Middle School Auditorium, 163 SW 80th Street.

Please attend and participate.

More Answers to your questions - Checking the Palmetto Bay record - Coral Reef Park Baseball batting cages/storage - another 5-0 vote - but during a prior adminstration. Majority of Council stood up to attack from 2 members on the Neighborhood Protection Ordinance.

This is an additional update - this time answering the question as to the new batting cages/storage area at Coral Reef Park. The discussion before the council also morphed into what appears to be  an attempt to strike down the Neighborhood Protection Ordinance (NPO) as it applies to Churches, Schools and Institutions.

This is another of a series based upon some questions I receive during my meetings/walks in our parks.  I do believe that it is important to post answers for the public – for several reasons:

1.  It gets the answer out for all to see.
2. The answer remains available – there is no shifting or “evolving” of the answer to suit the specific audience or circumstance.

The storage batting cages were approved – again by a unanimous vote on March 4, 2013.  The meeting itself is contained in the minutes of March 4, 2013 – under the prior administration.  Only Vice Mayor DuBois and Councilman Schaffer remain from that administration.

The matter including the batting cages was moved forward by Vice Mayor John DuBois.  It was seconded by Councilman Patrick Fiore.  The minutes recording the discussion are found one pages 4-5 of 19 (CLICK HERE).  Ron E. Williams was the manager at that time.  Again, the batting cages were approved as part of Resolution 2013-18 on a 5-0 Vote - voting to approve were Mayor Stanczyk, Vice Mayor DuBois, and council members Fiore, Schaffer and Lindsay.

There was interesting discussion held at this meeting – as cited (and taken verbatim from page 6, 7):

Specific item (beginning page 4) - this was an item specifically regarding the Coral Reef Parks Master Plan, but then something strange happens; much like congress 2 members appear to try to undo the NPO:



Vice Mayor DuBois moved this item forward. Seconded by Councilman Fiore.

* * *
Vice Mayor DuBois stated that while he is in favor of approving the parks, he is not comfortable with having to modify the parks master plan and instead the Village should remove churches, schools, and institutions from the Neighborhood Protection Ordinances. Attorney Boutsis advised that the Village's Park plan does not have lighting currently, which approval would require a parks master plan amendment. She stated that this legislation is about approving what is currently at the park.

Vice Mayor DuBois stated that he is not in favor of making a master plan modification at this time until private schools and churches can be treated the same.
The matter was brought up for final votes after procedural wrangling (beginning page 7)
Councilman Fiore moved to approve the master plan, with an amendment for the Village Manager to provide quarterly reports concerning the tennis lighting, and to allow the same consideration for churches and schools. Seconded by Vice Mayor DuBois.

Attorney Boutsis advised that the amendment would not have an effect on churches and schools.

Vice Mayor DuBois suggested amending the matter to give the schools and churches automatic master plan approval for their master plan amendments.

Mayor Stanczyk noted that the motion is "meaningless", as there is no modification to the ordinances being considered.

All boldface emphasis was added
* * *
Finally, (Page 8): The question was called - All voted in favor of the motion (5-0.) Councilwoman Lindsay moved to approve government use at Coral Reef Park. Seconded by Councilman Fiore. All voted in favor. The motion passed unanimously (5-0.)
Please CLICK HERE to view Resolution 2013-18, the result of the March 4, 2013 public hearing/council meeting (JPEGs of this reso are also posted below)

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Saturday, October 8, 2016

The near miss - Hurricane Matthew. Preparing for the next time

We are all breathing a sign of relief that Miami-Dade was spared by Hurricane Matthew.  I want to thank everyone who was prepared, but I want to especially thank anyone who reached out to those in our community who needed assistance.  

Our Village Policing unit was ready and hard at work in case Hurricane Matthew created any issues. We dodge a bullet. It was great to see that Team Palmetto Bay - Police, Public Services & Parks all did their part and had our village ready and secure. It is all part of my 'Palmetto Bay "Ps"' which, of course, the biggest is PLANNING - and, of course "PEOPLE" as it is the people -who make up our residents, business owners, and staff that make our little #SmallTownUSA so great.  Here, in regard to security and safety, Great Job Major Serralta and team.

Related post of October 6: South Miami-Dade Emergency Hurricane Preparedness Meeting, held Wednesday, October 5, 2016, wherein I present some of the team effort that went into assessing preparations and working out cooperative efforts as we did at the South Dade Emergency Hurricane Preparedness Meeting.  I am proud of the intergovernmental coordination that occurred here in South Miami-Dade County - this was through the leadership of Miami Dade Mayor Carlos Giminez; our County Commissioner Daniella Levine Cava and Commissioner Dennis Moss.  South Dade was working together to prepare for whatever Hurricane Matthew might have brought.  Community leaders, Citizen's Insurance Officials and representatives from FPL met with State, County and Local government officials to assess and plan on how to best keep South Dade Safe! Thank you Rep. Kionne L McGhee for your leadership. See my short report on this collaborative meeting.   I posted updates on this meeting to both my Twitter (@EugeneFlinn) and Public Official Facebook page
I was fortunate that the storm, or lack of a direct hit, allowed me to address concerns throughout the village.  Through personal visits, and through police and/or staff, we maintained a constant presence thru the neighborhoods with minimal issues visible.  We are assessing and will continue to update our local Emergency Operations Plans.  

I'm extremely proud of staff and preparations, and I urge that we all stay vigilant as that future track has the storm looping back next week as a tropical storm (or much less). We will continue to monitor the situation to see if this projected track actually occurs. 

Thank you again, 
Eugene Flinn, Mayor
Palmetto Bay