Sunday, September 24, 2017

Debris collection - Palmetto Bay pledges to monitor the County on debris removal. E-mails provided.

Debris collection is the new power restoration. Palmetto Bay wants your help on getting the job done and done right.  Please note that we all are pushing to make our intersections safe and our routes to school safe for our students to walk safely to/from our area schools.  We all need to be ultra careful during this period.  Everyone needs to make certain that they drive, walk, run and/or bike with the utmost care and to look out for others. 

Please report to the Village areas that you find (or opine) that debris is not being collected correctly.  We would also like to keep track of where County / County contracted debris removal crews are (or are not) working throughout the village.

Please e-mail Palmetto Bay officials and please also provide a copy to me, Eugene Flinn, at, to provide your input /concerns on debris collection.

You have my commitment, as your mayor, along with our Village Management and entire Village Council, that we will closely monitor and keep the County active in Palmetto Bay to minimize damage and perform proper and speedy debris removal as we did with FPL and power restoration. My efforts remain fully engaged with our residents.  I spent Sunday morning following up on debris related concerns.  Saturday, 9/23 was spent working with several residents on isues their were having with contractors pulling permits as well as one still waiting for power restoration - a situation specific to their properties/homes, unrelated to global FPL power line restoration.

Please note that there are insufficient assets to pick up debris. The entire State of Florida was impacted by this storm, so other counties are unable to help us out, as they have in past storms. Therefore, the County/County-hired contractors are using less optimal equipment such as "bobcats" or front end loaders (rather than the "clam shell" yard waste cranes) to scrape and remove debris. 

Please note that the County will not pick up piles co-mingling yard waste and non-organic items that are suddenly starting to find their ways to the piles.  Examples can be seen in some photos posted below. Entire refrigerators, plastic chairs/law furniture, screens and even household waste such as cans and bottles (which should be recycled) are showing up in the piles.
Examples of co-mingled piles (above) - this makes removal difficult and will lead to the piles either being skipped or the crews taking the yard debris and throwing the non-acceptable items into the street.

Piles should be stacked like these below:
This is what is far too often being left behind when any co-mingles piles are being picked up (below):

And please, be careful about where your piles are placed.  This poor mailbox was not quick enough to jump out of the way of a debris cleaning crew.  The crews are charged with expeditiously removing debris, not for their fine detail of the work.

Friday, September 22, 2017

South Florida Honor Flight - Saturday, September 23rd! - Ft. Lauderdale - Hollywood International Airport.

Show your support to our Veterans.  Ft. Lauderdale - Hollywood International Airport.

South Florida Honor Flight was rescheduled for Saturday, September 23rd due to Hurricane Irma.

WELCOME HOME 144 veteran heroes spanning multiple generations: WWII, Korea and their guardians, all of whom are Vietnam vets. They will arrive into Terminal 2 at Fort Lauderdale, at approximately 830pm.

See info on the embedded flyers.

Be sure to arrive early to get a good spot on the parade route! Wear your red, white and blue and be part of an experience that will touch you! Be a special part of the end to an incredible day for these American heroes!


CLICK HERE to view the official Facebook page.

CBS 4 - ‘It’s Been A Nightmare’: Elderly Palmetto Bay Resident On Day 12 Of No Power After Irma

CBS 4 Gary Nelson reports.  Special / medical needs residents have had a very difficult time with the delay. 

‘It’s Been A Nightmare’: Elderly Palmetto Bay Resident On Day 12 Of No Power After Irma

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Palmetto Bay Waives Permit Fees - residential only and only for repairs related to Hurricane Irma - 60 day limit

It is time to get started on your hurricane repairs -  there was major exterior, fence, shed and other damage, even through there was little roof or structure damage.  NOT ALL REPAIRS require permits.  If if permits are required, the inspections and assistance by our permitting department can help make sure the repairs are done correctly and that you receive what you paid for.

Now is the time to get those repairs done - and make sure they are done properly and if you pay someone, make sure they are licensed and insured (How can you tell? Usually the 'contractors who are not licensed or insured are the ones who tell you not to pull the permit)

Please note - and I cannot stress this enough - The 60-day permit fee waiver period expires on November 16, 2017, by 4:30 p.m. 

From the official Village Website (CLICK HERE): 

In response to concerns from residents concerning the cost of permit fees in the wake of Hurricane Irma, Palmetto Bay is waiving all permit fees for any required home repair work arising from Hurricane Irma for permit applications that are submitted within 60 calendar days from September 18, 2017. The 60-day permit fee waiver period expires on November 16, 2017, by 4:30 p.m. 

To qualify for the fee waiver, the proposed work must be related to Hurricane Irma and the permit application must be submitted to the Village by the expiration date and time. By Florida law and statutes, the actual building permit and/or required inspections cannot be waived.

Expedited Fence Permit Process:

No permit required for minor repairs to existing fences involving 5 or less new fence posts. Repairs involving 6 or more new posts will require a fence permit. Fence permits will require:
  • Permit Application with the owner and contractor’s signature. If pulling permit as an owner builder fill out the owner builder affidavit.
  • Two copies of the property survey with the marked location(s) of the proposed fence (copies do not need to be recent.) If you cannot produce a survey in a timely manner, we will temporally allow an affidavit in lieu of survey.
  • Please have your Sunshine locations ticket # ready as proof that you have requested the location of underground utilities. More information available at this site or by calling 8-1-1
  • State Statute 713 requires that projects with a job value of over $2,500 must have a Notice of Commencement or NOC. The NOC needs to be recorded with the Miami-Dade County Clerk of the Courts. This recording can be done online and licensed contractors are typically familiar with the process. The recorded NOC must be onsite at the first inspection. The County’s online filing link is:
  • Every attempt will be made to issue your permit while you wait in one visit. If need be, the owner or your contractor can pick it up the following day.
  • Chain link fences require only a final zoning and final building inspection. Wood and all other fence types require a foundation (hole) inspection before posts are set in concrete. And once the fence is completed a final zoning and final building inspection.
Please contact the Building & Permitting division if you have any questions.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Information from FPL relating to 3 reasons why there may be additional outages

FPL Representatives have asked that is share this information with my fellow Palmetto Bay residents:

Please share the information below with your residents.

· is currently reporting outages directly resulting from Hurricane Irma. As we complete restoration, more outages may be reported by customers for three reasons:
o   Weakened trees / loose connections: Customers may experience limited outages over the coming weeks and months due to weakened trees and branches that could impact power lines and electric equipment. In addition, significant wind speeds have loosened electrical connections throughout the system that can lead to increased outages following the storm. FPL crews will continue to make needed repairs as they are identified.
o   Normal outages: Some of the outages in these areas are a result of normal, day-to-day activity and are not related to Irma. This includes for example, a car crashing into a pole, causing thousands of outages.
o   Single customers out of service: these single outages were not initially identified as Irma-related outages. We’re identifying these individual customers as they report their outages and as our crews complete restoration of the neighborhood lines and identify them as still being out of service.
·       More than 8,000 restoration workers are committed to restoring service for all customers in Miami-Dade county.
·       Customers who live in an area where power is essentially restored, but do not currently have electricity, should report their outage at

FPL's self Imposed deadline for restoration has passed. Do you have power? FPL's 6 AM numbers reveal some outages remain.

The FPL self-imposed deadline has passed.  Is your Palmetto Bay Home and/or business fully restored? I want to thank everyone who has kept me up to date. 

I called an Emergency Special Council Meeting to discuss and take action on post Hurricane Irma issues.  It was during this Monday (9/18/2017) night Emergency Special Council Meeting, that FPL representative Charles Knight indicated that residents in Palmetto Bay will have their power "essentially restored" by the end of the day, September 19, 2017.  For FPL, "essentially restored" means that the company will restore power to all customers except those whose property sustained major flood damage and cannot safely receive power or for properties that sustained physical damage which makes it unsafe for FPL to energize the home.  Such cases are expected to be less than 1% statewide and perhaps a very small number in Palmetto Bay.


IMPORTANT:  In the event that, as of the morning of Wednesday, September 20, 2017, you do not yet have your power restored, please contact us via phone at 305-259-1234 or via email to, and provide us with your address.  We will be in direct contact with FPL to ensure that they are aware that you have no power and that they follow-up with a response as to the reason and estimated restoration date.

FPL has also set up a Command Center at Coral Pine Park in Pinecrest where customer service representatives are available to answer questions, and where ice is being provided to their customers.

Click here to watch and listen to Mr. Knight's comments made at the Emergency Special Council meeting.

As your Mayor, I remain fully committed (along with all our village council members) to making sure everyone in Palmetto Bay is fully restored.

Your Mayor,

Eugene Flinn

Time/Date of update: 6:00 AM Wednesday 9/20/2017

Municipality       Percentage         Restored                    Out        Total accounts

Palmetto Bay       99.4%                    9,440                        60      9,500
Pinecrest             99.1%                    7,430                        70      7,500
Coral Gables       99.9%                  23,230                        30    23,260
Cutler Bay           99.8%                  16,060                        40    16,100                  

Note: all numbers provided by FPL

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Today is Tuesday, 9/19/2017, the date FPL has committed to 'essentially' restore electric service in Palmetto Bay, Pinecrest and Cutler Bay. FPL's 7 AM restoration report.

Today, Tuesday, September 19 - the revised date that FPL has promised to restore power to all homes in Palmetto Bay (by 11:45 PM) - the only qualify being those homes that can safely accept power, that are not damaged in a way that FPL cannot reconnect.  A passionate Emergency Council meeting was held last night and many spoke of their issues before a packed house.

Many also spoke of having been notified of power restoration, and then returning home only to find they had a false restoration notice.

For those who don't have power, I ask that you confirm that your FPL 'ticket' still indicates that you are waiting for restoration. If you still do not have power, I need your full name and address so we can track your reconnect. Please e-mail me at with your account name, ticket number (closed or open) with phone number to reach you (if not by e-mail)

Thank you and please share!

Time/Date of update: 7:00 AM Tuesday 9/19/2017

Municipality       Percentage         Restored                    Out        Total accounts

Palmetto Bay       95.4%                    9,060                       440     9,500
Pinecrest             89.2%                    6,690                       810     7,500
Coral Gables       96.6%                    22,460                     800     23,260
Cutler Bay           96.9%                    15,600                     500     16,100                  

Note: all numbers provided by FPL

I thank everyone for their participation at the Emergency Council Meeting last night.  Special council meetings such as the 9/18 meeting allow us to discuss and work to resolve issues and pending matters much more quickly.

Your Mayor,

Eugene Flinn, Village of Palmetto Bay

Monday, September 18, 2017

Emergency Meeting scheduled for 6:30 this evening. I will hold a town hall meeting as soon as appropriate. 7:00 AM FPL restoration numbers

As Mayor, I have called for an EMERGENCY COUNCIL MEETING - in response, The Village of Palmetto Bay shall be conducting an Emergency Special Council Meeting on Monday, September 18, 2017 at 6:30 p.m. at Village Hall, 9705 E. Hibiscus Street.

The purpose of this Emergency Special Council Meeting is to discuss the following items:

(I) any and all matters relating to impacts and restoration related to Hurricane Irma, including physical damage and loss of electrical power;

(II) any and all matters relating to flood control in the Village of Palmetto Bay.

Please join us and be part of the discussion.

CLICK HERE to view the official notice.

FUTURE TOWN HALL MEETING  - I will host a town hall meeting (and ask my fellow council members to co-host/participate with me and/or hold additional meetings to broaden the reach). This meeting is not practical until after all areas are fully restored and residents and businesses have time to catch up from this unplanned interruption.

This town hall meeting will include discussion many of the ideas and concerns brought forward by residents, our legislative officials, our hurricane heroes and partners as well as FPL/SFWMD.  I am building a long list of discussion points, so get your ideas and concerns ready - keep track so these ideas/concerns are not lost.

I continue to thank everyone for their individual hard work, patience and teamwork.

Yours Mayor,

Eugene Flinn

Finally, I have posted the 7:00 AM FPL restoration numbers below:

Time/Date of update: 7:00 AM Monday 9/18/2017

Municipality       Percentage         Restored                    Out        Total accounts
Palmetto Bay       88.9%                    8,450                     1,050     9,500
Pinecrest             64.9%                    4,870                     2,630     7,500
Coral Gables       91.6%                    21,310                   1,950     23,260
Cutler Bay           93.6%                    15,070                   1,030     16,100                  

Note: all numbers provided by FPL

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Sunday 9/17 updates - Poles Arrived and installed in parts of Palmetto Bay - Check in many areas work continues - and 6:00 Restoration update

It was a big day traveling and looking in on the restoration work throughout Palmetto Bay.  I was worried about, but did finally see pole replacement crews working in Palmetto Bay.  Scroll down to the bottom of this post to see the 6:00 PM restoration updates presented by FPL.  I observed restoration crews still working as of 8:50 PM, just prior to releasing this post.

Obviously many, many areas are still waiting for restoration. I spent many hours this afternoon out with FPL Rep Knight. We were following up throughout the Village from 184 to 136 from US1 to east of Old Cutler Road, Old Cutler South, Mangowood, Southwood, Coral Reef Drive, Palmetto Bay Park area.

Extensive updates have been presented whether or not we actually stopped by your house or business.

Here is the 6:00 PM update provided by FPL:

Time/Date of update: 6:00 PM Sun. 9/17/2017
Municipality       Percentage         Restored             Out        Total accounts
Palmetto Bay       80.7%                    7,670                     1,830     9,500
Pinecrest             57.1%                    4,280                     3,260     7,500
Coral Gables       85.9%                    20,000                   4,130     23,260
Cutler Bay           90.9%                    14,650                   1,450     16,100                  

Note: all numbers provided by FPL

Sun 8:00 AM update - FPL numbers: Restoration in areas contiguous to Palmetto Bay

I am hearing from many fellow residents that they are being counted as "restored" while their power is still out. Please verify that you still are listed as waiting for restoration of service. 

Sunday morning update.  Time/Date of update: 8:00 AM Sun. 9/17/2017

Municipality       Percentage         Restored             Out        Total accounts

Palmetto Bay       76.2%                    7,240                     2,260     9,500
Pinecrest             50.0%                    3,750                     3,750     7,500
Coral Gables       82.2%                    19,130                   4,130     23,260
Cutler Bay           87.1%                    14,020                   2,080     16,100                  

Note: all numbers provided by FPL

Saturday, September 16, 2017

FPL numbers: Restoration in areas contiguous to Palmetto Bay 10:00 PM update – odd changes in numbers from 9:00 PM

Time/Date of update: 10:00 AM Sat. 9/16/2017

Municipality       Percentage         Restored             Out        Total accounts

Palmetto Bay       75.5%                       7,170                   2,330      9,500
Pinecrest             46.8%                       3,510                   3,990      7,500
Coral Gables       80.7%                     18,780                   4,480     23,260
Cutler Bay           85.4%                     13,750                   2,350     16,100                  

Note: all numbers provided by FPL

The 9:00 Update was released. Interesting. I believe there were some corrections to the numbers.

Time/Date of update: 9:00 9M Sat. 9/16/2017

It was a very busy day in Palmetto Bay.  So much work remains to be done. 

Municipality       Percentage         Restored             Out        Total accounts

Palmetto Bay        74.5%                    7,080             2,420       9,500
Pinecrest              37.9%                    2,840             4,660       7,500
Coral Gables       79.4%                    18,470           4,790      23,260
Cutler Bay           85.2%                    13,720           2,380      16,100                  

Note: all numbers provided by FPL