Saturday, September 30, 2017

Palmetto Bay Council has approved a contractor to speed up debris collection within Palmetto Bay

This was not an issue that could wait any longer. Certainly not another full weekend. We have received reports to motor vehicle accidents.  The debris make it difficult to drive or safely walk in many areas of our village. We are taking all efforts necessary to protect life and property in Palmetto Bay.

The Special Emergency Village Council meeting was held today, Saturday, 9/30/2017. Palmetto Bay is moving forward with debris pick up through a Village contracted vendor.  The Village has trained personnel to serve as monitors.  Police will also be working with the debris collection in regard to road safety.

It was important to hold this Saturday morning meeting in order to allow the debris contractor to start immediately, Saturday, September 30, 2017, and not lose yet another weekend to clear.  We are prioritizing the schools located in the Village (especially as Monday is a Teacher Work Day). Staff and the Council has confirmed that this vendor, Ceres Environmental Services, Inc. has the proper tools for the work and will be monitored by city staff.

There will be regular reports of locations for cleanup provided starting next week. The weekend will see two crews.  There will be six crews beginning on Monday.

There will be two crews will be assigned to each district so that cleanup will begin across the Village at the same time.

Please keep us up to date on your debris concerns through the e-mail.  And, as always, I am available to address your questions or concerns.  My e-mail is or by phone at 305-302-3713

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