Friday, February 12, 2021

Mango season is upon us. Yes, I suffered my mango sinus attack this year, but a bountiful mango season will be my (our) reward!

FOSDU know my fondness for growing Mangoes. My yard is blessed. Connie Ogle - your article spoke to me - this really happened this week. A few people from my office were concerned - until I exsplained it to them:

You step outside and breathe in fresh warm air, reveling in the thought that your family and friends in the north are much unhappier than you are on this Florida winter day.

Then you hack and cough. Your nose starts to run. Water pours from your eyes, which quickly shrink to slits. Your cheeks ache.

No, you don’t have COVID. It’s mango blossom season.

A great read about Mango season those who are Miami Herald subscribers - see ‘Mangoes are super happy right now’: What a big year for blossoms means for Miami, by Connie Ogle, FEBRUARY 12, 2021

Your sinuses haven’t been lying to you: this is a banner year for blossoms, says Noris Ledesma, president of the Florida State Horticultural Society. And a robust year for blossoms means a robust year for fruit.

“It’s a celebration, this blooming season,” says Ledesma, who retired last year from her post as curator of tropical fruit at Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden. “It’s amazing. I don’t recall a blooming extravaganza like this in my 20 years in the U.S. The mangoes are super happy right now. These are perfect conditions.”

What caused this blooming bonanza? South Florida’s streak of cold weather, Ledesma says. Not only that, but it was dry as well as cold; humidity and rain haven’t been a factor.

So once again, my friends can look forward to my annual (please take and keep my yard clean) mango giveaways. CLICK HERE to view some of my past SDU posts relating to neighborhood mango growing and giveaways.

(don't get excited - yet - the two photos above were taken as part of my 2020 crop giveaway)

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