Friday, January 3, 2020

Waiting for Palmetto Bay’s official response – Cutler Bay site alleges that the 174/87th 4 way stop to be removed January 17. Where is the announcement, what about the lawsuit?

There is just no other way to say it - Mayor Cunningham and the Village Council tell you only what they want you to know. You need to look elsewhere for most information. 

BREAKING NEWS: 11:00 AM, Friday, January 3rd, 2020 - Cutler Bay News Facebook site reports "Important Information For Those Who Travel on 87th Ave." Only silence so far from Palmetto Bay. Perhaps they are not privy to the information provided from Miami-Dade County DTPW to the same extent as the rest of us.

The poorly run conflict resolution debacle was held on December 12, 2019 and it certainly resulted in an impasse - actually- downright hostility. The event was held and the proceeding ended without a resolution. So then why no action on the alleged lawsuit since then? The last docket entry posted in the November 18, 2019, Motion to Stay (proceedings - for this 12/12 event). Has the County called the Palmetto Bay bluff, leaving Palmetto Bay's current Mayor and Council standing/looking like a deer frozen in the headlights of an oncoming truck?

Why do we have to rely on other sources for important information - as reported by Cutler Bay News on its Facebook Page:

Cutler Bay News
Important Information For Those Who Travel on 87th Ave.
According to Miami Dade's Department of Transportation and Public Works: "On Friday, January 17, the stop signs located on SW 87 Ave. and SW 174 St. will be removed and the intersection will revert back to two-way stop signs. The stop signs on SW 174 St. will remain in place."

Wow. It appears that this information is not on the list of things to know.  Pity.  

There is no transparency here any longer in Palmetto Bay. How is that kool aid tasting now?

UPDATE 3:35 pm, Friday, January 3rd, 2020:  Tom Condon, editor of the Cutler Bay News page provided me with an update on the source. It was right in front of all of us.
FAIR QUESTION: Did Miami-Dade County officials send a letter to Palmetto Bay officials in advance informing them of this decision to pull the stop signs? If not, then why, are the members of the current council that irrelevant? And why, if there was such an advance letter, has Palmetto Bay sat on this issue, not running to court to get that much ballyhooed injunction to prevent the sign removal?

Here is the background on the lawsuit fiasco relating to the 87th Avenue/SW 174 four-way stop sign litigation.  CLICK HERE to view the PRIOR RELATED POST of December 12, 2019, How did the Village fare at the Conflict Resolution/Mediation meeting held 12/12/19? I am providing photos of a 'Do Not Block" intersection.

Obviously they did not fare very well, as the County has indicated they will remove the signs.

Additional background:

December 10, 2019, Agenda for the Conflict Resolution/Mediation set for 2:00 PM, Thursday, 12/12/19. Agenda includes public comment. Should you/must you go to state your position. Fair questions in advance.

Additional updates will follow as information becomes available. Also see prior posts of:

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