Wednesday, January 15, 2020

BREAKING NEWS - County was set to remove stop signs, but will wait for Village Council to reconsider Traffic Circle

This is breaking news.  Miami-Dade County was set to remove the stop signs on 87th Avenue at SW 174th Street today - January 15, 2020.

Thanks to resident involvement and complaints, Miami-Dade County will now hold off on the sign removal to allow the Palmetto Bay Mayor and Village Council to reconsider its position on the Traffic Circle for this location.

Another great example of leadership at the local grassroots level - by involved residents.

IMPORTANT BACKGROUND see: January 13, 2020, Palmetto Bay - salvage what you can before the door actually closes on the traffic circle for 174 and 87th Avenue,  where I have advocated for cooler heads, that it is time for Palmetto Bay to move forward on the Traffic Circle – and this should be done before the 4-way stop signs are removed and the “do not block the box (intersection)" paint is placed on 87 avenue. This change is currently scheduled for January 17, 2020 - just days from this post. The Palmetto Bay lawsuit seeking injunctive relief is not going anywhere and it will go nowhere – at least anywhere productive. 
Photos above demonstrate the options for Palmetto Bay on 87th Av at 174:
"Do Not Block" paint versus landscaped traffic circle. Which looks and performs better?

UPDATE - 5:00 PM, January 15, 2020:  Palmetto Bay officials have called a Special Council Meeting for 7:00 PM, Thursday, January 23, 2020, to be held at the Palmetto Bay Municipal Center. Item 3 of this meeting (III) is "A traffic circle on SW 87th Avenue and SW 174th Street.

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