Wednesday, April 3, 2019

POD - Bike transportation - not sport - along 82nd Avenue. Will I get a response to my request? Dumping $1 million?

Here is the photo of the day. Clearly this is a person using their bike as transportation, not competitive racing (I applaud her for leaving the car at home and enjoying the weather).
Photo taken at SW 82nd Avenue at intersection with 152 - 4/3/2019 10:50 AM
DANGEROUS DRIVERS: Take a careful look at the photo (which was taken by the passenger, not the driver, in a car moving at a safe speed).  I ask you, who is not operating their vehicle in a safe manner? It is the driver of car which you can see to the left, who is racing to make a light. This driver improperly passed the photographer's car by crossing a clearly marked double yellow line. This is the kind of driver that cyclists need to be protected from. Bike lanes would offer significant protection. What if this cyclist was a child on her way to middle school? This photo was taken within blocks of both Southwood Middle School and Coral Reef Elementary.


Bike lanes improve community safety. The 2014-2018 Village Council was well on its way on completing the bike lanes planned for 82nd avenue, but effort this has come to a screeching halt, without comment. I want to clear up much of the official misinformation that bike lanes are a perk for the "spandex crowd" (a derogatory code word for those who bike for exercise or fun). This photo shows who is not a competitive racer who is simply biking for transportation - and who has lawful use of the road. CLICK HERE to see prior, related posts on the Complete Streets program.


I am still waiting for a response to my prior post and request of November 21, 2018, Follow up – requesting status of the $1,000,000.00 TAP grant, will the new council follow through to maintain our priority for bicycle lanes, attempt to repurpose the money or reject this grant?

It is decision time: Bike lanes or not, safe streets for our kids or not?  Follow through with the Palmetto Bay Traffic Master Plan and Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan or not?

I simply asked whether the new council will follow through on the efforts revived in 2015 to complete the Bicycle & Pedestrian Master Plan (as well as accept or return the $1 million grant) or a will there be change in council policy?  One million dollars is a lot of money to give up just to spite those who want to use bikes in a safe manner.

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