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Palmetto Bay Resort Hospital - Luxcom - Updating the tool box of materials for ongoing development issue

Luxcom online tool box. I am placing important materials online for your review.

Current Status - this is as alleged by the Applicant in the documents filed and through the Community Newspapers article, State-of-the-Art Hospital Planned for Palmetto Bay, by Christopher Pearson, April 17, 2019. I am posting the materials here in order for you to read it from the source, the Applicant. 

The documents reveal that the Applicant is no longer seeking to develop residential home sites on the property formerly known as the FPL power plant location. They have filed a formal request to withdraw that application and have filed for a site plan approval for a hospital to be built on that site, the applicant describes the use in the Applicant's Letter of Intent (LOI) (page 2, 2nd paragraph under "General Background") as follows:
The Property provides the opportunity to have a state of the art hospital in the Village of Palmetto Bay that will provide efficient medical services and address dire medical needs for residents of Palmetto Bay and the general Miami-Dade County population.  Specifically, the hospital resort campus is being designed to promote mental and physical healing to patients with the latest technology and unprecedented service amenities. It’s unique design will promote mental and physical healing to patients due to its enviable waterfront views. 
Applicant states its position on the Hospital Use in this same LOI (page 3 -and I suggest that you follow the link below to view and read their position for yourself). 
CDMP: Institutional Use 
The Property is designated “Institutional Use” on the Village’s Future Land Map.  This designation has existed since the Town’s adoption of its Comprehensive Plan following incorporation.  However, the Property has been used for institutional purposes since 1953. The “Institutional Use” category allows, among other things, hospitals, non-profit medical facilities, and cemeteries.   Thus, the proposed hospital is entirely consistent with the Property’s land use designation of “Institutional Use.”
Zoning: Interim and Public Facilities 
The portion of the Property where the Applicant is seeking to develop the hospital is zoned “Interim” on the Village’s Zoning Map. The Interim zoning category typically requires a trend of development report to determine the types of the uses that would be permitted on the Property.  However, an exception to this general rule is found in the “Public Facilities” section of the Village’s code.  Section 30-50.21 provides that “public hospitals, nursing homes and health facilities”  may be approved for development “without regard to the zoning or use classification of any particular site or location.” 


These materials relate to what the Applicant, Yacht Club by Luxcom, LLC describes as a Hospital Resort Campus - there is a title: "Palmetto Bay Resort Hospital" attached to this work in progress. 

Letter of Intent (“LOI”) submitted (dated April 16, 2019) by Yacht Club by Luxcom, LLC.

As noted in the LOI, the Applicant is now seeking site plan approval for future development of a hospital.

The purposes stated for this document is to provide the Applicant's basis of support for the Applicant’s request to obtain site plan approval for what is described as "a premiere hospital resort campus". The Applicant does discuss it's argument as to applicable County and Palmetto Bay land use, zoning, and land development regulations and case law that the Applicant argues will allow the Applicant to proceed directly to site plan approval for the proposed Hospital Resort Campus.  

Request to Withdraw / Land Use Amendment and Re-zoning Application / Yacht Club by Luxcom, LLC, 

This is a one (1) page document dated April 17, 2019, date stamped by Village confirming receipt on April 17, 2019. The stated purpose of this document is to request the withdraw of the application to amend the land use and to re-zone the Property. The applicant is also seeking a refund of the unused portion (amount not stated) of the previously paid filing fee


I have been filing Public Records Requests in order to view documents and monitor this matter.  I filed one on Wednesday, April 17, 2019, upon learning of the filing of the Yacht Club by Luxcom, LLC, documents that I have now inspected and have posted above. 

Palmetto Bay has an easy access PUBLIC RECORDS REQUEST FORM available online.  (CLICK HERE) to open the online link for this form.  Additional information is posted.  

I remain available to answer any questions.

Thank you,

Eugene Flinn

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