Sunday, June 9, 2024

We have a chance to save a few, but important trees from destruction. Please take the minute to sign the petition!

This magnificent tree is marked for death by the mayor and council 
The request is simple - sign the petition. This is a grass roots effort to take a stand and stop the deforestation of Palmetto Bay. The time is long past due to taking a stand on the Village trees. The environmental track record of this council is very poor. They appear to say what people want to hear; but their actions, their record, demonstrates otherwise. Can we trust this group with the 22 acres at Palmetto Bay Village Center? 

A fellow resident said it best: 
SAVE CORAL REEF PARK'S ICONIC OAK TREE FROM DESTRUCTION Palmetto Bay residents have once again been dismayed to learn that the Village plans to remove a treasured Oak tree to make way for new park construction. The majestic tree at the entrance of Coral Reef Park has greeted generations of residents near the tennis courts, long predating the Village's incorporation. It provides vital shade and wildlife habitat that help make the park a natural oasis.

Sadly, this is not an isolated incident. In 2021, another of Coral Reef Park's mature trees was cut down for a bridge project, continuing an alarming pattern of disregarding the importance of these stately giants to the park's ecosystem and ambiance. While we support adding park amenities, the Village Manager and Council must find ways to achieve this without needlessly sacrificing the very trees that make the park special. Even a minor adjustment to the building site for the planned community… Continue reading and sign this petition: SAVE CORAL REEF PARK'S ICONIC OAK TREE FROM DESTRUCTION SAVE CORAL REEF PARKS'S ICONIC TREE FROM DISTRUCTION

WHAT YOU CAN DO -speak out! sign and petition and share it on social media -Facebook, X (formerly known as Twitter), Next Door, Instagram, et. al.!  

PRIOR RELATED POST - (as well as prior evidence of paving of Coral Reef Park under the current mayor and council:

September 17, 2021 - A good (BAD) example of how Palmetto Bay officials are squandering our environmental assets. The affected trees were cut down & removed on 9-16-21 CLICK HERE

The Council never made a public statement about what was happening with these trees. Nope, not a peep - I'm sure their taxpayer funded PR department was of the opinion that it was better to say nothing than to admit their mistakes. But their actions did speak loudly as a tree removal crew quietly showed up on Thursday, September 16, to remove their mistakes. Two 40 plus year oaks were hacked down and removed from Coral Reef Park. What trees, you may ask? 

Above - other original oaks in the way of another vanity project of the current mayor and council.  The trees were there first - and any competent designer or any caring council could work around the trees. Who knows, perhaps they did not even know those trees were there until they broke ground.  The trees are first smothered, then ignored, the chopped down/removed and then the last evidence is removed.

This current mayor and council should resign from "Tree City USA" in shame. 

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