Friday, September 17, 2021

A good (BAD) example of how Palmetto Bay officials are squandering our environmental assets. The affected trees were cut down & removed on 9-16-21

The Council never made a public statement about what was happening with these trees. Nope, not a peep - I'm sure their taxpayer funded PR department was of the opinion that it was better to say nothing than to admit their mistakes. But their actions did speak loudly as a tree removal crew quietly showed up on Thursday, September 16, to remove their mistakes. Two 40 plus year oaks were hacked down and removed from Coral Reef Park. What trees, you may ask? 

Please read to the end of this post. I raise the fair question as to whether this current administration, these current elected officials, can be (should they be?) entrusted with the beautiful 22 acres of  environmentally sensitive land at the Palmetto Bay Village Center.

Palmetto Bay's environmental record is turning to one of warnings ignored and waste of resources. Requests to save the trees ignored. All that is left is the deflection and other spin from our current elected officials who really wanted that third bridge so badly that they couldn't even wait to figure out how to place and build it without adversely affecting Coral Reef Park.

The heart cut into the stump (above # 1, left) speaks volumes. We were told by the current mayor's staff and supporters that the tree would be fine (as it existed in above # 2, right). We aren't hearing anything from any of them now.  I ask once again: Where is/was the Palmetto Bay Tree Board?
Above left another view of all that remains. Look how close the second victim was to the path (plus about 4 feet of earth pushed up against the trunk). The photo to the right is how the dead trees appeared just before the tree removal team showed up to remove the remaining evidence of these trees. 
Remember, these trees had thrived in Coral Reef Park for over 40 years. That is until this current administration took over and demonstrated their preference for asphalt and concrete. Take a look at Coral Reef Park to see how many new paths have been paved over grass. The paving of green space. But it is not just Coral Reef Park. The Palmetto Bay designed 8-10 foot shared path is yet another example of concrete over green.

These photos bring reality and mock the current administration's use of #PalmettoBayProud. Are you? Are they really?

Enough comments. Here are the photos of the day - a small series of photos sent to me by a fellow concerned resident. So many fellow residents are just floored as to how this current administration seems to have little concern for the trees.  I want to thank everyone who has reached out.

Before: the trees at Coral Reef Park - pre-bridge, pre-current council. Note the elevation

Post bridge completion. You can't see it as it happens, but the trees are being smothered -
and at risk of other tree diseases and pests such as beetles.

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Parting thoughts:

The environmental track record of this council is very poor. They appear to say what people want to hear, but their actions, their record, demonstrates otherwise. Can we trust this group with the 22 acres at Palmetto Bay Village Center? 


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