Friday, June 14, 2024

Direct question - one tree saved - but I am seeking a statement from current Palmetto Bay officials: please state with certainty how many trees in Coral Reef Park will be chopped down for the new building

Are these trees in the way of "progress" - it took a viral online petition to save one tree, but which of these large, mature shade trees remain on the chopping block?

It is a fair question:  Madam Mayor, Mr. Manager, anyone from the council - please tell us in full and complete sentences how many trees and which ones are to be chopped down to make way for the new building?

The trees pictured above had red ribbons placed around them in April of 2024.
Will these trees also be protected or are they also on the chopping block?

Trees simply seem to "disappear" at Coral Reef Park!

These benches (below) were not installed in the direct sun light, but were originally shaded by a tree.  Where did that tree go? Look closely (click on and enlarge the photo - below right) you can find the stump giving evidence that there was once a tree shading those benches - and those who sat upon them. 

Past evidence. The haunting shadows of trees past (below center. Shade removed.  
Palmetto Bay officials have said nothing said about why these trees were hacked and removed.


This new building is being shoehorned into one of the most dense areas of tree canopy.  There is a reason for the tree canopy - it is an area where our village children could play in the shade. Sure, the building will be air conditioned, but at what cost to our existing tree canopy?

Here is an official proposed site plan for the proposed building:

There is no overlay to demonstrate how this fits and which trees will be cleared for this project.  I am trying to do my best with the following photos of the current area:

Same photos above, but the other mature trees are circle in red (the saved tree is circled in white). Which trees survive and which ones are on the chopping block? As I like to say, these are all fair questions to ask and certainly the current mayor and council members should know, after all, haven't they all been following this project, giving direction to the manager and staff?

PRIOR RELATED POST - Here is an example of the true record of  the current mayor and council - the deforestation of  Coral Reef Park:

September 17, 2021 - A good (BAD) example of how Palmetto Bay officials are squandering our environmental assets. The affected trees were cut down & removed on 9-16-21 CLICK HERE

The Council never made a public statement about what was happening with these trees. Nope, not a peep - I'm sure their taxpayer funded PR department was of the opinion that it was better to say nothing than to admit their mistakes. But their actions did speak loudly as a tree removal crew quietly showed up on Thursday, September 16, to remove their mistakes. Two 40 plus year oaks were hacked down and removed from Coral Reef Park. What trees, you may ask? 

Above - other original oaks in the way of another vanity project of the current mayor and council.  The trees were there first - and any competent designer or any caring council could work around the trees. Who knows, perhaps they did not even know those trees were there until they broke ground.  The trees are first smothered, then ignored, the chopped down/removed and then the last evidence is removed.

This current mayor and council should resign from "Tree City USA" in shame. 

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