Sunday, July 1, 2018

Photos of the Day - Welcome to the neighborhood - Babe’s Meat and Counter - Palmetto Bay

I support local businesses in Palmetto Bay.  And while it is always exciting to see a new business open, we need to be sure to continue to support our local businesses in order to keep them open and thriving within our Village. Please stop by and intorduce yourself to Jason and Melanie Schoendorfer who have jumped in and invested in their business here in Palmetto Bay.  They got their start from the Pinecrest Farmer's Market.  

Welcome to Palmetto Bay!

Jason and Melanie Schoendorfer "officially" opened their business, Babe's Meat and Counter with their grand opening held on Sunday, July 1, 2018.  This celebration was specially set to coincide with both Canada Day (Mel, is Canadian) and US Independence Day.The party stated 10 am and last well past their planned closing time of 2:00 PM.. A unique "sausage cutting" was held at 12:30 PM.  

There was a special menu for the occasion featuring fare from both great nations because, as they say, "why can't we be friends?" #nopoliticsjustpoutine 

CLICK HERE to view their web site

Babe's Meat and Counter
9216 SW 156th Street
Miami, Florida 33157

Babe’s Meat and Counter is open Monday’s -Friday’s 7-3 pm, Saturday 7-5, Sunday 9-2 at 9216 SW 156 Street, just off US 1.

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