Friday, July 20, 2018

Palmetto Bay is certified by the FGBC as a Green City

Great News - 
Palmetto Bay is certified by the FGBC as a Green City
Palmetto Bay Continues to take the LEED in sustainability.
Here is an update

Dear Fellow Palmetto Bay resident,

I am proud to announce that Palmetto Bay was notified today, Friday, July 20, 2018, that Palmetto Bay has been certified as a Green City by the Florida Green Building Coalition (FGBC).  We are presently bronze level and expect to move up to Silver when the final certification is complete.

Palmetto Bay's certification as a Green City by the Florida Green Building Coalition (FGBC) is important to me.  As your Mayor, I have always been committed to responsible environmental stewardship, running a village that is healthy in all respects: in its sense of community, preserving our environment as well as financially.

The FGBC Green Local Government Standard designates Green Cities and Green Counties for outstanding environmental stewardship. It is expected that certified green city and county governments will not only gain recognition and publicity, but also function in a more efficient manner through better internal communication, cost reductions, and effective risk and asset management. 

The planning, persistence and teamwork with administration/staff has paid off.  

Palmetto Bay is green and it gets greener every day. Growth is smart growth - and limited growth. 

What are some of the other examples for Palmetto Bay's environmental initiatives:
  • Solar power initiatives.  Co-sponsoring Solar Co-Ops
  • Prime sponsor of permit fee waiver initiatives for Solar Panel initiative.
  • Championing the efforts to purchase and preserve Thalatta Estate - working with the willing seller to buy the property through the Trust for Public Lands and Florida Communities Trust to bring this property into public ownership for all to enjoy.
  • Went electronic, eliminating paper - for e-newsletters - first created e-currents and now "Your Village At Work."
  • Tree City USA Designation
  • Working for recognition of our green spaces as Florida-Friendly Landscapes. Note that in our Village of Parks, Coral Reef, Palmetto Bay and Perrine Wayside Dog Park were recognized on June 18, 2018. 
  • First municipal building (Coral Reef Park concession building)green certified.
  • First Municipal Center Certified as LEED Platinum.
  • Palmetto Bay Charter member PACE
  • Preserving green space, creation of new green space/parks as well as updating existing green space and parks.  
  • Protecting endangered pine rockland (including the 22 acres on Old Cutler Road).
  • Championed the creation of a Sustainable Community Plan (SCP). 
  • Supporting our Village in creating the Village's Downtown Master Plan and Downtown Urban Village Regulations - awarded the 2017 SMART GROWTH EXCELLENCE AWARD by the Smart Growth Partnership of Southeast Florida (SGP) to the Village of Palmetto Bay (the Village) and Bermello Ajamil & Partners (B&A).
  • And so many, many more initiatives as discussed below.
I was the prime sponsor in bringing 
Palmetto Bay into as a participating municipality with the Southeast Florida Regional Climate Change Compact when it was formalized back in 2009/2010. 
Palmetto Bay has led the way in green initiatives, building the first countywide LEED-certified park building at Coral Reef Park, followed by the very first statewide Platinum LEED-certified Village Hall! 

Palmetto Bay seeks to become a model community for energy savings and environmental conservation. The Municipal Center is a testament to this goal. For more information, please feel free to review the following Official Palmetto Bay webpages:
And a few of my past blog posts, including:
Also see the article posted online through the Southeast Florida Regional Compact (an organization I have sponsored participating with):  Village Hall LEED Platinum Certified Facility
There are many, many more articles posted both on the official Palmetto Bay website and my blog detailing our long term work toward a sustainable community.  Join me. 

Your Mayor,

Eugene Flinn

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