Monday, October 16, 2017

Update of Irma related debris removal by Palmetto Bay contractors - Monday, 10/16 update

I am providing an official update provided by our Village Manager, Ed Silva:

Good morning Council, below is this morning’s update on debris removal

Debris DMS sites located at CRP and the vacant site to the northeast of 168th ST/ Old Cutler Road are both operational today.

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Map 2 - pick up zones - referred to by manager in posted update
Staff is currently working in Zone  3 (3- trucks) and Zone 6 (3-truck. At 10 am work in  Zone 6 will cease and the 3 trucks will relocate to Zone 5. As of Friday October 13, 2017 the Village estimates that 41% of the debris as estimated by our debris removal contractor has been picked up. The total amount expended to date for debris tickets totaling 48,948.01 cubic yards under this contract is $375,920.72.

We are currently reaching out to the contractor to see if additional trucks are being scheduled so that we can schedule staff accordingly or expedite a request for temporary staffing if needed. Please let me know if I can provide you with additional information regarding today’s debris removal process.

Additionally we have included two maps, one which shows the area of the Village that’s being picked up by the County and the areas being picked up by the Village. The second map shows the 6 zones we have established in the village so that you can understand where the crews are. We are starting to receive emails asking for specialized pickups, please understand that this will delay the process and is counterproductive to getting the job done. Therefore unless directed by Council we will continue with an orderly  and systematic pick up of our village. Thank you for your understanding and in working cooperatively through this process. We ask that you support and get the word out on locations, there is much misinformation out there that is detrimental to all.


Edward Silva
Village Manager
Village of Palmetto Bay
Map 1- County / PBay zones - referred to by manager in posted update


  1. The village has done a great job cleaning up all the debris. It's a tough job with such a lush topography in Palmetto Bay. Hopefully costs don't increase too much. Thanks for the update!

  2. I was told you are not allowing pickup in gated communities. I live in one and my street has not been pick up yet.