Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Disposing collecting debris - the mountain grows - mulch will be available - but not yet

I stopped in at Coral Reef Park Tuesday evening on the way home from the office. Crews are working late as the debris collection continues - to varying reviews (more on that later). Coral Reef park is the interim staging point for the debris collected by the Village Contractors.  It is being mulched.  Most will be taken to the final disposal site designated by the County.  There will be mulch available to our residents, but not as of this date as the work site is not presently safe for the public.  I will keep everyone up to date on when the mulch will be available.
                                   (above) The mountain of debris - contractor trucks unloading while the heavy equipment 
                                  is perched on the pile breaking down and moving it toward the mulching machine. 
                                  (above) left a view of the mulch created in two hours
                                   right - the mulcher.  Fit for the job at hand. 

I am looking forward to the completion of the debris removal and restoration of Coral Reef Park.  

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