Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Update from Village Manager on debris removal 10-11-2017. 330,000 cubic yards of debris picked up in last 10 days.

I am posting an update from Ed Silva, Manager, provided to me earlier today, Wednesday, 10/11/2017:

At present we have cleared out the areas around the schools and are still working on our main north south roads, today we are on SW 82 ave.
Above - note the exact same location, but before and after photos
of the streets surrounding Southwood Middle school

We are diligently working through all of the piles in our community and in 10 days have picked up 330,000 cubic yards of debris along with what the County has already done.

Our crews are averaging about 6,000 cubic yards per day, this week alone and we hope to improve that mark going forward.

We understand the frustration of having debris in your neighborhood and we are working as quickly as we can to remove all of it in a timely manner.

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