Friday, May 3, 2024

Drawing the Green Line - environmentally friendly and practical proposals for the Tanglewood (entanglement) Park

A great interview with Hal Feldman on the MiamiHal Show - talking transportation and parks - especially the last-minute proposed Tanglewood Park, rapidly becoming known as Entanglement Park.

This proposed park has become quite controversial as of late.  This specific area was discussed as part of the resident-centric Parks Master Plan process that I led in 2007.  A rendering of the proposed park was discussed on the show (and posted below).  There was no interest and the proposal was not moved forward in 2017.  Residents adjacent to this property then began a process directed by Miami-Dade County to purchase this land.  And let's be clear - this process has occurred before including two properties on the west side of 77th Avenue, across from this proposed park.  Current village officials then woke up, saw that they were far behind in the process and spent $25,000 (without a procurement process) to hire experienced County lobbyists to intervene in the process in an attempt to wrest the land from the residents who had in fact followed the process. 

Here is the video from the show:


Here are the photos used in the interview:

Here are photos that did not make it to the show - Google Earth overview and 2 photos taken by me of a park Miami-Dade County created in the Falls area.

Thank you Hal!

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