Tuesday, May 14, 2024

"And the Children Shall Lead" Perhaps the members of the YCITF should raise money to bring a Buddy Bench to Village Hall.

Per the official Palmetto Bay Social Media:

Join our Youth Community Involvement Task Force (YCITF) in bringing a Buddy Bench to Coral Reef Park this summer! A Buddy Bench is a designated seat in schools or public spaces where children can sit if they need a friend by their side. It stands out, promotes kindness and empathy, and prevents bullying. Click the following link to donate for the YCITF's initiative today:


“My Buddy Bench Project” is a non-profit organization.

EDITOR's NOTE:  The project is for Coral Reef Park.  But I humbly suggest that one is needed for the Village Council Chambers where the current elected officials bully up on Council Member Marsha Matson.

Maybe the youth are on to something.  Perhaps the Youth Community Involvement Task Force (YCITF) should set the example for the alleged adults in the (council) room by in bringing a Buddy Bench to the Council Chambers in Village Hall. 

The irony.  The members of the YCITF are working to reduce bullying while the elected officials are trying to perfect it as a method of controlling dissent. The members of the Village YCITF get it, but the message falls upon the deaf ears of the current mayor and members of the Village Council (other than Council Member Matson).

A KINDA RELATED POST - see Sunday, October 7, 2012, From Pinecrest e-news: Pinecrest council co-sponsors October is National Bullying Prevention Month with 5 area schools. Can they help Palmetto Bay?

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