Wednesday, July 13, 2022

The guard gates are being installed along the US1 busway - photos providing first look.

As seen on my public transit ride home from downtown today:

I took a few pictures of the gate arms being installed at the intersections along the US1 busway. The gate arms will go into operation with the start of the BRT service (which will most likely signal the end of the Palmetto Bay Express Bus service to the Datran South Metrorail station).

Above - boarded at Datran south for the return trip, road is clear ahead

Below: a few pictures of the safety gate arms - they appear to be the classic railroad crossing arms that existed back when the rail road trains traveled that rail easement 40-50 years ago (and much, much earlier).

SW 104th Street

SW 132 Street (by Tire Kingdom)

Above - bus way intersections at SW 124th and 144th Streets

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