Wednesday, June 1, 2022

June 1st - the 2022 Hurricane Season has arrived. Are you prepared? How about your Pets?

What have you done to prepare for this year? A single storm can cause more than just dollars in damages.  It can cost human lives. We know from experience that people are more likely to be safer and have the ability to recover more quickly when they are properly prepared. 

The 2022 hurricane season is here. You should have your disaster preparedness kit and have a plan to keep your family safe.  Is your insurance coverage adequate? Those living near the coast should be familiar with the applicable evacuation routes.  Everyone needs to take personal responsibility for yourself, your family and your pets.  By making proper preparations, you will allow the first responders to focus on helping the most vulnerable residents. 

I have posted several important links below for Hurricane / Disaster Preparedness information from FEMA and Miami-Dade County in one location for you.  There is also information on how to register with Miami-Dade Alerts, a wireless emergency alerting system.  Register for this free service and receive local weather and hurricane alerts to your computer or cell phone.

Miami-Dade County’s Emergency pages – Hurricane preparedness: 

What about your pets?  Pet Disaster Preparedness 

Miami-Dade County has resources available online for Emergency planning for your pets: 

Download the tip sheet from Miami-Dade Animal Services, Disaster Preparedness - Animal Supplies Checklist: 

FEMA - Federal Emergency Management Agency. U.S. Department of Homeland Security: Plan and prepare for a disaster: 

Miami-Dade Alerts 

Miami-Dade County has some important resources to help keep you informed and prepared, like the free Hurricane Guide and Miami-Dade Alerts, a wireless emergency alerting system.  Internet users can register for this free service and receive local weather and hurricane alerts. 

I encourage everyone to register online at

Create or log in to your account to activate free alerts that enables County residents or visitors to receive emergency texts or emails regarding public safety issues, recommended public protective actions or other emergency information.

Staying informed during an imminent threat or emergency is critical in helping to make the right decision for you and your family. Receiving alerts will provide you with guidance in making informed decisions.

Emergency Alerts
Sign up for free emergency alerts. Miami-Dade County will notify you about weather emergencies such as tornado, tropical storm or hurricane warnings issued by the National Weather Service or any other emergency that may require public protective actions. In the event of an emergency, you'll get a message or email with details.
Marina Alerts
Sign up for free marina alerts. Miami-Dade County will notify you about boat ramp closures and re-openings and when hazardous weather is approaching so that you will have time to secure your vessel.
Transit Rider Alerts
Sign up for free transit rider alerts. Miami-Dade County will notify you about disruptions to the County transit system. In the event of a disruption, you will receive a message with details on the device of your choice. 

Through this service you can inform the County how you would like to receive these messages.

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