Sunday, March 31, 2019

Update on DUV revisions. Reviewing attorneys' opinions and considering in light of transparency in the Village

I originally released the DUV opinions on March 15, 2019. Please note, fellow residents, that we, the tax payers, paid for these opinions. Not a single member of the village council reached into their own pockets to pay for all the extra legal opinions. These documents belong to the residents, not any single member of the Village Council, not to the Manager and not to any special interest group.

 As stated, I originally released these opinions on March 15. See: DUV update - materials available to Attorneys’ DUV analysis (CLICK HERE or the headline to view. You can download all three opinions).

I reviewed the 3 paid attorney opinions and I may release my opinion in advance of the hearings.

My first observation is that I cannot believe that I am the only on to release them; that they have not officially been released by the Village for study by the public. I guess this administration works on a “need to know” basis and deems that at this point the public needs not know.  So it appears that it is OK for the public to pay for these opinions, but not to view the opinions in advance of the DUV hearings.

I am waiting to hear something, anything, from a member of the village council. It appears that the current Mayor and Council Members are playing it close to the vest, not commenting (A/K/A "committing") to anything in public, seemingly only willing to discuss in closed groups of their own specific supporters (or maybe they have yet to begin to focus on the issue).

It appears to me that all options are on the table. I will be interested to see if there are any changes to the original opinions as it gets closer to decisions, or if any one or all three of the attorneys will be invited to participate at the DUV hearings in order to actually apply an actual opinion to a firm set of facts rather than answering a broad brush survey of the general law of municipal zoning.

Note that the analysis centers based upon facts as presented. I have posted links for everyone to view and download in order for interested persons to be able to read and interpret the opinions on their own. These opinions may eventually be posted to the Village website, but were not as of the date I released, Friday, March 15, 2019, nor even weeks later as I post this update.  The time does continue to run on the DUV proposals.

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