Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Freebee update - reviewing prior notifications. FAQ. The funding is in place for the Palmetto Bay Freebee service, but is the interest or political will?

I was asked for some updates/confirmation as to representation of a TPO Grant applicable to the Freebee. The excerpt/TPO Grant confirmation letter is posted here in response.

The Freebee is o be funded from our Transportation 1/2 Cent share. We also sought and received a 3 year TPO Grant.

The funding is there, but is the interest or political will?

CLICK HERE to view my e-mail blast of October 5, 2018, where I updated our community of the status of funding that will assist the village in facilitating the Freebee on-demand, APP based service..

This is an exciting item that I have been working on. It is presently operating in several Miami-Dade County Municipalities and is now set to commence operation in neighboring Pinecrest beginning Wednesday, 1/16/2019.

I still believe that it is time to bring the Freebee service to Palmetto Bay. This TPO Service Development Program awarding Palmetto Bay $225,000 in year one, does allow Palmetto Bay to move us forward on this exciting on-demand service for Palmetto Bay.

The funding is there, but is the interest or political will?

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