Thursday, June 21, 2018

Coral Reef, Palmetto Bay and Perrine Wayside Dog Park recognized as Florida-Friendly Landscapes.

3 of our Palmetto Bay Parks are recognized as Florida Friendly Landscapes.

The conservation and protection of Florida’s water resources starts at home. Homeowners’ landscaping choices can affect the health of ground and surface waters and the natural environment.

Congratulations to our Village of Parks. Coral Reef, Palmetto Bay and Perrine Wayside Dog Park were recognized as Florida-Friendly Landscapes on June 18, 2018. 

Thank you to our Parks staff for protecting Florida's environment and enhancing the community by successfully implementing Florida-Friendly Landscaping practices and maintenance at these parks. 

Here's a guide to how you can make your own yard a "Florida-friendly" environment:

A big "Thank You" and another "Job Well Done" to our Village Management and Staff.
The Florida Yards & Neighborhoods Homeowner program educates homeowners about how to design, install, and maintain healthy landscapes that use a minimum of water, fertilizer, and pesticides. The result? Low-cost, low-maintenance, attractive landscapes that add value to your community and reduce the chance of polluting the water supply.
Councilman David Singer & Mayor Eugene Flinn, Coral Reef Park, 1-15-18
Parks are my passion. I was honored to be the 2016 recipient of the Charles H. Crandon Award from the Miami-Dade County Parks, Recreation and Open Spaces Department, "For outstanding effort by an elected official to increase park, recreation, and conservation open space opportunities for the residents and visitors of Miami-Dade." The award was presented at the Great Parks Summit back in April 0f 2016.

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