Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Palmetto Bay Cracks Down on Speeders and Stop Sign violators - its about safety. "CITE": Comprehensive Improvised Traffic Enforcement Initiative

We have worked hard to keep the village safe, one of the main reasons we incorporated Palmetto Bay.

Speeders Beware: Palmetto Bay Has its Limits. Too many residents have reached their limit with drivers who speed and ignore stop signs and we are responsive to the need to maintain safety in our Village.

The announcement is clear: "When it comes to driving in The Village, a heavy foot isn't taken lightly with police."
With traffic an overwhelming concern, a new crackdown is underway in Palmetto Bay called "CITE"; The Comprehensive Improvised Traffic Enforcement Initiative. It targets all areas of the Village, particularly those that are habitually popular with speeders and drivers who ignore stop signs.

Using their own records and residents' input, officials have assigned officers at known trouble spots during both morning and evening rush hours. 

I want to thank a fellow member of the Village Council David Singer - Please review one of my prior blog posts of Tuesday, March 13, 2018, Update on Traffic Enforcement - Major Serralta and team discuss special traffic initiatives for Palmetto Bay

Council Member David Singer and I want to thank the participants of our Traffic Safety Town Hall meeting held March 12, 2018. The council chambers was filled with fellow residents who brought forward their concerns for their neighborhoods.  Our Village Police were on hand taking notes and preparing "pink sheets" which will be used to set up special enforcement details throughout Palmetto Bay.  Your voices were heard loud and clear.  Council Member Singer and I are fully supportive of life-safety and traffic enforcement measures.

Council Member David Singer and I hosted the Town Hall.  We listened. Our Police, administration and the Council have responded through this Comprehensive Improvised Traffic Enforcement Initiative (CITE)

Please drive safe.

REQUESTING A TRAFFIC TRACE: A resident can call in the traffic trace by calling 305 278-4000 during the administrative office hours.  The police will work with you and certain hotspots will be selected for CITE.

The police administrative office is open Monday through Friday 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM.  Please call 305 278-4000 to make the request. NOTE -There is NO DISPATCHING from that number. It's clerical only.


 305-278-4000   General Phone (inquiries, request for services such a requesting a traffic trace):

       9-1-1          Emergency Phone:

 305-476-5423   Non-Emergency Phone:

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