Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Pumpkin Patrol survives – for at least this year!

Sources have provided an update that our Palmetto Bay police are fully empowered to continue the Pumpkin Patrol tradition and continue with the great job they do at making our Halloween evenings safe!  This is great news for so many of us who want to continue the public tradition of an active Trick or Treat event throughout the village.  The question is which members of the council will be riding along with the police as if they planned to hold this event all along.
The Monsters at the Park event is a welcomed return to tradition as there was no Halloween movie in 2012. “Monster’s University” joins past Halloween movie night traditions like “Igor” held in the Halloween spirit at the Halloween Movie Night back on Friday, Oct. 30, in 2009.  That movie was sponsored by Gus Machado Ford, whose donations to the event included providing residents with microwave popcorn to bring to the park.
I like to see the family themed events continue in Palmetto Bay. Other past Halloween themed movie events included “Monster House” in 2010. The tradition really got its start in 2006 with the 1984 classic “Ghostbusters.”  Both Ghostbusters and “Night at the Museum” (I believe our second movie night) with both attracting overflow crowds of well over 500 (some counts had the “Night at the Museum” crowd over 700, a record still unmatched) with residents filling the larger green space located between the tennis courts and Coral Reef Drive.  The movie nights are presently held in a cozier venue, located at the large gazebo on the 77th Avenue side of Coral Reef Park.
Have a safe and fun Halloween.

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  1. Great job to all who contacted Palmetto Bay and demanded our police. Our family and friends will be out in the neighbors. We appreciate having the pumpkin patrol out there.