Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Palmetto Bay photo sampling. Do any of these houses look like homes that would appreciate some neighborhood protection, aka the "Pumpkin Patrol" on Halloween night?*

I am posting some photos that demonstrate that the level of preparation that some of our neighbors have put into for Halloween, which has become a great tradition in Palmetto Bay (and yes, my Cutler Bay friends, in Cutler Bay as well).  I offer a sampling of some house decs which beg the questions: "Do you think these will be places to go on Halloween night? and "Do these homes (as all do) deserve the additional police protection of the "Pumpkin Patrol"? (Click "Read more" to view the photos.)

* Please note that none of these households have publicly stated any opinions regarding
the "Pumpkin Patrol." These are photos of homes that I have personally viewed and have 
determined noteworthy. Please feel free to send me any photos you would like to see included.

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