Monday, June 29, 2020

Harsh Impact - Gov. DeSantis vetoes $1 billion from state budget. Palmetto Bay loses the entire $100K appropriation

Palmetto Bay's next budget became an even bigger challenge for this upcoming budget year. The line item veto pen was glowing RED and the cuts were deep. 

This is why you never count your legislative chickens before the budget is signed. Many eggs were broken by Gov. DeSantis to make the current state budget omelet as Gov. DeSantis vetoed $1 billion from state budget due to the COVID created crisis that significant cut State tax revenue. 

The two year scorecard:
Zero received -  $ 1,790,800 requested by Palmetto Bay officials sought in 2019 for 3 projects.

Zero received -  $ 3,245,900 requested by Palmetto Bay officials requested in 2020 for 3 projects.

CLICK HERE to view the 2020 Veto Report. Palmetto Bay's budget veto is listed on page 11 (of 18 total pages)

From the 2020 Veto List:
Page#  Line    Item     Description                                                                              Amount vetoed 
  11        1635   A 114    Palmetto Bay Sub-Basin 61 Construction (HB 3461)       $100,000.00

IMPACT - No stormwater money for this upcoming budget year. No assistance of any type from Tallahassee for this upcoming 2020-21 Palmetto Bay budget. A realistic assessment will need to be made as to what the carry over impact will be for the next legislative session. Costs for legislative travel and lobbyists should not be underwritten by the Village taxpayers if there is no expectation of obtaining assistance. 0-2 doesn't bode well for year 3 of this current mayor and council.

PENDING  Costs to Palmetto Bay taxpayers for legislative items last two years
$ ZERO       State appropriations granted to Palmetto Bay through legislative travel to Tallahassee for the same last two years.

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