Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Happy Global Running Day! (Wed., June 3, 2020). Photos and links to local events once held here

Today is Global Running Day, 2020. This year is different. See

Running has joined meetings, school classes, court hearings, even weddings and birthday celebrations as ‘going virtual’ during this Coronavirus Pandemic.

See CNN: Global Running Day isgoing virtual this year, by Allen Kim, 6/3/2020

Between May 28 and June 7, runners are invited to participate in a virtual leaderboard through the run-tracking app Strava. Participants are being asked to run or walk a mile anywhere during that time. They can also create their own bib templates, and printable finish line tapes.

Participants are also encouraged to join in on a game of virtual tag with the #Run1Tag1 challenge, designed to inspire others to participate by tagging them on social media.

We have seen (and I have covered many examples of) how people are managing their activities, returning to cycling and running, joining in with those who do regularly enjoy our outstanding South Florida outdoors.

There was a brief time when Palmetto Bay was home to outdoor special events that promoted more than gathering, promoting teamwork, health and active activities. I miss our Tri-City Run Club, a great family event, the 5Ks – especially the Color Run I worked hard to partner with as a fundraiser for the local schools, the Earth Week and other community Bike Rides and Bike-B-Ques. 

Good times. Let’s bring them all back.  It’s healthy, fun and builds community.

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