Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Only Council Member David Singer had the courage to step forward and make a statement at the 6-1-2020 Palmetto Bay Council Meeting. Not a single comment of leadership from any of the other members.

Great leaders lead while others follow or are silent.

I was shocked last night when after a four hour council meeting neither Mayor Cunningham or any of the other Council member mentioned or spoke on any of the events that are occurring in our Country, until I made the following statements.

“Anytime an individual, especially someone of African American decent, is brutally tortured and murdered it is the responsibility of individuals who are engaged in a leadership position to take a strong stance against such an action such actions and inequalities.

If we as leaders stand by and don’t lift our voices and let them be heard then we are no better than the individuals who perpetrate such atrocities, just as those who watched millions of innocent people get killed by Germany during the Second World War.

If elected officials want to be in a position of leadership, they are morally obligated to stay off the fence and ensure police brutality or any other type racism in the United States immediately stops.

Peaceful demonstrations are the bedrock of our country and we must engage society to move forward and not backwards in time.

The time of hating our fellow man for reason of color, religion, sexual preference, birthplace, needs to end.

If we expect the world to be a better place for our children and our children’s children, we must show and prove that we can do better.

We much lead the world by example and not by rhetoric. I implore my other councilmembers and elected officials to stand up and take a firm position on the murder of George Floyd and others who are harassed, beaten, or murdered due to skin color, religion, or sexual preference.”

David Singer

Follow the link to view the full public Facebook post.

Editor's Note: Maybe this is yet another example where the other village elected officials (note, not 'leaders') will make their statements in private where they can carefully tailor the message to reflect the person or group they are speaking with.

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