Monday, June 1, 2020

Correcting the record. The parking easement lasts for as long as a library, community room and Park operate as provided for in Resolution 2008-20. This was approved by the (then) Village Council on February 25th, 2008. Why would they lie, is it intentional or do they honestly don’t know the facts?

I have to say this: I wonder if the authors of their blast even know what the truth is.  Allow me to politely exposure their serious breach of the truth. Parking is locked in for as long as this library and the park operate. 

What they allege:

If the Council grants the zoning for the 485 units or 389 units at 8 or 9 stories the Village will then remove from the tax rolls all the property being deeded to the Village which includes the Old Cutler Rd screen and other wetland acreage and be responsible for its maintenance.

The approval of the 485 or 389 is in exchange for parking by the Library. Apparently, when the library was built the property did not lend itself to enough parking. Instead of planning for parking within the framework of the site, former mayor Flinn cut a deal with the next door neighbor to allow parking on his property. That agreement has expired.

Really? Not true, not true in the lease, I mean the least!

Here is the truth - Parking is locked in for as long as this library and the park operate. [See numbered paragraph 2, page 3 or 11, of the easement agreement (page 5 of 19)] CLICK HERE to view this agreement contained in Resolution 2008-20 was approved by the (then) Village Council on February 25th, 2008.

So what has expired? Only a ten year term where the Owner(s) of the Palmetto Bay Village Center paid the Village the sum of $5,000.00 per year, "which funds are to be used to enhance the Library and Community Center."  So what I, mayor Flinn, negotiated was $50,000 worth of donations for this park. A great deal. Palmetto Bay received parking and the PBVC paid for it!

The annual $5,000 payments did expire as of 2018 (the 10 years expired), but the parking lease or easement will continue for as long as the village continues to use the property primarily as a public library, community center and park [Numbered paragraph 2, page 3 or 11 of the easement agreement (page 5 of 13)].

It is a shame that former Mayor Stanczyk cannot remember the details, after all, she voted for Resolution 2008-20. Voting in favor on February 25th, 2008, were Mayor Eugene Flinn, Vice Mayor Linda Robinson, and Council Members Ed Feller (D 1), Paul Neidhart (D2) and Shelley Stanczyk (D3).
Consider the source of the latest missive. There is no need to pass the current Palmetto Bay Village Center zoning issue for the library.  Read the details, get the facts. Reject sloppy untrue inflammatory allegations.

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