Friday, February 7, 2020

Florida Recreation Development Assistance Program (FRDAP) - FY2020-2021 Recommended Priority List

Which municipalities submitted for funding and made the list? The Florida Recreation Development Assistance Program (FRDAP) considered all applicants, determining that 134 projects were worthy for funding. The projects are ranked from #1 to #134.  The 2020-21 list includes #18 Key Biscayne, #23 Homestead, #27 Cutler Bay, #40 Miami Beach, #56 Virginia Gardens, #57 Bay Harbor Islands, #68 Sweetwater, #87 South Miami, and #92 North Bay Village. 

A fair question: Did Palmetto Bay even submit for FRDAP funding this cycle? Palmetto Bay was very successful in the past - FRDAP monies have been used in all of our parks. It is foolish and fiscally irresponsible to ignore $50,000 to $200,000 per year. Palmetto Bay does have an in-house, full time grant writer. 

(CLICK HERE) to view the FRDAP ranking list for FY 2020-21. I have posted the local Miami-Dade Municipalities who submitted funding requests and had their proposals make the ranking list (1-134) chose as eligible to receive funding, subject, of course, to the funding provided to FRDAP by the Florida Legislature and approved by the Governor.

Listed below are local projects (Miami-Dade County) that I identified that are contending for funding. The number to the immediate left of the municipality name is the ranking of the application, followed by name of municipality, description of project, and funding amount proposed. 

Note that not all projects may receive funding.  Projects are funded in order of rank.

18 Key Biscayne               530 Crandon Phase I                                       $ 200,000
23 Homestead                  Mayor Roscoe Warren Municipal Park         $ 125,000
27 Cutler Bay                    Franjo Park Restoration Project                      $ 200,000
40 Miami Beach              Fairway Park                                                      $ 200,000
56 Virginia Gardens       Athletic Complex Phase III                               $   50,000
57 Bay Harbor Islands    Tot Lot Park                                                       $   50,000
68 Sweetwater                  Linear Park Improvements                              $   50,000
87 South Miami               S Miami Park Playground & Fitness 
                                                     Outdoor Equipment Project                     $   50,000
92 North Bay Village      NBay Village Canoe/Kayak 
                                                     Launch Project                                           $  50,000

$12,342,750.00 Total amount of funding sought by FRDAP (guaranteeing all projected listed above receive full funding). 

This is an update (and part of what can be considered your Florida Legislature 2020 "tool box") of the RELATED POST of February 6, 2020, Palmetto Bay legislative appropriations requests - Appropriations Project Request - Fiscal Year 2020-21

FRDAP is one of the legislative goals of the Current Palmetto Bay Mayor and Council (see prior post), for the 2020 legislative session, specifically:

Palmetto Bay Resolution no. 2019-121 included:
Note: A. - E. Omitted
F. Seeking funding assistance for the Village’s FRDAP and other such FDEP projects to address park capital improvements and park property acquisitions.
Coming soon - additional updates and fair questions.

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