Monday, February 3, 2020

Palmetto Bay's Citizens' Bill of Rights - protects residents from unresponsive officials, including omission of significant facts in responses

I wonder if the current Mayor and council are aware of the requirements of the Citizens Bill of Rights in the Palmetto Bay Charter, including:   

CITIZENS' BILL OF RIGHTS    (CLICK HEREto view the full Charter section for the "Citizens' Bill of Rights" online.

(A) This government has been created to protect the governed, not the governing. In order to provide the public with full and accurate information, to promote efficient administration management, to make government more accountable, and to insure to all persons fair and equitable treatment, the following rights are guaranteed:

            ***    ***    ***
(2) Truth in Government. No municipal official or employee shall knowingly furnish false information on any public matter, nor knowingly omit significant facts when giving requested information to members of the public.
(3)Public Records. All audits, reports, minutes, documents and other public records of the Village and its boards, agencies, departments and authorities shall be open for inspection at reasonable times and places convenient to the public.
(4) Minutes and Ordinance Register. The Village Clerk shall maintain and make available for public inspection an ordinance register separate from the minutes showing the votes of each member on all ordinances and resolutions listed by descriptive title. Written minutes of all meetings and the ordinance register shall be available for public inspection not later than 30 days after the conclusion of the meeting.
     ***   ***   ***   ***
      (Emphasis in BOLDFACE added)

EDITOR'S NOTE: Keep this in mind as events unfold.

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