Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Lawsuit? What lawsuit? Palmetto Bay is now a bit player in future decisions to be made regarding traffic solutions along SW 87th Avenue and surrounding areas.

We will all look back at Monday, February 10, 2020, as the day that the County took control over decisions on what happens to traffic moving within Palmetto Bay. But it gets worse. The decisions are not to be made just by Miami-Dade County, but in consultation with outside elected officials from the surrounding communities of Homestead, Cutler Bay and Pinecrest. Mayors from the listed municipalities met with Miami-Dade County Mayor Gimenez - downtown at County Hall on Monday, February 10, 2020, to discuss what needed traffic solutions along SW 87th Avenue and surrounding areas should be applied within Palmetto Bay. 

There is no doubt. Mayor Gimenez advised that the County is stepping in and undertaking a traffic study to address what will be the most effective solutions for the area. These solutions will then be applied. Done and done. This radical new format effectively removes Palmetto Bay as decision maker as the decisions will be controlled  by Miami-Dade County, in consultation with officials representing Homestead, Cutler Bay and Pinecrest. 

I wonder how much input Palmetto Bay will be given to needed traffic solutions / issues in unincorporated Miami-Dade, Homestead, Cutler Bay and Pinecrest.  Anyone? ... Anyone?

Fair question: How is that Palmetto Bay lawsuit and petty saber rattling working out right now for the current Palmetto Bay elected leaders?

Not well. Palmetto Bay has now lost most, if not all of it's relevance, as now Palmetto Bay will merely be included in the discussion led by Miami-Dade County along with the neighboring communities of Homestead, Cutler Bay and Pinecrest. From leader and decision maker to merely a participant, if not even a mere spectator. 

Go ahead and say it Mayor Cunningham and members of the Council (the community is now well-aware, even if you still won't admit it) - you are no longer masters of your own domain!

Obviously, Miami-Dade County is now stepping in to fill the void in leadership here in Palmetto Bay that has seen the following crisis of indecision and reversal of traffic program that began to unravel as of December 5, 2018. I brought this crisis to readers back on October 25, 2019, when I raised the fair question as to how the current Mayor and council overstepped their authority in reaching a formal agreement with Miami-Dade County, through the Department of Transportation and Public Works (DTPW) without bringing the proposal back to the residents. It is a fair question as others have wondered whether this lawsuit is an abject 'abdication of responsibility' of the responsibility of their elected office as spelled out in the Village Charter for Mayor Cunningham and the entire Village Council to maintain civility, communication and advocate for Palmetto Bay with Miami-Dade County.

Failure to keep promises, backing out of a traffic circle for SW 87th Avenue at SW 144th, failure to follow through on the traffic programs for Farmer Road, Malbrook, Old Cutler Road, including the neighborhood off SW 156th, East of Old Cutler Road to 77th Avenue. 

TRAFFIC RELIEF PLANS REMAIN ON HOLD: Planned traffic relief set for implementation in early 2019 has come to a screeching halt – Malbrook, 152/77th Area, Old Cutler Road (south of 168th), Farmers Road/Old Cutler North, bike lanes for SW 136 Street (morphing to an enlarged sidewalk solely borne by Palmetto Bay residents), as well as the right turn lane on Ludlum, turning right onto eastbound Old Cutler Road – all currently off the rails. See October 17, 2018, Update on Palmetto Bay Traffic Projects - and further updates will be posted as available 

Where is the follow up on the right turn lane worked out with Miami-Dade County on Ludlum Road at the intersection with Old Cutler Road/136 Street (and don't get me started on how the bike lanes for SW 136th Street became a 8-10 foot play path limited to the Palmetto Bay side of SW 136th Street - See: October 30, 2019, Pinecrest Wins, Palmetto Bay loses.) What about the overall Marlin Engineering traffic plan approved in 2016?

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