Monday, March 2, 2020

Why I bike - local nature, environment and other eclectic sights seen via cycling South Miami-Dade County. CycleHolic’s Leap Day gravel ride (2-29-2020)

More from the "Why I bike" series. Leap Day was yet another great day be active outside and view our South Miami-Dade County communities. It also marked my first official group gravel ride. This ride was about local nature and other sights seen via cycling South Miami-Dade County.
More can be seen on a bike rather than when whizzing past in a car. There were crocodiles, manatees, and Everglades birds viable through the ride. We even saw a shark. It was a group ride, a nature ride, certainly a fun ride.

This was officially a ride of the “CycleHolics.” A great group of rides. I joined in with some of my fellow Everglades Bicycle Club (EBC) Members. 

I will let the photos tell the story of friends and cycling – this time on gravel.

Info regarding the Black Point to Biscayne Gravel - how to find it.

Ride your bike to the start or transport your bikes in another vehicle and park at Black Point Park.
The north end of the trail starts in Black Point Marina / Park - the trail head is near the dry boat storage in the north end of Black Point - along the Black Creek Canal (off the Black Creek Trail near where the trail enters into Black Point Park). 

The trail runs south on the levee that runs alongside the park road. The trail runs north-south, crossing Military and Mowry Canals.
Looking South - into the trail head entrance from the Black Creek Trail
Pictured below - Another pick up point is at the intersection with SW 248th Street (which leads into the south end of Black Point).

Fun travels. I recommend it to those looking to experience gravel riding.

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