Thursday, March 12, 2020

Measures taken - a time for calm and following precautions. What are the next steps here locally?

This is neither time for panic nor business as usual. This is a confirmed Global pandemic. Forget "this is getting real". This is very real. But it is time for calm action; not mixed messages, creation of confusion, and certainly not photo ops. This is certainly not the time to take the position that this virus won't happen to us. And, by the way, It need not happen here.

Trump address sparks chaos as coronavirus crisis deepens, Analysis by Stephen Collinson, CNN, Updated 7:17 AM ET, Thu March 12, 2020

The White House has cancelled several public events.

Actors Tom Hanks and spouse Rita Wilson have confirmed they tested positive for corona virus (in Queensland, Australia)

An NBA Player has tested positive. The NBA has suspended play all together. The NCAA has banned spectators at March Madness games. Locally, City of Miami and County Officials cancelled ULTRA and are looking at large events.

Some Colleges and Universities are moving to online classes and in some cases, sending students home.

The coronoavirus has been confirmed in Miami-Dade County. State health officials confirm first Miami-Dade coronavirus case, two others, by SAMANTHA J. GROSS HERALD/TIMES TALLAHASSEE BUREAU, March 11, 2020.

This is a place sports, our Country, our localities have never been before. This is the time to take uniform action and not go independent. What happens somewhere can have impact on what happens elsewhere.

In Palmetto Bay, the picnic went forward, but there was ample ability to have people maintain a safe six foot buffer (as recommended on the local virus page).

Will this affect the Deering Estate Seafood Festival? Waiting to hear. So far, I have heard only from Council Member David Singer who made a request for action to the Interim Village Manager. (See below):
As acting Palmetto Bay Village Manager, you should seriously consider canceling all public events within Palmetto Bay for the next 60 days. This includes using any of our police officers or staff for any Miami Dade County or Deering Event to keep them safe from the coronavirus. I will be very disappointed if are Village doesn’t do everything possible to protect our residents and community.
Thank you
David Singer
Council Seat 2
Village of Palmetto Bay
(305) 903-3700
 Calm must prevail. Everyone should monitor and follow the CDC and WHO recommendations.

Be your brother’s keeper, stay calm, stay safe. Let’s all work together to prevent, as president Trump says, “… to prevent any new clusters…”

We all need to push together in the same direction. Adequate protection and precautions now will greatly benefit our health, our communities and our local, regional, national and even international economies.

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