Friday, March 27, 2020

Just for fun during Coronavirus work from home - what I hear, what my mind sees when I start a Zoom meeting.

I have lost count of meetings that have moved to Skype and Zoom. Is everyone now an expert on Zoom?

People have remarked that I am often smiling during Zoom meetings. Want to know why? Well, secret revealed- The MEME below should provide an obvious hint as to the music I hear in my head when I start another Zoom meeting:

My usual number is 3-4 per day. My next teleconference meeting is scheduled for 2 PM, then 4:30 PM.

Oh, and just to mess with clients, fellow directors and co-workers, depending upon the meeting, I sometimes set up my videoconferencing meetings on my patio so they can enjoy the backyard oasis. No squirrel photo bombs yet. 

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