Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Photo submission page - How has your daily activity changed? Feel free to send me a photo update. Please maintain your social distance and be part of the solution, not the problem.

Photo submissions started within minutes of the post (ah, the day of smart camera phones with unlimited data! - Note: click on each photo to view at a larger size, revealing greater detail.

This page is the posting site for the related post: How has your daily activity changed? Feel free to send me your photo update(s). Please maintain your social distance and be part of the solution, not the problem.yy

I will keep updating the page as new photos arrive and place the more recent photos at the top as photos are received.  

The photographs may be emailed to me at eugeneflinn@aol.com I will post so long as I feel there is interest both in submission and readership.

Thank you. Stay safe and please be your brother’s keeper (and sister's - and parent, and neighbor - you get the idea).
One needs to see the photos to believe the lack of traffic - photos taken on 3-18-2020 depicting Old Cutler Road in Cutler Bay near 205. An empty road at rush hour (6:40 PM) when it is usually bumper to bumper.
Pinecrest's popular Community Center - sits unused. It is usually packed with activity on a Wednesday early evening.
Starbucks - in the early afternoon of March 18th - located at 14795 US1 in Palmetto Bay - Usually a busy community gathering place.
Eggs have been a concern. This store not only has eggs; this store has bunny eggs in stock! Confidence is high that the photo to the above right is a joke!
Grocery stores are being restocked, but many aisles remain bare
Traffic was unimaginably light at times. A friend send these photos taken on SW 144th Street near Old Cutler Road. 3/17/2020, taken at approximately 6:00 PM. A time when this street is filled with rush hour traffic.
Photos provided of their office remote work space and the social distancing at Brickell City Centre 3/17/2020
A FOSDU advises that the Falls is a ghost town at mid-day Tuesday, 3/17/2020. Many stores are closed. Some are open. A few restaurants open. Those stores not closed due to Coronavirus will probably close due to lack of willing customers due to the Coronavirus. 
Above - cruises to nowhere. The cruise ships are in port. The Port of Miami has many (don't know if all) the ships in Port. I was told that these photos were taken safely from the side from the photographer who was able to pull over to a safe spot. And look how empty the causeway is, the photo was taken at morning rush hour heading toward the City of Miami, 3/17/2020.
Additional rush hour photos - when was the last time you recall (if ever) the traffic being this light on the Palmetto  (taken at approximate Bird Road area).
Corona fueled fears - credited with the sudden and dramatic drop in gas prices (told this is Marathon at SW 168th and US1) and the photo that triggered the post.

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