Monday, March 30, 2020

FLORIDA HEALTH report – Coronavirus update for Monday, 3/30/2020 – Cutler Bay is one list for first time with 1 case reported. Pinecrest remains at 1, Palmetto Bay at 4, number of reported jump for Homestead and South Miami, link to full report.

March 30, 2020 report from Florida Health - increased testing reveals increase in confirmed cases.

Quick update the Report for Monday, March 30, 2020 is now posted– The information (partial areas listed below) was taken from pages 5-9 of the 111 page report. Do your own research – the facts are available for your full review. CLICK HERE to view the official update for Monday, March 30, 2020.

FLORIDA HEALTH report - Coronavirus: summary of persons being monitored, persons under investigation, and cases - verified as of March 30. Data in this report are provisional and subject to change. CLICK HERE to view the official update for 3/30/2020.  An area is only listed if there is a confirmed report of the COVID-19 virus for that specific municipality.

The short update for the South Miami-Dade area – Palmetto By remains at 4. Pinecrest remains at 1. Cutler Bay made the list today, for the first time, with 1 case reported.

Homestead jumped from 19 to 40 confirmed cases, a one-day reporting increase of 21 cases.

South Miami also jumped in reported numbers to 23 report cases as of today, 3/30/20, up from 3 just a day prior – a 20 case increase.

The increases may be more an indication of the testing than an actual increase in occurrences.

1,632            Miami-Dade County (Countywide) 

26            Coral Gables, Dade
   1            Cutler Bay
 19           Doral, Dade
   1           Florida City
19            Homestead, Dade
18            Key Biscayne, Dade
  4           Palmetto Bay, Dade
  1            Pinecrest, Dade
23            South Miami, Dade

 CLICK HERE to view the official update for 3/30/2020.  

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