Thursday, March 19, 2020

Separating the medical from politics - we will not get through this together; we best get through this at least 6 feet apart. Opinion

What is Social Distancing? Statements such as “we will get through this together” are factually misleading and often nothing more than political pandering. In fact, we will best get through this pandemic APART – 6 feet apart  – through social distancing. This is no joke. This is a case of an ounce of prevention will save pounds, if not tons, of cure. Gatherings promote greater contact between people. 

We all have to pay attention and stay up to date and what precautions are needed. Act early to prevent action too late. Too many politicians have been in denial since the start of this health crisis; resisting calls to cancel or postpone events, community gatherings, including picnics, sporting events. 

Local governments put residents at risk by staying 2 -3 days behind the curve and acting only when following the dictates or lead of the County or State requirements. 2 -3 days late in taking action, or 'closing the barn door' is 2 -3 days that the horse (or in this case the virus) was given a pass or head start after it has left the barn. 

Coronavirus cases reported (as of 8:00 AM, 3/19/2020):
328 cases in Florida with 80 cases in Broward and 77 reported to date in Miami-Dade

Social distancing, if done properly - and by everyone, may be an issue of short term inconvenience in order to prevent long term adverse economic, social and health consequences.  Not done properly may result in more dire restrictions being placed upon our activities.

US surgeon general: ‘If we all pitch in for 15 days, we can flatten the curve’
Dr. Jerome Adams, the U.S. surgeon general, tells TODAY that people across the country – including his own children – are “taking the coronavirus seriously” now that they see it affecting people they know. He talks about the 15 Days to Slow the Spread initiative urging people to stay at home and avoid unnecessary travel, saying, “if we can get all America to pitch in for the next 15 days, we can flatten the curve.”March 18, 2020

Social distancing is not house arrest. Far from it. But it is certainly not business as usual. I have seen families sitting in the park within their small family groups (yes, they are in the same household – and it is not possible to keep a 6 foot distance from family members). I have seen many out biking or even taking out the boat. But social distancing is not gathering at St. Paddy Day events and having play dates at the tot lots (all of which should be closed – for the sake of the children and all who come into contact with them). A list of social distancing activities (samples) are listed below. Note this could be subject to change.

Here is an article published on Bloomberg that seems to provide a dire, worst case, impact. See: Prolonged Social Distancing Would Curb Virus, but at a High Cost, by Robert Langreth and Michelle Fay Cortez
March 17, 2020

The tool box – I continue to gather information and post here, but I recommend going to the CDC and news sources and not rely upon the politicization of this crisis.

Working together, we will get through this, while at least 6 feet away.

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